Bleach TYBW: Will Ichigo surpass Yhwach?

Ichigo's potential can reach the very heavens (Image via Tite Kubo/Shueisha/Bleach)

Bleach TYBW anime viewers may be asking themselves whether or not Ichigo Kurosaki will ever be able to surpass Yhwach. Based on the latter's portrayal in the manga, he is widely regarded as the most powerful character in the series.

That said, even the most powerful villains fall before the hero in the end. Moreover, Ichigo is a character who never gives in to despair, no matter how much darkness is in this world.

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Ichigo surpassing Yhwach depends on the true ability of his Bankai in Bleach TYBW

The full extent of Ichigo's powers by the end of the series

@kuchiki_loully probably Ichigo's merged Hollow Form

After his disastrous confrontation with Yhwach, Ichigo will undergo some intensive training in the Bleach TYBW. Under the watchful eye of Zero Division member Oetsu Nimaiya, he is going to learn to reforge his Zanpakuto. Ichigo will find a balance between his Hollow and Quincy forms.

When he merges both of them, his physical stats greatly increase. For instance, he can even fight someone like Yhwach on relatively even terms after the latter has absorbed the Soul King. Needless to say, this is a very impressive feat in Bleach TYBW.

It should be noted that Ichigo's potential to grow is the main reason why Yhwach labeled him a "Special War Power." The Quincy Emperor considers the protagonist's true Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, to be a dangerous threat.

A scene from the manga, Chapter 683 (Image via Sportskeeda)
A scene from the manga, Chapter 683 (Image via Sportskeeda)

In the first half of their final duel, Ichigo used Getsuga Tenshou to fire off a massive wave of energy toward Yhwach. Even with the power of the Soul King by his side, the Quincy Emperor was still cut in half by Ichigo's attack.

This powerful technique would've outright killed Yhwach in his strongest form. He only survived the blast due to his ridiculously broken Schrift.

Ichigo simply cannot deal with "The Almighty"


Yhwach has the special ability to look into multiple futures and render whatever powers he sees obsolete. This is known as "The Almighty" in the Bleach TYBW anime. The antagonist can also rewrite futures where he ends up dying.

During his fight with Zero Division leader Ichibe Hyosube, the former was struck by the latter's dangerous Shikai ability, Futen Taisatsuryo. Under normal circumstances, it would completely destroy the target's body and soul. Even then, Yhwach was still able to recover with "The Almighty."

It's undeniably the strongest power in the Bleach TYBW anime. The godly Schrift can only be temporarily disabled if Yhwach's blood is struck by Still Silver, provided he somehow gets hit in the first place.

Final verdict

Literally Ichigo after getting smacked by Yhwach

Technically speaking, Ichigo will be strong enough to physically overpower Yhwach by the end of the Bleach TYBW. There's a reason why Uryu Ishida and Sosuke Aizen were mainly there for support in the final battle. Unfortunately, without their assistance, Ichigo has no answer for "The Almighty."

With that said, there is a possibility that Ichigo would surpass him if the Bleach TYBW anime could expand on Ichigo's true Bankai, which was so powerful that Yhwach didn't even allow himself to get hit by it. Remember, this is the same person who didn't care about Aizen using the Kyoka Suigetsu against him.

Fans can only speculate whether or not Ichigo has the ability to negate destiny, regardless of "The Almighty." If that were the case, the Quincy Emperor would have very good reason to destroy Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu. Fans will just have to wait until Tite Kubo explains what the Bankai was supposed to do.

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