10 anime twists fans did not see coming

Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image via MAPPA)
Attack on Titan Season 4 (Image via MAPPA)

There are a lot of anime twists fans never saw coming as anime series tend to build a fantastical world that fans often get lost in. With fantastic story arcs and characters, fans usually take away memories that stay with them for a long time.

However, one of the major appeals in anime is the twists and turns the stories offer. Although they can sometimes be predicted, often enough, they leave fans shocked to their bones. Here are ten of them.

Anime twists no one expected

10) Itachi's truth

Itachi from Naruto seemed to become a fan-favourite from when he appeared on-screen. Although his actions seemed villainous, the fandom could never figure out what led him to massacre his clan overnight. When the truth finally came out that what he did was part of his mission handed to him by the administration of the Hidden Leaf, fans seemed to get the shock of their lives.

At once, fans started worshipping him as an unlikely hero who took on the responsibilities of the adults. On the other hand, it built hatred towards some characters responsible for this whole operation. As such, this is a must mention on a list of anime twists fans never saw coming.

9) Tobi's identity


Tobi in Naruto seemed like a character who always just got in the way of others, specifically the Akatsuki members. People had fun watching him getting on Deidara's nerves repeatedly. It came as a total shock when suddenly, after the Sasuke vs Itachi fight, he changed his character and became far more serious in a split second.

However, this was not even the beginning. Just before the Pain arc, fans finally found out his identity as he claimed himself to be Madara Uchiha in disguise. At last, during the Fourth Great Ninja War, when fans found out that the man behind the mask posing as Madara was none other than Obito, they were not ready for it. As such, this must be mentioned on a list of anime twists fans never saw coming.

8) Zetsu's truth


Naruto fans always took White and Black Zetsu to be parts of each other, whose primary purpose seemed to be to spy for Madara. The whole Tsuki No Me plan seemed to be his creation to build a world of dreams.

When fans finally found out that it was Black Zetsu who was behind it all to revive his mother Kaguya, they possibly got as much shock as Madara. This was one of those anime twists the fandom will perhaps remember forever.

7) Aizen's betrayal


Aizen Sosuke always seemed to be the good guy in Bleach who was always taking care of his juniors and helping people. He seemed gentle, kind and in general a peace-maker. It left the fans speechless when they learned that he is the main villain of the anime and the despicable things he has done.

Fans seemed to hate him more than Kurotsuchi Mayuri, and that is a feat not many can pull off in Bleach, according to the fandom. His reveal undoubtedly seemed to be one of the anime twists fans never saw coming.

6) Ichigo's powers


Although the source of his hollow powers remains a mystery for the anime-only fans, the fact that he has them first came as a complete shock to the fandom. In the manga, the Thousand Year Blood War arc also revealed even more layers to Ichigo's powers than they thought.

It seems that the primary source of his powers came from his mother's side, who was Quincy. As a result, shocking the entire fandom, it was revealed that the Substitute Shinigami of Karakura town is a Quincy himself, making him one of those anime twists fans never saw coming.

5) Gin's intentions


Throughout the whole anime, fans seemed to loathe Gin as much as Aizen in Bleach. So, when it was finally revealed that the reason he helped and associated with Aizen so much was to get close to him to kill him, fans never saw it coming. It also seems to be one of those anime twists that fans were not expecting.

4) Lelouch's fate


Code Geass has always been appreciated for its amazing storyline and twist reveals along the way. One of these significant twists fans witnessed was when Lelouch not only lost his fight to reclaim Japan but also got his memories wholly erased.

However, possibly a bigger shock was when it came to light the Black Knight Lelouch's identity just before the fight. This caused major upheaval, and in the end, Lelouch is left fighting against the very organization he created. It was, as a result, one of those anime twists nobody expected.

3) Koro Sensei's past


Koro Sensei always appeared to be a seeming alien who wants students from a particular class to kill him before destroying everything. During the series Assassination Classroom, his character remained as much of a mystery as his intentions.

Fans of the series were left completely breathless when it was later revealed that Koro was a human assassin in the past and was in love with someone from that same school. So, this must be mentioned on a list of anime twists fans never saw coming.

2) The truth of the two organizations


Fans of Bungou Stray Dogs witnessed the constant conflict between the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia. The Port Mafia was presented as the significant villain force at the beginning of the series.

As such, fans got the shock of their lives when it was later revealed when they had to work together that not only the two were sister organizations but were also created in the first place to protect the city. As a result, this, too, was one of those anime twists nobody saw coming.

1) The truth of the Titans


The Titans acted as the principal villain force for Attack on Titan. That is until the truth about the Titans was discovered. When it turned out that there are indeed humans living outside the Walls of the Paradis island and that they are responsible for the suffering of these people, fans could not help but be angry on their behalf.

Although there was speculation about what led the Titans to attack them, especially after the appearance of the Armored and Colossal Titans, fans never expected this to be the case.


This reveal was so fundamental to the series that it shaped it throughout the course. From Griesha Yeager's memories, Historia's Queen enthronement and at last Eren's descent to the seemingly dark side, this was the twist that led things to this point, making it one of the best anime twists of all time.

Anime provides a fantastical take on life while also providing an escape from regular life. In recent years, the popularity of various anime series has only increased, mostly due to, yes, their incredible storylines and twist reveals. With some of the major anime series airing currently, the fandom is at an all-time high. Keep yourself updated on these here.

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