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AEW Dark Results - Former WWE Superstar wrestles first match after signing contract, Massive main event and more (22nd September 2020)

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
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Excalibur, Veda Scott, and Taz kicked off the latest episode of AEW Dark by welcoming the fans to the show, which boasted of eleven matches.

#1. Stu Grayson & Evil Uno of The Dark Order vs. Fuego Del Sol & Rembrandt Lewis on AEW Dark

Del Sol began the match with the Hurricanerane and an armbar. Sol was fast, and Grayson didn't anticipate the quickness right off the gate.

Lewis got a piece of the action, and he got in a kick before Grayson slammed him to the mat with the Urinagi. Evil Uno got tagged in, and the Dark Order isolated Lewis in the corner and resorted to some classic tag team wrestling. Chops and kicks landed on Lewis.

Grayson confidently allowed Del Sol to get into the match. Sol got rocked with a Pump Kick followed by a Night Fall. Evil Uno came in and delivered the Flatliner for the three-count in the first match on AEW Dark.

Result: Stu Grayson & Evil Uno of The Dark Order def. Fuego Del Sol & Rembrandt Lewis on AEW Dark

#2. Christopher Daniels vs. Ricky Starks on AEW Dark


Both men began the match with the usual lockup. Starks got control of the proceedings by pushing Daniels into the corner and connecting with the body shots. Starks got in a clothesline, but Daniels responded with right-hand strikes. They exchanged arm drags.

Starks missed a crossbody attempt to get taken out by Daniels with the Moonsault Press, which earned him a two-count. Daniels sent Starks into the corner and connected with the forearm smash. The action briefly spilled to the outside before Starks rolled Daniels back into the ring.

They exchanged forearm strikes in the middle of the ring before Starks got in the neck breaker for a near fall. Daniels reversed a few incoming kidney strikes with a T-Bone Suplex. Daniels kept up the pressure with the clotheslines followed by an STO.

He wasn't done just yet, as he slammed Starks into the mat with the Powerbomb for a near fall. Starks countered an Angel's Wings attempt. They exchanged a few pinfalls before being laid out on the mat. Starks and Daniels got up at seven. Ricky then hit Daniels with the arm drag before connecting with the Spear for the win on AEW Dark.


Result: Ricky Starks def. Christopher Daniels on AEW Dark

#3. The Butcher & The Blade vs. Puf & Calvin Stewart on AEW Dark

The Butcher and The Blade attacked their helpless opponents even before the bell was rung. Puf was dumped out of the ring, and Butcher focussed on punishing Calvin Stewart in the ring, which began with a backbreaker. Blade got into the action, and the match finally got underway.

Stewart was on the receiving end of some hard-hitting offense until he created some separation with a dropkick and tagged Puf in.

Puf came in hot and connected with the elbows on Blade. Butcher got tagged in, and he got sent to the corner. Puf, however, got rocked with a big boot. Butcher connected with a crossbody. They finished the match by executing The Full Death.

Result: The Butcher & The Blade def. Puf & Calvin Stewart on AEW Dark

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Published 23 Sep 2020, 08:08 IST
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