Black Clover chapter 321 raw scans: Yuno vs Lucifero in full swing, spoilers, and more

Yuno saves asta in chapter 320 (Image via OneHoox)
Yuno saves asta in chapter 320 (Image via OneHoox)

Black Clover chapter 321 raw scans were leaked and fans were pleasantly surprised by the development there. If the leaks are to be believed, this chapter is also a 17-page chapter and it contains more dialog and flashbacks than the last few.

Approximately four pages and eight panels have been leaked, in no particular order. However, a rough narrative can be formed from leaks.

Black Clover chapter 321 raw scans show Yuno and Mereoleona teaming up against Lucifero

In chapter 320, Asta cut off a small part of Lucifero’s horn, but Lucifero knocked him out by stomping on him in retaliation. The captains tried to protect Asta from him, but Lucifero ruthlessly disposed of them.

As he went to attack Asta again, Yuno appeared with Sylph and Mimosa and whisked Asta out of Lucifero’s grasp. While Yuno looked injured himself, he prepared to fight Lucifero.

According to the raw scans, Black Clover chapter 321 is titled “Excuse,” although the title can be changed once official scans are out.

Chapter 321 raw scans hint at the broader evolution of the story

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According to the raw scans, Lucifero suddenly appears beside Yuno, the same way he did with Asta, but as he goes to attack, Yuno shifts into his Spirit Assimilation form and presumably starts to fight back.

Mereleona appears once again, wounded but still in her fighting spirit. The raw scans show that she and Yuno team up against Lucifero.

#BCSpoilers Mimosa doing her job (i.e. healing)

Inside Yuno’s shield, Mimosa is shown healing Asta. Sekke is there and talks so much that at one point, Mimosa asks him to shut up so that she can concentrate. As soon as Asta regains consciousness, he stands up even though he is still severely wounded.

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Sekke cannot understand how and why these magic knights would fight so hard in a battle they cannot win. He has flashbacks of how he taunted and looked down on Asta and realizes that Asta and Yuno have always tried to be strong, something which Sekke himself never did.

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Despite Mimosa’s pleading, he picks up the Demon Slayer Sword and walks towards where Yuno is seen fighting Lucifero. Mimosa is frightened, but she performs her duty. However, when she asks Asta to stop, she realizes that her voice can’t reach Asta anymore. Asta moves towards the battle, saying,

“Yuno, I’m on my way.”

Final thoughts

Surprisingly, Yuno can hold his own against Lucifero even for a minute. Mereoleona is still fighting in Black Clover chapter 321 and teaming up against Yuno does not surprise anyone. With Asta joining the fray, we might see a more decisive fight in the next few chapters.

Sekke’s character development was not only unexpected but necessary. He has long been used as comic relief in the series and having him finally grasp the world's reality is refreshing. It is important to note that Asta and Yuno incite this change in him, maybe even Mimosa. They are all strong Magic Knights, and it is fitting that now they are inspiring even the most unlikely of their peers.

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Fans have already started to speculate that the only one who can reach Asta in this state is Noelle. Mimosa’s inner monolog in this chapter is tinged with sadness. While scared, she still does her job and understands that whatever is driving Asta is beyond her reach.

The official scan of Black Clover chapter 321 will give us a clearer picture. The official English translation will be out on Sunday, January 30, and can be read for free on Manga Plus and Viz.

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