Bakugo calling himself "Kacchan" has My Hero Academia fans losing their minds

Bakugo calls himself "Kacchan" in My Hero Academia chapter 406
Katsuki Bakugo as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)

The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 406 are out. With that, fans saw the fight between Katsuki Bakugo and All For One resume. Moreveor, it also revealed the name of the second One For All user, but all of that wasn't what caught fans' attention but a declaration.

As evident from the spoilers, Bakugo refers to himself as "Kacchan" in the chapter. The incident has left the My Hero Academia fanbase crazy as they took over X with their celebratory Tweets.

While Deku had always called Bakugo "Kacchan," this was the first time that Bakugo referred to himself as such.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia fans go into a frenzy after Bakugo calls himself "Kacchan"

As evident from My Hero Academia chapter 406 spoilers, AFO is reminded of the second OFA user because of Bakugo. That's when he mistakenly calls Bakugo "Kudo," which can be presumed to be the second OFA user's name.

The moment Bakugo heard it, he felt annoyed and told AFO that he wasn't Kudo, but "Bakugou no Kacchan." That directly translated to "Kacchan of the Bakugos," but the same has been interpreted by fans as "I'm the one and only Kacchan Bakugo."

This line has got My Hero Academia fans in a chokehold as fans could not believe what they had witnessed. They never thought that Katsuki Bakugo would refer to himself as Kacchan, that too, to a villain like AFO.

While Bakugo was once very hostile towards Midoriya, he made a quick turnaround following his brawl against him. Since then, Bakugo has seemingly been working on his broken relationship with Deku. While fans knew that Bakugo now respected the OFA user, the hero's attempt at expressing his closeness to Deku is being made ever so evident with every new chapter.

The previous chapters have shown Bakugo holding Deku's hand without any hesitation. Additionally, they also showed Bakugo declaring that he was there to help Deku if he wasn't able to deal with everything on his own. While the other moments were quite necessary for the plot, there was no reason for Bakugo to suddenly refer to himself as "Kacchan." This could only hint at Bakugo's closeness to Deku.

Given that Bakugo had come to help Deku and even referred to himself by a pet name used by Deku, fans could not stop themselves from comparing the Explosion hero to a knight in shining armor having arrived to save his princess. With that, fans were certain that Bakugo was possessive of Deku.

However, the entire fanbase wasn't just incited by Bakugo but also Deku. Bakugo has announced himself to be "Great Explosion Murder God: Dynamight" on several occasions.

However, Deku has never been shown to take notice of it, but that was not the case in My Hero Academia chapter 406. Despite the fact that they were in the midst of a battle, Deku could be seen reacting to Bakugo calling himself "Kacchan." Given that Deku and Bakugo were quite far from each other during the incident, it made the scene even more meaningful.

Nevertheless, fans were terrified of how the official manga translations would depict the line. Viz Media has messed up with its translations on several occasions in the past. Hence, fans were certain that they were going to see another disaster from its translator Caleb Cook.