Timeline: How The Fiend became the biggest thing in WWE

Was 2019 the year of The Fiend? #WWE #Thefiend

Brian Thornsburg

What does WWE have planned next for Bray Wyatt?

How did The Fiend manage to catapult himself to the very top of WWE?

How did Bray Wyatt manage to go from children's television host to arguably one of the most over Superstars in the modern era. As if that wasn't puzzling enough, how did he do it with a supernatural gimmick, which has been a virtual death sentence in WWE for years now ?

Fortunately for WWE and its fans, Bray Wyatt already had some pretty messed up things in his noggin and was ready to show them to the world. Beyond that, he was also ready to do so in such spectacular fashion that it made you wonder if this is what he had in him all along.

Whether that's the case, or if he just had to experience a few failures before morphing into his final form remains to be seen, but here are the eight defining moments of The Fiend in 2019. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to let us know what your favorite Fiend moment of 2019 was.

#8. Let him in

Who would have thought Bray Wyatt would become a children's show host?

It was early 2019. Bray Wyatt hadn't been seen on WWE television in several months and there was doubt about whether the company had any plans for him. Interestingly enough, creepy vignettes started to play during RAW and SmackDown that seemed to allude to some kind of childlike gimmick.

Those suspicions were confirmed a short time later when Bray Wyatt started to appear in pre recorded segments called The Firefly Fun House. These segments came complete with a set of dolls, creepy topics, and absolutely disturbing imagery. It was almost as if WWE was trying to tell the fans something about the character that would later be revealed in Wyatt's terrifying alter-ego.

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Published 02 Jan 2020, 18:45 IST