Black Clover chapter 320 raw scans: Yuno saves Asta, spoilers, and more

Yuno comes to Asta's aid (Image via MarkArt19/Twitter)
Yuno comes to Asta's aid (Image via MarkArt19/Twitter)

The raw scans of Black Clover chapter 320 were just leaked on twitter and many speculations from the previous chapter have come true. While the scans are not clear, they come from reputed leakers that have been proven to be correct before. The result of Asta’s attack on Lucifero is shown in the raw scans, and an anticipated return is featured.

[Major spoilers for Black Clover chapter 320]

Raw scans of Black Clover chapter 320 show Yuno saving Asta from Lucifero's attack

According to the raw scans, Black Clover chapter 320 is titled “Main Culprit”.

Black Clover Chapter 319 recap

In chapter 319, strengthened by Rill’s magic, the captains fight Lucifero. However, they are terribly outclassed. Mereoleona cannot burn him, and Jack cannot cut him. Lucifero breaks through Dorothy’s Dream magic and Charlotte’s Briar magic, grabs Feugoleon’s Salamander and subdues it in one smooth move. Worst of all, he grabs Nozel’s face and flings him away without using his magic.

As Lucifero gloats that they should’ve kneeled and groveled instead of fighting, the captains stand back up. Mereoleona informs him that no matter how inferior they are to him, they have been granted the title of the Strongest. Therefore, they are dutybound to fight.

As she says it, Asta sneaks up on Lucifero in his Devil Union form. He yells that Lucifero does not understand the pride of a Grand Magic Night, and swings his Demon Slayer Sword.

Black Clover chapter 320 raw scans

The raw scans show that Asta lands his attack on Lucifero and partially cuts off one of his horns. Lucifero is dumbfounded at first, but he soon becomes enraged, swatting Asta away with a single blow. Asta is knocked unconscious and forced out of his Devil Union mode as Lucifero charges at him.

Lucifero calls Asta names, cursing at him for being the wrench in his plans. He screams that a magicless boy like Asta is the one stopping his manifestation. For Lucifero, Asta is the main culprit, the one to crush. He moves towards Asta, who is lying unconscious on the ground, when the captains interfere.

The captains, especially Nozel, Mereoleona, and Fuegoleon, charge at Lucifero with their magic once again to protect Asta. However, like in the last chapter, Lucifero completely obliterates them, humiliating them beyond measure. As they are soundly defeated, Lucifero reaches Asta, and tries to stomp on him in a show of condescension and power, proclaiming, “Die."

However, when the dust clears, it is revealed that there is a star in Asta’s place, as Asta has been whisked away to safety by Yuno. He appears to be in a battered state himself, with his clothes torn and wounds all over him. He has brought Mimosa along, who is not doing any better, but still dutifully starts healing Asta behind the barrier Yuno has created. With Sylph over his shoulder, Yuno proclaims,

“Finally, you owe me one, Asta.”

Final Thoughts

Asta cuts off Lucifero;s horn (Image via diab_26)
Asta cuts off Lucifero;s horn (Image via diab_26)

According to Black Clover chapter 320 raw scans, Asta has managed to land a blow on Lucifero, being the first and only one to do so. The fate of the Demon Slayer Sword is unknown, but Asta himself looks too heavily injured from Lucifero’s strike. Liebe, curled on his chest, is not in any better shape either.

The captains’ humiliation at Lucifero’s hands continue. Lucifero is almost dismissive of the way he disposes of them, which makes it seem like everything will come down to Asta and Yuno once more. Some spoilers suggest that the Supreme Devil of the Second Layer will be making her move in Black Clover chapter 320, but none of that is seen in the raw scans.

Yuno and Mimosa’s arrival is both a good and a bad thing, according to most fans. While they ensure Asta’s survival and confirm that they themselves survived Lucifero’s Gravity Magic, it might not remain so for long.

Considering the amount of backlash Tabata has been getting for not killing any of his characters, it is logical that he might make a sacrifice in this arc. Yuno, especially, as the deuteragonist and one of the most important people to Asta, could be the one to perish at Lucifero’s hand, and that is a development that fans dread.

The official translation of Black Clover chapter 320 will be out on Sunday, January 23, and can be read for free on Manga Plus and Viz.