10 most intense fights in Demon Slayer, ranked

Looking at some of the best fights in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)
Looking at some of the best fights in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer is arguably one of the most popular shonen anime and manga series at the moment. One of the major reasons why it’s so popular is because of the amazing fight scenes featured in the series.

That, paired with Ufotable’s top-tier animation, has led to a major expansion of its fanbase. The most recent arc featured a fight between Daki, Gyutaro, and the demon hunters, with the battle being so good that some of the most popular Twitch streamers such as Tyson “TenZ” Ngo even tweeted about it. Let’s take a look at some of the best fights in the series.

Note: This article will contain spoilers from the manga and anime.

Some of the best fights in the Demon Slayer


10) Muichiro vs Gyokko

This fight took place in the Swordsmith Village, which will be included in the upcoming third season of Demon Slayer. The Mist Hashira faced off against the Upper Moon 5 demon, Gyokko, and almost ended up dying early. Fortunately, Kotetsu saved Muichiro and the Mist Hashira went on to develop the Demon Slayer Mark. He defeated Gyokko with his final form of Mist Breathing, decapitating his head with ease.

9) Shinobu, Kanao, and Inosuke vs Doma

This fight was especially interesting as it revealed the true nature of Doma and gave fans further insight into his personality. It also connected other characters in the story as fans understood why and how Inosuke was raised in the mountains by boars. While Shinobu couldn't really keep up with Doma, her contribution was essential in beating him. Given the quality of Ufotable's animation, Doma’s ice manipulation would be a treat to watch, even though Inosuke and Kanao were able to beat him in the end.

8) Genya, Tanjiro, Nezuko and Mitsuri vs Hantengu

The fight against the Upper Moon 4 demon was extremely entertaining, to say the least. This demon has an extremely unique Blood Demon Art which allows his emotions to manifest in physical form. Each of these clones have unique abilities and differ in appearance as well. In this fight, we see Genya’s ability to eat demon flesh and gain their powers for a short period of time. Additionally, the Love Hashira, Mitsuri, developed the Demon Slayer Mark and showed just how strong she is.

7) Zenitsu vs Kaigaku

This fight could certainly have been expanded since it felt a little rushed. Zenitsu fans were hyped for this one since he seemed like a different person altogether. Zenitsu not only fought while completely conscious, but also bad-mouthed Kaigaku, who initially was a student and trained alongside Zenitsu. However, Zenitsu’s rage was at its peak since the former Thunder Hashira had committed seppuku upon hearing that one of his students had turned into a demon. Furthermore, Zenitsu created another Thunder Breathing form that could only be used by himself.

6) Rengoku vs Akaza


The Rengoku vs Akaza fight from the Mugen Train arc of Demon Slayer was a visual treat. Rengoku was able to go toe-to-toe with Akaza and even ensured that none of his comrades or the injured civilians from the train were injured. This fight also had a huge emotional impact on fans as they witnessed the death of Kyojuro Rengoku. Ufotable did a brilliant job animating the flames that were seen when he used his Esoteric Art.

5) Rui vs Tanjiro and Nezuko


This was an iconic fight in Demon Slayer that got most fans hooked on the series, also showing that Tanjiro would go on to use techniques from the Breath of the Sun. Furthermore, this episode foreshadowed an integral part of the story that serves as a connection to some important characters in the past as well.

4) Gyutaro and Daki vs Demon Slayer Corps


Gyutaro and Daki's fight against members of the Demon Slayer Corps was shown in the most recent arc of the series. The Entertainment District arc featured a ton of action, with all the fight scenes animated extremely well. Tengen Uzui put up a great fight and Tanjiro activated the Mark as well. Fans even witnessed Zenitsu use Godspeed for the first time while fighting against Daki.

3) Tanjiro and Giyu vs Akaza

Akaza’s backstory was extremely sad and is arguably one of the best villains in the series. This fight truly showed Akaza’s strength and how much he was holding back against Rengoku. In this fight, Giyu unlocks the Mark as well to drastically increase his overall strength and speed. Despite Tanjiro and Giyu giving it everything they had, they still failed to beat him. Ultimately, Akaza decided to take his own life and end the fight.

2) Final fight

The final fight against Muzan was slightly underwhelming given how Muzan’s move set was quite basic. Strangely, he didn’t really feature any interesting techniques and just happened to be extremely strong. Tamayo was instrumental in his defeat and other members of the organization certainly gave their best to defeat him. The Demon King turned Tanjiro into a demon and things could have gone south quite fast if not for Kanao’s timely intervention.

1) Kokushibo vs Gyomei, Sanemi, Genya and Muichiro

This is arguably the best fight in the series because of how ridiculously powerful Kokushibo’s Moon Breathing technique was. However, viewers also got to see just how strong Gyomei truly was. He tried to inflict damage, dodged Kokushibo’s attacks, and saved Sanemi from getting killed simultaneously. Given how well the panels for this battle have been drawn, fans hope that Ufotable will do a good job in animating it. It would undoubtedly be in contention for the best anime fight of the year.

Honorable mention: The fight between Yoriichi and Muzan was too short. However, it was a great fight and showed just how strong Yoriichi was back in the day.

Note: The article reflects the author’s opinions.