Boruto Chapter 70: Release date and time, where to read and more

Image of Eida from the Boruto Manga (Image via Shueisha)
Image of Eida from the Boruto Manga (Image via Shueisha)

Boruto Chapter 69 saw an interesting development in the ongoing Code arc. The elusive Eida finally made her presence known to the heroes. She was able to make the formerly serious Delta smitten with her with a stare and an unknown power of hers, leaving her creator Amado shivering as Code drove his nails into him.The big question which looms large in everyone's minds at this juncture is: what exactly does Shikamaru intend to do now that he's face-to-face with Eida?

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While the last two chapters appeared to provide Konoha's shinobi some much-needed breathing room, the standoff is likely to continue in this chapter unless Shikamaru can fake his way out. With Kawaki awake and Sasuke, Boruto, and Naruto heading over to Amado's laboratory as quickly as they can, things are heating up once again.

Note: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga spoilers ahead.

Boruto Chapter 70: Release date

Actual release date

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Despite most manga having updates on a weekly basis, Boruto updates monthly. Chapter 70 is expected to be released this Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 12:00AM (JST) according to Viz Media and the Shonen Jump website. The following is the expected release schedule for international readers:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on May 18
  • Central Time: 11 AM on May 18
  • Eastern Time: 12 noon on May 18
  • British Time: 5 PM on May 18

Where to read

BORUTO Volume 15 Cover.

Chapter 70 will be available for reading on the official Viz Shonen Jump website. The most recent three chapters are free to read, but older chapters require a subscription. The chapter will also be accessible on the official Manga Plus website and app for the series.

What to expect in Chapter 70

2. The effect of Eida’s ability it’s not always the same. With Delta was stronger than ever, but maybe there’s someone that doesn’t fall for it that easily. Maybe the resistance would be stronger than Shikamaru’s. *lookingatMitsuki*#Borutochapter69

Chapter 69 started with Eida entering and her very presence stopping even the hotheaded android Delta from attacking. It also revealed several key facts about Code's benefactor: she's infatuated with Kawaki and doesn't want him harmed, she's got a special ability outside of her control that neutralizes anyone meaning to do her harm and either makes them infatuated with her (Delta) or a number of other symptoms like headaches and hypertension. She will stay with Code as long as he obeys her commands.

This conversation is what leads me to why Boruto has Sasuke’s sword and cloak in the timeskip. Boruto said the headband helped him in his resolve. If Sasuke does die, Boruto will take those items because he wants Sasuke’s will to always be a part of him #Boruto69

In the meantime, Sasuke apologizes to Boruto for allegedly failing as a mentor and failing to be there for him. According to fan beliefs, this is a death flag for Sasuke, indicating that he will die in the future. Given how far off the anticipated future is in the outset, it's unlikely that will happen in this chapter. Couple this with Mitsuki and Sarada saying they need to get stronger if they're to aid Boruto with these fearsome foes, and a Mitsuki teasing Sarada about liking Boruto, and it's very obvious that Boruto and Sasuke are going to get there and some tension is going to surface after the fallout of this.

Kawaki clearly trusts Sumire. He easily could have waited for her to leave the room to discuss the matter but he blurted the business out. Sumire knows EVERYTHING that we don’t now #boruto69

Speaking of tension from fallout, Naruto and Kawaki also spoke openly in front of Sumire about the fact that he killed Boruto to save his life. Naruto reiterated that he would not give up on Kawaki, that everyone in the Leaf is family to him, before he had to leave due to being summoned by Ino. Considering how quick Lord Seventh is, he'd probably end up getting there first and encountering a stalling Ino.

This is the Shikamaru I remember. let's goo #BORUTO #BORUTO69

This leads to the burning question that has been on everyone's mind. What exactly is Shikamaru planning to do? His Shadow Possession Jutstu wore off on Code, hence Code trying to get Amado to remove his limiters, Delta is down, and he's all alone with Eida in the room. While he seems in control of his mental faculties, knowing better than to have people burst in and potentially get ensnared, he's currently having to either stall, bluff, or try to talk his way out of this lethal situation by trying to entice Eida over to Konoha's side in exchange for access to Kawaki.

If this series has taught fans anything, it's that talking usually helps to ease a situation and stall time, and in this case, most likely to try to entice an enemy to your side. If this fails, the others will have to burst down the door and hope they can withstand Eida's abilities and charms. That, or this is a long game of Shikamaru's and he's coming up with it on the fly.

Regardless, fans will have to wait with bated breath to see how this tense standoff plays out.

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