10 funniest parodies in Gintama, ranked

Gintoki as Luffy on left and Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tenshou form on right (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gintoki as Luffy on left and Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tenshou form on right (Image via Sportskeeda)

Gintama is one of the funniest animes of all time and has garnered a lot of praise from all around the world, from fans as well as critics. Initially, every Gintama fan thought of it as a troll anime, with humor being the main ingredient. But after a few episodes, it turned out to be a rollercoaster of emotions and had more to offer than just humor.

However, what makes Gintama more hilarious is the unexpected parodies that are said to be the essence of this series, which makes it one of the funniest animes ever.

On that note, here are the funniest parodies in Gintama:

10) Baki


Baki is one of the most acclaimed Shonen Martial Arts anime that is loved for its brutal hand-to-hand fights. The combat is between humans who are built like tanks. One of the most notable characters in Baki is Kaoru Hanayama, who, despite being so young, is incredibly big and muscular.

In Gintama’s Episode 337, Kaguya took on the role of Hanayama by completely morphing her appearance as the latter. During the meet and greet convention, she crushed the hands of every single Otsu fan. Despite looking frail, Kaguya ultimately belongs to the Yato bloodline, which pretty much speaks about her brute strength in volumes.

9) Kuroko’s Basketball


Kuroko’s Basketball is Shonen’s well-received sports anime that follows the story of a Seirin High School basketball team trying to make it to the Interhigh. Episode 237 was entirely referenced to Kuroko’s Basketball. All three legendary war heroes besides Takasugi were celebrating a small reunion.

All of a sudden Katsura reveals that the reunion was organized by a phantom fifth member of their group named Kurokono Tasuke. Although Katsura was sidelined as a substitute on his made-up basketball court as a substitute, he kept cheering for his teammates.

Moreover, Takechi also joined the group on behalf of Takasugi and scared Gintoki with the basketball jersey, pretending to be the ghost of Kuroko Tasuke.

8) Heidi, Girl of the Alps


Heidi, Girl of the Alps, follows Heidi, an orphan who has to live with her grandfather who resides in the alps. However, her grandfather doesn’t want to take responsibility for her. Although the old man is filled with bitterness, Heidi will do everything in her power to change him as a person.

In Episode 98, all the Yoruzuya members were waiting in a queue of thousands of people trying to get their hands on the newest gaming console called the Bentendo Owee. To get ahead on the line, they tried to lure everyone by reenacting Heidi, Girl of the Alps.

Each of them takes a character from the anime and starts cooking a delicious meal to divert everyone's attention and sneak past them.

7) Golgo 13


The anime follows the titular Golgo 13, a professional assassin who goes by many names. With his customized M16 rifle, he can finish off any job with ease. In Gintama’s Episode 35, Kondo called himself the Gorilla 13, which was a reference to Golgo 13.

Subsequently, Sogo also joined Kondo to get rid of Matsudaira’s daughter's boyfriend. Although Hijikata was hesitant at first, he too became the Mayo 13 with a bizarre gun, which was literally a big bottle of Mayonnaise.

6) Assassination Classroom


Assassination Classroom is one of the best shonen gems, which follows the story of a peculiar creature known as Korosensei. Despite being on the hit list of the entire country, nobody managed to kill him. However, he gives an opportunity to the cast out students of a reputed school to kill him.

In Episode 269 of Gintama, Gintoki was given the task of teaching Seita Japanese history. However, the goofball that he is, he started slacking by reading Seita, Hana no Keiji, a Japanese period manga. This made Tsukuyo mad and she threw a kunai at Gintoki’s head and called him Korosensei. Even Gintoki imagines himself as Korosensei inside his head.

5) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure takes place in a world where people are capable of transforming their inner spiritual power into a Stand, a physical manifestation of people’s energy. In Gintama, Ghost Ryokan Arc gives a major reference to Jojo’s Bizarre adventure.

Oiwa at first looked like an ordinary innkeeper of the haunted hotspring bathhouse, but later turned out to be a Stand user. Oiwa uses her deceased husband's soul as a Stand. It was later revealed that Tomokazu Sugita, the voice of Gintoki, voiced Joseph Joestar in the first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

4) Slumdog Millionaire


It is no surprise that Gintama also made parodies beyond the boundaries of anime. With its funniest take on Slumdog Millionaire, a British drama film, Gintama made everyone fall laughing on the floor.

The parody takes place in Episode 248 where Hasegawa Taizou or the acclaimed Madao (a good for nothing old guy) finds himself on a game show with a chance to win ten million yen. What’s funnier is that the game show is called Madaodog Madonaire, which is simply the funniest spoof name of Slumdog Millionaire.

3) One Piece


Gintama also had a take on One Piece, which is the longest-running manga and one of the popular Shonen’s Big 3. In Gintama, Episode 202-203, 241, and 364, all of them are referenced to One Piece. The protagonist Gintoki was shown eating a devil fruit called the Wave Wave Fruit that gave him a perm.

Subsequently, the scene switches to showing a pirate ship, where Gintoki made the appearance of Luffy by wearing his hat and also his clothes. Gintoki also made a commitment that he’s going to solve all his problems by finding the Pirate King’s Treasure.

2) Bleach


Bleach is one of the most popular Big 3 Shonen anime that follows Ichigo Kurosaki who was just an ordinary high school student. After becoming a Substitute Shinigami, his life took a drastic turn, where instead of fighting delinquents, he eliminated Hollows who wreak havoc upon human lives.

Gintama has a plethora of parodies on Bleach in which Gintoki sometimes acts like Ichigo Kurosaki by pretending he’s a Shinigami and also uses Final Getsuga Tenshou. In Episode 89, Gintama also featured a spoof version of Tensa Zangetsu who was asking Gintoki if he wants to become stronger, to which the latter straight up declined.

1) Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z is regarded as the classic Shonen masterpiece. It follows Goku, a Saiyan warrior raised on planet Earth, who exponentially becomes its guardian by fighting overpowered individuals who pose a threat to the planet and its people.

Gintama is filled with Dragon Ball Z parodies, and also has its own version of Dragon Balls called “Seven Slippery Balls.” Hijikata travels to planet Hamek for cigarettes as it got banned on earth, but he gets stuck on an unprecedented journey where he has to obtain Seven Slippery Balls.

However, the road is not an easy one as several villains like Breiza and Celo get in their way.

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