My Hero Academia chapter 406 spoilers: Bakugo has a Quirk Awakening as Second OFA user’s identity is revealed

My Hero Academia chapter 406 spoilers (Image via Bones)
My Hero Academia chapter 406 spoilers (Image via Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 406 was expected to showcase the battle between Bakugo and All for One. However, the Spoilers released today featured an update on other battlefields and Bakugo’s Quirk Awakening process. My Hero Academia chapter 406 will be published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 50 on November 13 at 12 am JST.

In the previous chapter, Bakugo succeeded in saving All Might. Sir Nighteye’s visage informed All Might that he had changed his fate. Edgeshot informed Bakugo that while he held his body together, the boy brought himself back. All Might gave Bakugo his gauntlet to support the boy’s broken arm. Bakugo and All for One began their battle against each other.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 406.

My Hero Academia chapter 406 spoilers and raw scans show the state of all battlefields

Lady Nagant in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via Bones)
Lady Nagant in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via Bones)

According to My Hero Academia chapter 406 spoilers, the chapter is named Understand Your Own Quirk.

The chapter begins with a status update across battlefields. The battles at the General Hospital and Okuto Island are over. Hound Dog and the Ketsubutsu students have captured Skeptic and the evacuation of civilians has been completed. Aoyama and Hagakure are freeing the heroes from Kuneida’s plants at the Parking lot.

However, the battle against Gashly at Takoba Arena is still ongoing, and no one knows where Kurogiri has taken Aizawa and Present Mic. My Hero Academia chapter 406 quickly shows Lady Nagant, who is still lying on the rooftop and thinks about Rock Lock telling them that Izuku Midoriya is their only hope.

She calls out to Deku as the chapter cuts to All Might, who seems impressed by Bakugo’s speed. Edgeshot explains that Bakugo had achieved an incredible speed before his death which had shocked even Shigaraki. He must be in the process of understanding how to enhance that speed even further.

All for One has fallen inside rubble and is enraged, but prioritizes getting to Shigaraki over killing Bakugo. Shigaraki himself thinks that he can just “break” Bakugo again. Deku, still fighting Shigaraki, realizes that he has not come up with a counter for the combination of Regeneration, body modification, and Decay that his opponent is using.

He has only been dodging the attacks using Danger Sense and can use Gear Shift only one more time, after which the backlash would be unimaginable. However, Deku decides to use it now, and the Second User seems to support this decision.

The second user of One for All (Image via Bones)
The second user of One for All (Image via Bones)

The chapter then goes back to AFO, who reminds himself that he can’t regress further by fighting a nobody like Bakugo, whose quirk Is not as strong as Endeavor’s or Tokoyami’s. Meanwhile, Bakugo understands that when his sweat runs over his battered body, it causes an excruciating pain that fuels his quirk.

He only has to locate where the pain is the highest and channel it into speed. By doing so, he easily surpasses his previous speed and thinks that he might even have left Izuku behind at this point. My Hero Academia chapter 406 then cuts to where Bakugo’s parents are watching the battle live.

When his father finds it unbearable to watch, Mitsuki reminds him that they must watch to support Katsuki, who must be smiling right now. Elsewhere, AFO is baffled as to why this boy is making him angrier than even All Might. He realizes that it’s because Bakugo looks like the Second User of OFA.

My Hero Academia chapter 406 shows a flashback of the Second User telling AFO that Yoichi is dead and the Demon Lord is responsible for his death. It is revealed that AFO blames the Second User for everything that has happened, as none of it would have transpired if he hadn’t reached out to Yoichi.

AFO yells out, “It’s all your fault, Kudo!”, with Kudo being presumably the Second User’s name. Bakugo annoyedly replies that he is not Kudo, but “Kacchan of the Bakugos” (Bakugo uses “Bakugou no Kacchan” as per the My Hero Academia chapter 406 raw scans, but Viz might translate it to “Katsuki Bakugo” instead).