Attack on Titan: Fans take to Twitter to express their opinions on Jean's dream and Mikasa in Episode 84

Twitter reacts to Jean's dream in the latest episode of Attack on Titan (image via MAPPA)
Twitter reacts to Jean's dream in the latest episode of Attack on Titan (image via MAPPA)

Attack on Titan is inching closer towards its conclusion, and fans are anxiously waiting for the next episode. While the previous episode didn’t feature much action, fans still had many elements that they enjoyed.

The previous episode began with Jean having a dream about living with his family and drinking expensive alcohol. He thought that his wife and his kids deserved a good life. This was interrupted by Hange, who wanted to talk to him.

Fans took to Twitter as they felt extremely sad for Jean and the situation that he was in. Let’s look at what the fanbase had to say about this dream.

Attack on Titan Episode 84: Fans react to Jean's dream

Fans had a lot to say about the short dream sequence shown as soon as the episode started. One fan on Twitter loved how Jean, as a character, portrayed the struggles of a soldier put in that particular situation.

Jean struggled as he wanted a comfortable life for himself and his family. However, he also wanted to honor his comrades who gave their lives for the same cause.

Some fans adored Jean and felt extremely bad for him during episode 84. This episode was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for Jean, and the fanbase has acknowledged it.

Some of the Attack on Titan fans also noticed an interesting detail about Jean's dream in the latest Attack on Titan episode. They realized that the woman he called his wife in the dream resembled Mikasa, revealing his interest in her as a person.

Some of the fans were also able to relate to Jean and his dream. Fans knew that some of the people stuck in that situation wanted nothing but a normal life. They understood Jean's dream of just living a normal life with his family.

Some fans thought about how Jean would have felt when Hange disturbed him during his dream. A minute ago, he dreamt of Mikasa being his wife and having a kid with her. Soon, he had to see Mikasa, who probably didn't feel the same way about Jean the way he did for her.

While a good chunk of the Attack on Titan fandom is convinced that Mikasa was the woman in his dreams, some are contesting this idea.

Some fans believe that the reason Mikasa's face was not shown was because of the fact that it was Jean's dream and that she didn't like Jean the way she liked Eren in the series.

Attack on Titan fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to see how Marleyans and the members of the Scout regiment will stop Eren from carrying out his plans.