10 strongest electric-type Pokemon from the anime and manga, ranked

Pikachu is the face of the franchise (Image credits: OLM Incorporated, Pokemon: Sun and Moon)
Pikachu is the face of the franchise (Image credits: OLM Incorporated, Pokemon: Sun and Moon)

Pokemon types have come a long way since the beginning of the franchise. With as many as 18 types to choose from, it is no surprise that Electric emerges as one of the original and most iconic types in the manga and the series. To add to this, the face of the franchise is also an electric-type, Pikachu, one of the most powerful and popular Pokemon.

Electric, as one of the original 18 types, has been accumulating new members for eight generations. And, from this powerful lot, one must reign supreme.

In this list, we will go through the 10 most powerful electric types, from the least powerful to the most.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the author’s opinion and contains minor spoilers from the Pokemon anime and manga.

Thundurus and 9 other powerful electric-type Pokemon

10) Jolteon

Jolteon is a Pokemon with low defense stats. However, it more than compensates by being one of the fastest and most powerful with electric-type attacks. Eevee’s electric evolution is a great partner to have when you want to finish a battle swiftly.

Not only that, but its design is also one of the coolest an electric-type Pokemon can have. The vibrant yellow is almost a given when talking about this kind of creature, and the white fur in the neck and the spiky style make it look absolutely amazing.

9) Luxray

Luxray is not as remarkable as the other entries on this list, with a low defense that may cause many trainers to overlook it. But that would be a mistake because it is a terrific physical attacker, which is unusual among electric-types.

It is also one of the most loyal partners a trainer could have, constantly wanting to go the extra mile to assist its trainer. Luxray is a Pokemon that every electric-type trainer is bound to like, thanks to the versatile pool of moves it can master.

8) Magnezone

Magnezone is only able to evolve from Magneton while it is inside a specific magnetic field. This molecular type of evolution allows it to become one of the strongest electric-types. It is not the fastest or heaviest hitter in the series, but its accuracy and resistance are well above average.

It is also a really agile Pokemon while in the sky. The fact that it can be used as a means of transportation makes it a very versatile Pokemon. And let's not forget how cool it looks, with the flawless fusion of the three bodies that used to conform to it.

7) Zapdos

Zapdos, one of the three Legendary Birds, has been an iconic part of the franchise since the first generation. It makes for a companion who excels in all areas and still manages to exceed expectations in terms of speed and electric-type attack efficiency.

Zapdos is also a flying-type Pokemon which means it has learned a vast number of devastating attacks that can take out an opponent in a few moves. It is still not the strongest electric-type there is, but this does not mean it will not be a great part of any team.

6) Raikou

Another member of a Legendary trio, Raikou, is the electric Legendary Dog. It is a speedy electric-type that can overpower most enemies with fast and precise attacks. It may not have the strongest stamina or defense, but it is far from deficient in either.

Its pure electric-type also prevents it from being weak against various other types. Raikou is a balanced Pokemon that has been a fan favorite since the second generation and its design is just amazing, arguably one of the coolest electric-types in the franchise.

5) Ampharos

Ampharos is one of the most balanced electric-types in the series. It is not lacking in any field, except for maybe speed, but it is still just below average. It is also a proficient Pokemon when it comes to learning different types of moves.

But what really makes Ampharos shine is its Mega form. In it, Ampharos becomes one of the strongest fighters a team can have. The addition of the dragon-type in this form makes it a terrifying opponent to face.

4) Thundurus

Yet another member of a trio of legends, Thundurus is the electric-type Force of Nature. Thundurus benefits from its versatility, as it is one of the few Pokemon that can have multiple forms.

In its Incarnate form, it is one of the fastest and most powerful physical attackers in the electric-type category. But it usually shines in its Therian form, where it trades its speed and physical strength to become one of the best electric-type moves users.

3) Zekrom

Zekrom is extremely powerful, however it is not higher on the list because electric is its second nature. Zekrom is, first and foremost, a dragon-type, but that does not preclude it from becoming one of the strongest electric-type users in the franchise.

It is a fantastic physical attacker, and while this would generally imply that it is lacking in other areas, this is not the case. Zekrom is just an all-around great partner to have. The fact that it can fuse with Kyurem to create an even more powerful creature makes it one of the best electric-types.

2) Regieleki

Like Jolteon, Regieleki has a problem with defense and stamina. But unlike Jolteon, Regieleki can boast about being the fastest Pokemon in the series. There is not a lot opponents can do against this creature’s unreal speed.

It will go down easy if an opponent is able to land a precise hit against it, but the probabilities of this happening are slim at best. It is also one of the best electric-type move users known, as well as a fast and strong partner that any trainer would be glad to have on their team.

1) Pikachu

It is not unknown to us that no other Pokemon could have grabbed the number one spot. Pikachu is not considered a strong partner, but we have seen it surpass expectations. It is not only the face of the franchise, but also one of the best electric Pokemon in the anime and manga.

Some of the best and most popular trainers in the series had Pikachu as their Pokemon. Ash’s Pikachu is just enough to understand why this cute little electric mouse is at the number one spot. Pikachu will always be the most iconic Pokemon and one of the best electric-types of all time.

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