Black Clover Chapter 339: Ki, Sorcery, and Anti-Magic may all be related

Could three of Black Clover
Could three of Black Clover's most distinct power systems have a hidden connection with one another? (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Black Clover Chapter 339’s latest spoilers indicate that Asta’s training time in the Hino Country subarc is, allegedly, finally set to begin. Since the chapter hasn’t been officially released, these alleged spoilers aren’t corroborated, but fans are optimistic that @nite_baron has once again provided legitimate reliable spoilers.

With this in mind, fans accept that Asta’s training arc is indeed beginning, and he is already off to a roaring start with the first lesson he’s learned. However, the dialogue within Black Clover Chapter 339 surrounding this lesson seemingly suggests Ki, Sorcery, and Anti-Magic to all be related in some way.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down how Black Clover Chapter 339’s alleged spoilers seemingly suggest a connection between these three abilities and power systems.

Black Clover Chapter 339’s likening of Ki, Sorcery, and Anti-Magic to one another suggests hidden relationship between the three

Ranged anti-magic ki strikes?? Asta's bag is GROWING #BCSpoilers

Black Clover Chapter 339 sees a fully healed Asta begin his training with Yami Ichika and Ryudo Ryuda in earnest. After reuniting with Liebe, the two make their way to a bamboo forest that grows using youryoku, the Hino Country term for the magic power and ability that the Sorcery system is built upon.

The spoilers, at one point, see Yami Ichika display her use of youryoku to produce “an explosive amount of power,” cutting a bamboo shoot cleanly in half. While Asta initially rejects his ability to do so, Ryuda cuts in, telling him to concentrate and feel the Ki.

He further explains that everyone unconsciously manipulates Ki to output youryoku, telling Asta to manipulate it consciously with high precision. He then tells him to, using Ki, release all the youryoku in his body all at once, emphasizing that instead of youryoku he’ll be releasing Anti-Magic.

#BCSpoilers It looks like the design behind Asta's devil mark could have more behind it than what I originally thought. The ki effect going over the eyes and now, we learned that Asta can use his Ki with the Anti-Magiccoincidence, inspiration or not, I think it's cool

Since his contract with Liebe allows Anti-Magic to flow throughout his body, he has it in high enough volume to weaponize it in such a way. After some goading from Ryuda and Ichika, Asta successfully does so, proven by the bamboo shoot withering away due to its magical properties interacting with Asta’s Anti-Magic.

While this is certainly a cause for celebration, fans are curious as to whether or not Black Clover Chapter 339’s alleged spoilers indicate a connection between Ki, Sorcery, and Anti-Magic. Although unsurprising that Ryuda was able to coach Asta by using his Anti-Magic as if it were regular magic, it begs the question of why such an adaptation was so easy for Asta to make.

Furthermore, it begs the question of why Ichika and the others were so amazed at Asta’s achievement in the issue. If it were truly as simple as approaching Anti-Magic the same way one would Sorcery or any other magic-based system, their amazement would be unfounded. However, series author and illustrator Yuki Tabata specifically emphasize their amazement.


It’s possible they could be more knowledgeable of Anti-Magic and how it relates to Ki and Sorcery, given their status as Ryuzen Seven and similar titles. Furthermore, Black Clover Chapter 339 sees Fumito able to heal Liebe with ease despite it being his first time seeing a creature like him.

It’s possible that, even if Hino Country has no experience with devils, some hidden info on Anti-Magic is what helped Liebe recover, as seen in Black Clover Chapter 339. Considering Ki and Sorcery already stand apart from other Power Systems seen in the series, it’s possible that Anti-Magic, also standing apart, is related to or potentially based on these other techniques.

However, this is all speculative, with the official release of Chapter 339 still several days away as of this article’s writing. If these alleged spoilers prove true, fans may be learning that there’s more to these power systems and their history than meets the eye.

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