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AEW Dark Results - WWE Hall of Famer's sons make a big debut, Female Star picks up an upset win, and more - 10th November 2020

TNT and Jennacide.
TNT and Jennacide.
Modified 11 Nov 2020, 09:09 IST
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Excalibur, Ricky Starks, and Taz kicked off the latest episode of AEW Dark by welcoming the fans to the show. This week's AEW Dark had a compact match card featuring nine promising bouts. WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley's sons were scheduled to make their AEW debuts, and they opened this week's show.

#1. TNT (Terrence & Terrell) vs. Chaos Project on AEW Dark

The show kicked off with the AEW debuts of D-Von Dudley's twin sons, Terrence and Terrell. Luther and Serpentico didn't allow TNT to settle into the match as they attacked the brothers.

Terrence was sent to the outside, leaving Terrell in a two vs. one situation. Terence, however, rocked Luther with a strike before delivering a clean Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Serpentico.

Luther dropped Terrence with a Pump kick and took control of the match. Luther followed it up with elbow strikes in the corner. He kept the offense going with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Serpentico got tagged in, and Luther slammed him thrice over Terrence, who looked to get to his corner.

Chaos Project isolated Terrence in their corner with some fundamental tag team wrestling. Luther delivered a snap suplex. Serpentico got the tag, and Luther used his partner once again as a weapon by dropping his face into Terrence. It didn't stop as Serpentico got thrown off the top rope onto Terence by Luther for a 2-count.

Terrence created some separation with a big right followed by a kick. He sent Serpentico flying across the ring with a massive shoulder tackle before making the hot tag to Terrell.

He cleared house before focusing his attention on Serpentico. Terrell laid out Serpentico with a pop-up slam for a 2-count. His brother came in, and they failed to execute a double team move.


Luther made a sneaky tag, which TNT didn't see. TNT paid homage to Team 3D, but Serpentico escaped before taking any damage. Chaos Project executed the Creeping Death on Terrence for the win on AEW Dark.

Result: Chaos Project def. TNT (Terrence & Terrell) on AEW Dark

Grade: B

#2. Louie Valle & Justin Blax vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) on AEW Dark

Max Caster spit fire on the beat of Acclaimed's entrance theme. That was pretty tight!

Bowens and Valle began the match, and Anthony dropped his opponent with a big dropkick. Caster got the tag, and so did Blax. Caster delivered a deep arm drag before sending Blax into his corner.

Blax found himself on the apron, and Bowens caught him in the atomic chair position before dropping him face-first onto the apron.

Back in the ring, Caster connected with an assisted elbow drop from the top rope. Acclaimed delivered a back drop-elbow drop combo. Acclaimed worked as heels as they were cocky during their dominance. Blax was in a world of trouble as Bowens and Caster connected with another double team move. Valle ran in to break up a pin. Blax used the distraction to get a roll-up, followed by the rising knee strike. Valle got the tag, and Bowens came into the match on the other side.


Valle slammed Bowens into the mat with a hanging neck breaker. Caster stopped Valle in his tracks in the corner. The Acclaimed then delivered two double team moves, one of which was their finisher called 'Critically Acclaimed.'

The Acclaimed have new AEW contracts, new in-ring gear, a new attitude, and they looked great tonight on AEW Dark.

Result: The Acclaimed def. Louie Valle & Justin Blax on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

#3. Top Flight vs. Baron Black & Frankie Thomas on AEW Dark

Black showed no respect to Darius Martin, and both men engaged in a fast back-and-forth exchange. Top Flight's seamless teamwork was a sight to behold.

Black made the tag to Frankie Thomas, who got rolled up with an arm drag.

Dante and Darius were all over Thomas. Darius laid out Thomas with a snap suplex, and Darius followed up with a springboard senton. Dante locked Thomas in a side headlock. Frankie broke the hold with a back elbow. He then took Dante to his corner before making the tag to Black.

Black turned Dante inside-out for a two-count. Black failed to get Dante in an abdominal stretch. Dante attempted to get to his corner, but Thomas dropped him with a right. Dante finally made the hot tag, and Darius floated over Thomas's back before delivering a couple of clotheslines followed by the Spanish Fly.


Black broke up the pin before Dante flew in with a springboard uppercut on Black. Darius then set Thomas up on the second rope. Thomas' head was in an awkward position as Dante ran in and kicked it. Both Top Flight members then executed a double sunset flip type of a powerbomb into a pin for the win. That was a really unique finisher! 

Result: Top Flight def. Baron Black & Frankie Thomas on AEW Dark

Grade: B

A hilarious Peter Avalon segment aired next. Peter was in his private elevator, and he got slapped at the end of the AEW Dark segment.

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Published 11 Nov 2020, 08:58 IST
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