Blue Lock chapter 210 spoilers and raw scans: Barou changes his image, a New Gen World 11 player gets revealed

Shoei Barou and Michael Kaiser as seen in Blue Lock
Shoei Barou and Michael Kaiser as seen in Blue Lock (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 210 out, fans of the series were finally able to get a closer look at Barou's new appearance. Meanwhile, the chapter also saw the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers begin as Kaiser and Ness' attack was stopped by Ace Eater.

The previous chapter saw Noel Noa reveal the starting lineup for Bastard Munchen, in which he only made one change, which was to replace Ali with Raichi as the defensive midfielder. Raichi's task was to protect the team's two aces - Isagi and Kaiser - and take over the midfield. Soon after receiving their instructions, the two teams met on the field.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 210: Barou explains his new look

Blue Lock chapter 210, titled Ace-Eater, opened with the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers set to begin, as Barou greeted Isagi with a headbutt, leaving both of them in pain. Upon bearing the pain, Isagi noticed Barou's new hair and called him arrogant for dying it, which is when Barou revealed how his new hair was to commemorate his valuation of 100M, which was twice as much as Isagi's.

That's when the other Blue Lock Ubers players appeared behind Barou, as they revealed how they helped him with his new hair, adding that he had changed his look the day before to get hyped up for the match against Isagi. However, Barou said that he had done it to change his image. That's when Aiku challenged Isagi as they revealed their intention to take over Blue Lock's throne.

Hirotoshi Buratsuta as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)
Hirotoshi Buratsuta as seen in the Blue Lock anime (Image via 8bit)

Elsewhere, in Blue Lock's General Command Room, JFU President Burasuta Hirotoshi arrived with some new merch he was planning to sell for Blue Lock. After careful observation, Ego rejected them all. Burasuta was fine with that, but he reminded Ego that he needed Blue Lock to work just the way he had revealed it.

Blue Lock chapter 210 then focused back on the match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers as the announcer hyped up the match by mentioning some of the key players. Barou had scored a hat-trick in the previous match and managed to get a valuation of 100M. Meanwhile, fans expected Isagi to score a goal, all while expecting to witness Kaiser Impact.

As the match began, Isagi went into full-throttle at the start itself as he tried to have 100% Metavision. He observed how Ubers' defense was reinforced with their midfield.

From the point of kick-off itself, Ubers' defense charged on Kaiser and Ness. However, Ness managed to pass the ball to Grimm. Following that, Ness made a dash towards the goal, attracting three players towards him, but that was only bait.

Grimm passed the ball to Kaiser, who was battling it out with Niko. Just when Kaiser was set to receive the ball, an Ubers player trapped it and stopped the opposition attack. He was part of the New Gen World 11 and the heart of Ubers' defense, "Ace-Eater" Don Lorenzo.

Final thoughts on Blue Lock chapter 210

Blue Lock chapter 210 saw the manga reveal yet another player from the New Gen World 11 as Don Lorenzo stopped Kaiser's attack with a single blow. While he is yet to reveal his true potential, the defender is definitely a threat, and thus Isagi must come up with a solution before they get overpowered.