Black Clover chapter 320: Asta’s attack is successful, Yuno saves Asta

Yuno comes to Asta's rescue (Image Via Shonen Jump)
Yuno comes to Asta's rescue (Image Via Shonen Jump)

The unofficial English translation of Black Clover chapter 320 has just been released and key details about Asta’s attack on Lucifero and the latter’s retaliation have been clarified. With this chapter, Lucifero solidifies his position as one of the most powerful villains in the Black Clover manga. With a surprising return and an interesting turn of events, Black Clover chapter 320 has fans on the edge of their seats.

[Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 320]

Asta' Anti Magic manages to harm Lucifero in Black Clover chapter 320

In chapter 319, Lucifero completely dominated the captains. He broke through Dorothy’s Dream Magic and Charlotte’s Briar magic, was unaffected by Mereoleona and Jack the Ripper, subdued Fuegoleon’s Salamander in one move, and grabbed Nozel and tossed him aside.

However. The captains stood back up, because as the strongest, they are duty-bound to fight. Asta took this opportunity to sneak up behind Lucifero in his Devil Union form and attacked him with his Demon Slayer Sword.

Black Clover chapter 320 is titled “The Main Culprit” or “The Root Cause”, however, this title is subject to change once the official translation comes out.

Asta lands his attack

Black Clover chapter 320 starts with Lucifero dodging Asta’s attack because, presumably, Asta yelled out his presence before attacking him. As Asta laments that he missed, it is shown that he did, in fact, cut off a small part of Lucifero’s right front horn.

While miniscule, this attack enrages Lucifero, who stomps on Asta, which increases the effect of his Gravity magic surrounding them, kicking Asta out of his Devil Union mode and knocking him unconscious. Lucifero continues to curse at Asta with a range of unimaginative names from “scum” to “magicless scum”, but the captains interfere and whisk Asta out of his reach.

The captains come to Asta's aid

They realize that Asta’s anti-magic attack worked, but before they can do something with this information, Lucifero callously tears through Dorothy’s Dream Magic and Charlotte’s Briar Magic, again, to get to Asta.

Jack the Ripper uses his Slashing Magic and Nozel Silva uses his Mercury Magic to attack Lucifero, claiming that they cannot let the peasant Asta to show them up. Lucifero’s responses to them are “disappear” and “shut up”, respectively, as he ruthlessly flings them away.

The Vermilion siblings attack him next with their synchronized fire magic, claiming that Asta is the one they are currently expecting the most out of, Mereoleona as a target and Fuegoleon as a Magic Knight. Despite the towering inferno of their combined attack, Lucifero glides past them unharmed, furiously grabbing Fuego and tossing Mereoleona to the side.

He comes upon Rill next, who had been using his Painting Magic to strengthen everyone else’s magic. It is unclear from the art style exactly what he does, but presumably he throws Fuegoleon, whom he was still holding by the face, at Rill and knocks them both out.

Yuno arrives in the nick of time

The Supreme Devil of the Second Layer, who had been observing the proceedings so far, comments that without Rill strengthening their magic, the humans don’t stand a chance against the King of Demons. Meanwhile, Lucifero has been rapidly progressing towards Asta, and upon reaching him, he tries to stomp on him again.

The gravity of the surrounding area increases, but when the dust clears, a star appears in Asta’s place. Behind Lucifero, Yuno appears with Sylph on his shoulder. Yuno has Asta securely behind his shield, where Mimosa is starting to heal him. Both members of the Golden Dawn Squad look worse for the wear, with bruises all over them and tattered clothes. However, Yuno grins broadly as he proclaims:

“Finally, it is you who owes me, Asta!”


With his two grimoires, Yuno has a better chance against Lucifero than the captains, but that is not saying much. It seems likely that Tabata will make a character perish in this arc, with the amount of heat he has been getting for never killing off characters, and there is a good chance of it being Yuno, since both Yami and William have been rescued.

It has not been explained in Black Clover chapter 320 whether Asta has remained in his Devil Union form. If so, then it makes the captains’ defeat at Lucifero’s hands that much more humiliating, because Asta said before the fight began that he only had four minutes left in that form.

While the Supreme Demon of The Second Layer has appeared again, her purpose remains unknown. The status of the Qilphoth Channel and the rest of Golden Dawn and Black Bulls, especially Langris and Noelle, also remain unaddressed. Nacht has not been seen in Black Clover chapter 320, and Patry has not appeared either, despite being with William when Lucifero manifested.

Final Thoughts

Black Clover chapter 320 only solidified the discrepancy between the power levels of the Captains and Lucifero. Fans have been very sarcastic about the utter humiliation of some of the strongest magic knights in the series, especially the two Wizard King candidates, Nozel and Fuegoleon.

Black Clover chapter 321 will likely feature Yuno’s battle against Lucifero. The official translation of Black Clover chapter 320 will be released on Sunday, January 23, and can be read on Viz and Manga Plus.