WWE legend claims he 'felt humiliated' for Tony Khan at the All Out media scrum

Tony Khan has been under scrutiny by many veterans of the industry for his mismanagement at the media scrum
Tony Khan has been under scrutiny by many veterans of the industry for his mismanagement at the media scrum

WWE Legend Eric Bischoff claimed that he was 'humiliated' for Tony Khan's endurance of CM Punk's comments at the controversial All Out media scrum.

Tony Khan was present beside the former AEW World Champion during the media interaction following the pay-per-view. Punk called out many stars of the promotion, including the EVPs, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson).

After the interaction, Punk and The Elite got into a brawl backstage, which led to other AEW personalities like Ace Steel, Pat Buck, Christopher Daniels, and more getting involved in a bid to break up the fight.

Everyone engaged in the brawl was suspended immediately, but a recent report cited that they were back to work backstage. On the following week's edition of Dynamite, Tony Khan announced that the AEW World and Trios titles had been vacated without giving a reason why. He has garnered a lot of criticism from veterans and fans alike.

In a recent edition of the Keepin' it 100 podcast hosted by former WCW star Konnan, Bischoff stated that if were in place of the AEW President, he would have had Punk's mic muted. He further stated that the former AEW World Champion not only disrespected Khan but also the Executives, the TV partners and wrestling fans of the promotion.

The former RAW general manager also cited how MJF had insulted the promotion a few months ago.

"I just can't imagine what executives at Warner, Discovery are thinking about when now this is the second time that's happened, right? MJF did the same thing a couple months ago. And in front of by the way, a bunch of executives who were in the arena is from what I've heard. Now we see the same thing again, from a different guy, if I'm an executive in a media company, and I'm thinking about stroking a check for $45 million a year to somebody. I kind of want to know they got their s*** together and what I saw. I mean I was humiliated for Tony. I really was," said Bischoff. [From 21:33 to 22:08]

Check out the interaction below:


Eric Bischoff slammed Tony Khan for comments on WCW's bookings

Since it's inception, Tony Khan's promotion has partnered with WCW television networks. Thus, many have often pointed out varied similarities between the two prommotions in their brooding war against WWE.

During an interview last year, Tony Khan stated criticised WCW's booking under Ted Turner. He mentioned that he aims to extend the duration of matches and feud bookings in AEW for as long as he can to prevent errors done by WCW.

In the same interaction with Konnan on the Keepin' it 100 podcast, Bischoff stated that it was disrespectful of Tony Khan to call out Turner and his company's bookings.

"I bit my tongue my talk for a long time about some of the silly things that Tony would say, but when Tony came out and said 'Well, if Ted Turner knew half as much about booking as I do, WCW would still be around'. That was a total, just such a disrespectful comment to make about Ted Turner, who by the way, created the two f**king networks that you're on." [From 4:29 to 4:46]

Currently, a tournament is underway for the vacated AEW World Championship. Next week Jon Moxley will clash with Bryan Danielson in the finals. Additionally, Death Triangle (Pac, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fénix) defeated Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) for the Trios Championship.

What do you think of Tony Khan's management of the controversial events at All Out? Sound off in the comments.

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