8 powerful fire release techniques in Naruto, ranked

Madara Uchiha's Majestic Flame Destroyer in the Naruto anime series (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Madara Uchiha's Majestic Flame Destroyer in the Naruto anime series (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Fire release is one of the five prominent Nature Releases in Naruto. Although fire release users are said to be dominant offensively, they have no trouble defending themselves against other natured attacks.

This Nature Release is common among the Uchiha clan. During childhood, each member has trained with the clan’s signature Great Fireball Technique.

As each is more formidable than the other, here is a list of powerful Fire Release techniques, ranked from weakest to strongest.

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Ranking 8 fire release techniques in Naruto

8) Ash Pile Burning


Ash Pile Burning is one of the strongest fire release techniques. It is used by Asuma Sarutobi and Flint Yagura in Naruto.

Users of this technique can spew a dense stream of chakra-infused gunpowder from their mouths at close range, thereby surrounding their targets.

After covering the targets with ash, users can use the flint between their teeth to create a spark or use a lighter to ignite and cause an explosion. The targets who get caught up in this blast get severely burned. This technique can also be used as a smokescreen.

7) Great Fireball Technique

The Great Fireball Technique was created by the Uchiha clan and is their signature fire release technique in Naruto. Every Uchiha member starts with the Great Fireball Technique, and their versatility determines their capabilities from that point on.

Users of this technique spew flames from their mouths that take the form of a large ball of fire. The size can be increased if the user increases the flow of chakra. After striking a target, the Great Fireball Technique loses its shape.

6) Exploding Flame Formation

Exploding Flame Formation can be executed by placing explosive tags beneath the ground before combat. This technique basically acts as a trap. When the target steps into the spot, the user slams their palm on the ground to trigger the activation.

After the user’s hand makes contact with the ground, all the explosive tags wrap around the target, covering their entire body. The tags then explode one after the other, engulfing the target with fire and obliterating their body.

Hanzo of the Salamander used this technique on Nagato. However, Nagato somehow managed to escape with severely damaged legs, making him paralyzed for the rest of his life.

5) Blast Wave Wild Dance


Blast Wave Wild Dance can only be performed by individuals who possess Sharingan and the Fire Release.

Users of this technique mold the chakra within their body and convert it into fire, which is then spewed out of the mouth in a large stream of spiraling blazes.

Since this technique is combined with the powers of the Sharingan, it is hard for victims caught in the vortex of fire to escape.

Obito Uchiha is the only known user of this technique, which he used in the Fourth Great Ninja War on Kakashi and Guy.

As Naruto managed to successfully deflect the technique, it could be assumed that only a Jinchuriki or people with massive chakra reserves could dodge it.

4) Fire Dragon Flame Bullet


Fire Dragon Flame Bullet is one of the most powerful fire release techniques in Naruto.

Kneading the chakra within their body, the user spews out fire from their mouth, which takes the form of a fire dragon. Unlike other techniques, this one is known for its ability to simultaneously strike at opponents from different angles.

Fire Dragon Flame Bullet’s attacks are precise and destructive. Moreover, this technique can also turn into a vortex by coiling around the targets and giving them no way to escape.

3) Toad Oil Flame Bullet


The Toad Oil Flame Bullet can only be performed by a toad summon and its users in conjunction. As the toads of Mount Myoboku are gigantic in size, they carry an enormous reserve of sticky oil within their glands. This oil is normally used for restricting the target’s movements due to its sticky nature.

However, as it is highly combustible, users can combine their Fire Release: Flame Bullet with their toad summons, increasing the attack’s power and range.

Toad Oil Flame Bullet is one of Jiraiya’s strongest fire release techniques in Naruto.

2) Majestic Destroyer Flame

Majestic Destroyer Flame is Madara Uchiha's most powerful fire release technique in Naruto. Although this technique has the same initiation process as other Uchiha fire release techniques, it can only be executed by an individual with a tremendous chakra reserve.

Unlike other fire release techniques, users of Majestic Destroyer Flame can expel fire and shape it into a gigantic sea of flames.

As seen in the anime, it required multiple shinobis with water release nature to extinguish the flames.

1) Amaterasu

Amaterasu is the strongest fire release technique in the entirety of Naruto. Only those with the Mangekyo Sharingan dojutsu can perform this technique.

Unlike normal fire, Amaterasu produces black flames from the focal point of the user’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

Once executed, these flames will only extinguish when the target is incinerated completely. Not even a water release user can put out the flames. In Naruto, it is said that the flames burn as hot as the sun.

There are also multiple derived Jutsus out of Amaterasu, like the Blaze Release techniques, which are known to be formidable.

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