Black Clover Chapter 323 raw scans show the reunion of Yami and Nacht, the Black Bulls return

Nacht and Yami are the focus of chapter 323 (Image via TCBScans)
Nacht and Yami are the focus of chapter 323 (Image via TCBScans)

Fans had been waiting for Yami’s fight against Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 323 since he appeared at the end of the last chapter. While the fight did not begin in this chapter, the leaked spoilers and raw scans suggest that he teamed up with Nacht.

Raw scans of a few pages have been leaked. As usual, they are out of order and mostly not translated.

Yami and Nacht team up and William reappears in Black Clover Chapter 323, according to spoilers

In the last chapter, Lucifero asks Adrammelech, the Supreme Devil of the Second Layer to deal with Yuno and Mereoleona, but the devil refuses. Lucifero overpowers the two Magic Knights and moves to attack Asta.

Nacht uses his dual "Devil Union Mode: Canis X Equus" to hold Lucifero in place as Asta attacks him from behind using Demon Slasher Katana.

The attack is unsuccessful as Lucifero breaks free. Nacht jumps in front of a defenseless Asta to protect him at the cost of his own life. But Yami appears in front of him and blocks Lucifero’s punch with a sword made from a tree branch. According to the spoilers, Black Clover Chapter 323 is titled “Partners.”

Black Clover Chapter 323 spoilers

According to the spoilers, Black Clover Chapter 323 shows that after the Black Bulls received their captain, Gray and Vanessa tried to heal Yami. After the ordeal with the Qilphoth channel, Yami’s body has become like Liebe’s; it is destroyed but still full of magic. Suddenly William and Patry appear along with Langris.

Patry has lost his grimoire and thus cannot join the fight. William apologizes for what he has done and offers Yami a sword made from the World Tree called the "Blade of Misteltein".

While Yami does not forgive William, he still accepts it. He uses "Dark Magic: Black moon" to counter Lucifero’s Gravity, and extends the protection to Secre and Zora as well.

Back at the battlefield, Yami parries Lucifero’s attack while Nero and Zora jump in front of Asta to protect him. Lucifero immediately knows about Yami’s Dark Magic. It is unclear from the Black Clover Chapter 323 spoilers if Yami pushes Lucifero back, but he and Nacht are seen catching their breaths away from the King of Devils.

Nacht asks Yami to stop protecting him and says that he does not care if he dies. Nacht dislikes that Yami reminds him of his old self, and suffers from the guilt of having taken Morgen away from him. Yami remembers that Morgen once told him that he and Nacht are truly alike and understand each other.

Despite being twins, Morgen could never become as good a partner to Nacht as Yami always had been.

Yami calls Nacht an idiot, saying that he should be thanking him instead. Yami believes that instead of trying to atone for his crimes by giving up, Nacht should try to live and save as many lives as possible, just like Morgen would have wanted. He further tells him:

“One does not need a reason to save a friend, Nacht.”

Moved, Nacht calls Yami childish and a fool, but stands up to fight Lucifero.

Final thoughts

While fans had expected to see Noelle in Black Clover Chapter 323, they understand that Tabata is going with a specific plot. Yami’s dark Magic is faring better against Lucifero than other captains.

With Nacht and Yami teaming up, there will be an interesting fight in the next chapter. The order of events in Black Clover Chapter 323 will be clarified with the release of the official translation on Sunday, February 13.