10 Anime characters who can destroy the universe effortlessly

Super Gurren Lagann, at the end of the movie "The Lights in the Sky are Stars" (Image via Studio Gainax)
Super Gurren Lagann, at the end of the movie "The Lights in the Sky are Stars" (Image via Studio Gainax)

The universe is vast and unending, and many anime characters can vaporize it as if it were tissue paper. Many anime characters can destroy entire universes, whether out of sheer boredom or just from the sheer godly power.

Whether they be heroes or villains, this article will chronicle several characters from various anime that have the power to destroy the universe. Some of these are obvious, but others may be surprises.

Note: This article will contain spoilers and is only the author's opinion. Further, only one example per series will be on the list.

10 universe-destroying anime characters

1) Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)


Zeno has already destroyed multiple universes and realities during the Dragon Ball Super anime, one of the more obvious choices for a list like this. From Future Trunks' reality that was being overwhelmed by Infinite Zamasu to the multiple universes in the Tournament of Power, there's little wonder why other universes' deities so fear Zeno.

It was ultimately good that Goku started the Tournament of Power since the two Zenos would erase all the universes out of boredom. Perhaps it's also good that Goku made friends with them likewise? Having a universe-destroying being on your side is better than being enemies.

2) Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann movie 2: The Lights in the Sky Are Stars)


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) and Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (STTGL) from the anime of the same name were stated in the anime, movies, and guidebooks are 12th-dimensional beings capable of destroying the universe. They're both as significant, if not larger than the visible universe. The amount of power that Simon and the other members of Team Gurren push out is enough to rival and eventually destroy The Anti-Spiral, a god-like being with the abilities to control and warp space-time.

When the the Anti-Spiral and STTGL's drills, which were each double the size of universes, collided? They erradicated the Anti-Spiral's closed space universe. STTGL was able to withstand this collision, and being victorious over the multiversal and cosmic being Anti-Spiral made it the supreme being of the universe.

3) Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi Suzumiya created the Earth and the universe because she wanted to see more of it and could quickly destroy it. She might be an average human, but she's caused significant world changes like time loops and pockets of closed space where kaiju-like monsters rampage and aliens, among other things.

It's heavily implied that she'd rewrite reality or destroy the universe she'd rewrite reality or destroy the universe if Haruhi ever got too bored, too depressed, or otherwise overcome with emotion So, so the SOS Brigade has to manage her and be careful because she's also unaware of this power.

4) Medaka Kurokami (Medaka Box)

Medaka, from the shonen anime Medaka Box, is akin to Haruhi in that she seems like a regular girl upon first glance but has godlike power she frequently denies having. She already proved this by stopping the moon and teleporting it away when it was plummeting towards Earth due to a villain's final trump card.

Her absolute universe destruction and warping talent come from her unique ability dubbed "The End." She can copy any power she hears about and sees. This makes her capable of wielding the powerful All-Fiction ability, which would allow her to destroy or at least warp the universe to her ends.

5) Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)


The slime isekai protagonist of the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is not someone to joke about or take lightly. After many battles and over-specializations, Tempest can take on many powerful opponents that would otherwise wipe the floor with him. After gathering substantial power and influence, Tempest literally becomes a god in his universe.

His most powerful ability is concept manipulation and resistance to universal destruction. Tempest also possesses the ability to remake the world and the universe and several parallel universes many times over as a result of his Kirby-like absorption skills.

6) Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

So, becoming a goddess was a very difficult struggle for the main heroine of Magica Madoka. By the end of her series, however, Madoka possessed all the powers and abilities a universe destroyer could ask for and chose to rewrite reality itself and the laws of the multiverse to help other magical girls like herself. Though she's fully capable of doing so, she defended the universe and multiverse from powerful beings like her Witch counterpart, the Kriemhild Gretchen.

Ultimate Madoka is the Law of Cycles itself. It has erased the cursed concept of Witches from the multiverse and will continue to protect and defend the multiverse from cosmic level threats. She also visits her family from time to time to check on them because she does believe in helping everyone. Madoka even tried to help Homura when she broke time.

7) Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon, by the end of the series, becomes the most powerful and godlike. This is one of those surprise entries for those that never finished the original anime or manga, and Crystal is set to adapt the final arc. So, if you want to know why or how the often clutzy Usagi Tsukino went from barely able to stop one monster to beating the literal embodiment of darkness down to a mere sliver and letting it sleep for 1,000 years? Here's the explanation.

Following the rise of Eternal Sailor Moon, the threat of Chaos and Galaxia reared themselves up to eradicate the light. Using the power of the Silver Crystal, Sailor Starlights, and her own Star Seed, Sailor Moon was able to transform into an Angel form to fight Sailor Galaxia. While she managed to purify Galaxia, she shrunk down Chaos to the smallest size she could in the Galaxy Cauldron and restored everyone that died to live in the Galaxy. Long story short, do not mess with magical girls.

8) Lina Inverse (Slayers)


The warning about not messing with magical girls definitely applies when talking about the protagonist of Slayers, Lina Inverse. Lina is a magical genius responsible for the creation of many spells and abilities that can wreak havoc, like Dragon Slave, which destroyed a mountain that would take a day to get around.

Her ultimate spell is called Giga Slave. This technique is powerful enough to render an entire large body of water into a sea of death. This is the first time it has been cast. It's directly stated that, given enough time, energy, and misuse towards destruction, the spell can destroy the entire universe. This grim fate is even shown in an alternate timeline and is what the antagonists desire: to return the universe to its primordial darkness.

9) Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of the Demon Academy)


How do you adequately describe the main lead of the light novel turned anime The Misfit of the Demon Academy? Let's start with the fact that he's the literal king of demons, reawakened and reincarnated after a 2,000-year slumber. There's no way to be sure we aren't dealing with yet another parody character here, so that'll be a small summary of all Anos' powers.

He threw a castle around like a basketball, moved during frozen time, was able to live through his source of life, moved the moon by himself to create an eclipse, and once destroyed a universe with only his fists. The video above shows him destroying an opponent with only his heartbeat. To say he's overpowered is an understatement, perfectly capable of destroying the universe.

10) Noein


This last and somewhat horrifying entry is courtesy of the anime Noein: To Your Future Self. The primary and true antagonist of the anime is an alternate timeline version of the deuteragonist Yuu Gotou, who lost everyone he loved in a fiery car crash. Unable to bear such sorrow, and looking into every timeline didn't help his mental health, especially with losing his beloved Haruka each timeline, Noein started his goal of erasing all existence and starting anew.

This horrifying anime abomination has since become a multiversal being, absorbing and eating entire universes like he's Galactus from Marvel. The only hint of any human being left of his is a mask and a pair of gloves. It took Haruka's full power and multiple copies of himself to destroy him.

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