5 times Naruto could not control Kurama (& 5 times he did it perfectly)

The Jinchuriki and his Bijuu became good friends (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz Media, Naruto Shippuden)
The Jinchuriki and his Bijuu became good friends (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz Media, Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto and Kurama’s relationship was one of the central themes the original series had to offer, as Kurama was one of the main reasons for his Jinchuriki’s amazing power. And even though they were inseparable friends by the end of the show, it was not always like this.

Kurama resented being trapped inside a human for a major portion of the series, so his cooperation with the blonde ninja was not always stellar. Every time our hero lost control of his emotions, the Kyuubi’s primal instincts would take over.

So, the list below will present five times Naruto lost control of his Bijuu and five times he managed to tame the Tailed-beast.

His fight against Deidara and four other times Naruto let Kurama’s power loose

1) Against Haku


Haku was the first opponent that represented a serious threat to the Genin of Team 7, seeing as he was able to fight the two strongest members at the time with incredible ease. Moreover, during a shocking moment for both the audience and our protagonist, Haku pretended to kill Sasuke with his Senbon.

This made Naruto furious, letting his anger take over his mind and allowing the Kyuubi’s chakra to manifest for the first time. Although this state was short-lived this time, it was still a surprise to see the incredible power hiding inside the hero.

2) Against Sasuke


After running after him for numerous episodes, Naruto was finally able to catch up to his best friend in the Valley of the End. In order to awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke tried to kill his teammate while fighting, almost accomplishing his goal.

During the most crucial moments of the fight, Kurama’s power would make itself present, allowing Naruto to survive every mortal wound Sasuke tried to inflict on him. What makes this exhibition of the Jinchuriki’s power special is the fact that fans were able to see a one-tail cloak for the first time.

3) Against Orochimaru


Orochimaru’s manipulation was one of the main reasons Sasuke abandoned the village in the first place. When Naruto faced the Sanin, the hatred he harbored for him was the only thing on his mind.

His feelings were so strong, nothing could hold back the Nine-Tail's chakra from taking over him completely. However, not even three tails proved to be enough against this mighty opponent, forcing the blonde ninja to rely on his fourth tail, completely losing control of his own body.

4) Against Deidara


Deidara played a pivotal part in Gaara’s murder, as he and Sasori were responsible for extracting Shukaku from inside him. When Naruto and Kakashi were finally able to catch up with the member of Akatsuki, the hero was unable to control his anger.

Without warning, the Kyuubi cloak started to envelop Naruto, giving him enough speed and strength to land a punch that would scare Deidara away. Kakashi was only able to return his student to normal with the help of the seal Jiraiya had given him some time before the mission.

5) Against Pain


Pain’s attack against Konoha was brutal, leaving behind thousands of dead or injured villagers. Still, our hero was able to control his emotions for most of the fight. It was only after seeing Hinata risk her life for him that the Kyuubi took over him completely.

His anger was such that most of the beast’s tails were able to present themselves, almost releasing Kurama from his prison. If not for Minato’s caution involving his prediction that a situation like this one would arise, the Nine-Tails would have been freed once again.

Befriending the beast and four other times Naruto tamed Kurama

1) Summoning Jutsu


While learning the Summoning Jutsu with Jiraiya, the current Hokage was unable to properly use the technique because of his awful chakra control. Jiraiya figured out that this could be a great opportunity to teach Naruto to control his chakra and the Kyuubi’s at the same time.

While his student was on the edge of exhaustion, Jiraiya decided to push him into a ravine that would guarantee his death if he was not able to summon a Toad. By speaking with Kyuubi for the first time, Naruto was able to use his power for a while in his normal state, summoning Gammabunta in the process.

2) Against Neji


When the Chunin exam tournament started, one of the most-awaited moments was Naruto finally facing Neji. While the protagonist of the show fought bravely, Neji’s ability to restrict the flow of chakra proved to be harder to overcome than the blonde ninja had expected.

Still, Naruto was able to continue the fight by tapping into Kurama’s power willingly. Everyone watching the fight was either amazed by his newfound power or scared because they knew this was the Kyuubi’s chakra. But with this, Naruto proved that he was not only able to control the beast but he could also defeat someone as powerful as Neji.

3) Absorbing Kurama’s power


Before the Fourth Ninja War started, Naruto was asked to learn to control Kurama’s power. In order to do this, Killer Bee taught him how to fight against the beast inside of him while also aiding from the outside.

Unfortunately, Kurama’s power and hatred proved too much for the protagonist to handle alone. Just as he was about to be taken over by the Kyuubi’s darkness, Kushina appeared to assist her son in obtaining control of his tenant’s power.

4) When he befriended him


As much as the world fears the Bijuu, they are still creatures with their own consciousness and feelings. This fact took a while for Naruto to understand, but when he finally did, he did everything in his power to make Kurama let go of his hatred.

It was a long and difficult process, but after the Nine-Tails saw all his vassal was doing to help his kindred, he finally accepted the blonde ninja as a friend. After years of fighting each other, Kurama and Naruto shared a fist bump and began working as partners.

5) Bayron Mode


Isshiki proved to be the biggest threat the Shinobi world had ever seen until that moment. No matter what the heroes would do, they were unable to even scratch this powerful enemy. Kurama realized they needed to defeat Isshiki quickly before he could kill his friends.

Kurama gave all of his power to Naruto, proving how much his jailer meant to him. This power-up was enough to make quick work of the Otsutsuki; however, sadly, this meant Kurama’s death. After a touching and tear-jerking last moment with his partner, Kurama left this world with a final fist bump.

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