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Pokemon's as seen in the Anime (Image via OLM Inc studio)

10 Pokémon with the most human-like traits, ranked

Pokémon are amazing creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are based on animals, plants, objects, or even mythical beings. But some of them have traits that are very much like humans, either in appearance, skills, or abilities. These Pokémon belong to the human-like egg group, and they can be found in various regions and generations.

From fierce characters such as Machamp to a beautiful and delicate guardian like Gardevoir, Pokémon are fascinating creatures that often resemble animals, plants, or even objects. This article reviews the top 10 with the most human-like traits, based on their design and personality. They also will be compared to their real-life counterparts and see how they relate to humans.


Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Cinderace, Mr. Mime, and 8 other Pokémon who have the most human-like traits, ranked


10) Blaziken the fiery fighter Pokémon who can kick like a pro

Blaziken is trending? My favorite pokemon of all time?

Blaziken Is the final evolution form of the starter Torchic. It’s the only one in its evolution family that looks human-like. Torchic resembles a chick, while Combusken, the middle form, resembles a chicken.

Despite its beak and claws, Blaziken’s long hair and body shape give it a human appearance. It stands on two legs and has arms that can deliver powerful attacks. Blaziken is a fire/fighting-type character that can use its flames to boost its speed and power.

It uses moves like Blaze Kick and Sky Uppercut to knock out its opponents. Blaziken’s abilities can be similar to those of a martial artist or a superhero in terms of its fighting style and powers.


9) Mr. Mime, the silent clown

Mr Mime line but based on that one Fake Mr Mime evo that’s kinda lost to time/ Will’s Dog

#pokemon #PokemonDay #PokemonDay2022 #betamon

One of the oldest Pokémon that resembles a human is Mr. Mime. It has a regional form in Galarian Mr. Mime, which has blue clothing instead of pink, and a blue nose.

Both forms look like human clowns or mimes, with white faces, red cheeks, and curly hair. They wear gloves and shoes that match their outfits.

Mr. Mime is a psychic/fairy-type character that can use moves like Mimic and Teeter Dance to copy or confuse its enemies. This behavior is similar to that of a performer or an entertainer.

8) Toxtricity, the rocking rebel

Which is your favorite Toxtricity Form? #Pokemon #Nintendo #Poll

Toxtricity is a new Pokémon that evolves from Toxel, a quadrupedal lizard-like that becomes bipedal after evolution. It can evolve into two different forms: the Low Key Form and the Amped Form.

Both of these are human-like but have different colored spikes: the Low Key Form’s are blue and the Amped Form’s are yellow.

Toxtricity is an electric/poison-type Pokémon that can generate electricity from its body and use it to play music or attack its foes. It can be compared to a rock star or a musician because of the way it uses sound as a weapon.

7) Alakazam, the psychic genius

what #Pokemon would you find if you were transported into the backrooms in the Pokemon universe??

it has to be an alakazam RIGHT?? like that's the only Pokemon I can think of that would make some kinda sense to be in the backrooms??

Alakazam is the evolution of Abra and Kadabra, which look more animal-like with their prominent tails and whiskers. Alakazam loses these features and gains a long mustache and a pair of spoons that it uses as weapons.

It has an incredible intelligence and can communicate telepathically with humans or other Pokémon. Alakazam is a psychic-type Pokémon that can be similar to a genius or a magician.

6) Sawk and Throh, the martial arts masters

Team Rocket have a Sawk and a Throh as vending Pokémon. #anipoke

Sawk and Throh are two fighting-type characters that resemble martial artists wearing traditional clothing. Sawk is blue and skinny, while Throh is red and bulky. They each represent different martial art disciplines: Sawk is a karate expert, while Throh is a judo master.

They can use moves like Karate Chop and Seismic Toss to demonstrate their skills and defeat their opponents, similar to athletes or warriors in battle.

5) Cinderace, the soccer star

Goh neglected Cinderace hard, and at one point we even went three months without seeing it


Cinderace is the final form of Scorbunny, and it’s the only one in its evolution family that looks human-like. Cinderace has rabbit feet, ears, and a tail, but it stands on two legs.

It is a fire-type Pokémon that resembles a soccer player when it uses its flames to create a ball and kick it at its enemies. It can also use moves like Pyro Ball and G-Max Fireball to show off its soccer skills.

4) Jynx, the icy diva

the pokemon of the hour is jynx!

Jynx is one of the most controversial Pokémon ever, as it was accused of being racist for its original design, which resembled blackface. It was later changed to having purple skin instead of black, but it still looks very much like a human woman.

Jynx has long blonde hair, red lips, and a dress-like body that covers its legs. It wears bracelets and earrings that match its red eyes. Jynx is an ice/psychic-type genre that can use its voice or its kisses to charm or freeze its opponents. These abilities can be compared to those of a singer or a dancer.

3) Lucario, the aura warrior

This is my second fanart, so I decided to make another one with them...

02 - Satoshi & Mega Lucario

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Lucario is very popular in the Pokémon series, as it has appeared in many video games, movies, and anime episodes. It evolves from Riolu, a cute dog-like character that becomes more wolf-like and human-like after evolution.

Lucario has blue and black fur, spikes on its chest and hands, and red eyes. It also has a bushy tail and ears that resemble dreadlocks. It can sense the aura of living beings and use it to communicate or attack.

It can also use moves like Aura Sphere and Metal Claw to unleash its power or defend itself. Lucario is a fighting/steel-type fighter that can be similar to a monk in terms of its appearance and abilities.

2) Gardevoir, the elegant guardian

@arkclaimer For me its gardevoir i saw Diantha's gardevoir in the kalos anime and it was my favorite pokemon ever since

Gardevoir is another very popular character in the series, especially among those who consider it to be beautiful or elegant. It evolves from Kirlia, which evolves from Ralts, both of which look more fairy-like than human-like.

Gardevoir has a slender body with green hair and a red horn on its chest. It also has a white dress-like lower body that resembles petals or wings. Gardevoir can protect its trainer with its psychic power or create black holes with its emotions. Gardevoir can be compared to a guardian angel or a princess because of its appearance and powers.

1) Machamp, the muscular champion

His Machamp was given to Jessie, James, and Meowth for the Gym. Even though we don't see Giovanni using it, Team Rocket definitely uses it to full capacity in the Gym Battle against Ash in the anime.

Poor Squirtle...

No wonder Machamp is called the "Superpower Pokémon"...

Machamp is the ultimate human-like Pokémon in the series, as it is almost exactly like a muscular man with four arms. It evolves from Machoke, which evolves from Machop, both of which look more child-like than adult-like.

Machamp has gray skin, red eyes, and black markings on its face and body. It also wears a belt that holds back its power and shorts that match its skin color. As a fighting-type warrior, Machamp can lift anything with its four arms and deliver devastating punches and kicks with them. Machamp looks like a wrestler or a bodybuilder due to its massive muscles.

Final thoughts

It’s all come down to this.

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These Pokémon can often communicate with humans better, use tools, and abilities, or show emotions and intelligence that are similar to ours. Based on their appearance and behavior, they are loyal and protective of their trainers and will do anything to shield them from harm.

These are just some of the characters in the series that have human-like traits, but there are many more that can be discovered and befriended in the Pokémon journey.

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