Boruto chapter 69 has Code taking the upper hand as Eida enchants everyone and Shikamaru tries to figure out their next move

Manga panels from Boruto chapter 69 (Image via Shueisha)
Manga panels from Boruto chapter 69 (Image via Shueisha)
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Boruto chapter 68 had fans of the series excited to finally see Eida join the fight, enchanting allies and enemies alike. With Shikamaru bound to fall prey to her charms, chapter 68 of the manga left fans wondering if one of the two Otsutsuki vessels will come to their rescue or if Code will have forced Amado to remove his limiters.

With no raw scans leaked until mere hours remained for the chapters’ official release, the anticipation was even greater than usual.

Did we get a preview for Boruto chapter 69?#BORUTO

[Boruto chapter 69 spoilers ahead]

Boruto chapter 69 highlights

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Chapter 69 featured the newly remodeled Delta on the cover page, which many readers guessed would be the case. The chapter has been titled “Captives,” very appropriately considering the nature of Eida’s powers and its ability to affect people’s instincts even against their will. The title further suits the mind games that Shikamaru will probably play with Eida to deal with her ability.

Amado’s terror and Eida’s ability

Okay but eida is funny without trying lol #borutochapter69

Boruto chapter 69 begins with Amado looking shocked as he realizes that Eida is alive. Eida nonchalantly remarks at his reaction, dismissing it as inevitable. Shikamaru observes that Amao begins shaking from his terror, making him wonder who or what Eida is.

Delta attempts to attack her, but Eida’s charm stops her from landing the kick, after which she makes a lewd remark about being able to see the other's underwear. She manipulates Delta into releasing Code, leaving her confused and Shikamaru racking his brains to figure out what Eida's ability is.

Sasuke’s guilt

Sasuke est le meilleur personnage de Naruto, de Naruto shippuden Et de Boruto cst un fait #boruto69

The chapter moves on to Sasuke and Boruto talking, as the former apologizes for not being there when his mentee needed him. Readers glimpse Sasuke’s guilt as he still believes that the village does not need to hate anyone but him.

The conversation moved on to Kawaki’s actions, Sasuke explaining that very few people know about what he did.

Many disapproved of his presence in Konoha, a sentiment that is bound to be further fueled by the knowledge that he killed the Hokage’s son, regardless of the circumstances. Boruto considers this unfair and admits that Kawaki was the only one he could have made such a request to since they thought each other brothers.

This conversation is what leads me to why Boruto has Sasuke’s sword and cloak in the timeskip. Boruto said the headband helped him in his resolve. If Sasuke does die, Boruto will take those items because he wants Sasuke’s will to always be a part of him #Boruto69

He suddenly remembers that he still has Sasuke’s headband and tries to return it, but his mentor tells him to keep it as a gift, prompting the younger shinobi to excitedly exclaim that he would treasure it his whole life. Sasuke cryptically states that he might be the one who needs to show his resolve next.

Sarada and Mitsuki strengthen their resolve

#Boruto69Just got the chills!! Foreshadowing Mitsuki vs Kawaki 🍿

Sarada wonders aloud what Boruto and Sasuke might be talking about, and Mitsuki hits the nail right on the head when he guesses that Sasuke is feeling guilty for not being there when it mattered.

He further muses about what would happen if their friend were killed, and his response makes it obvious that he might have killed the attacker.

@borusaramoments HE IS ON HIS AGENDA AGAIN!🤣

Sarada admits that despite her shock and relief at their friend’s well-being, it makes her angry that it seems like their teammate thinks they’re unreliable. Mitsuki casually asks if she likes Boruto, which flusters Sarada.

She rants about Mitsuki’s admiration and Sasuke forgetting he’s her father before being Boruto’s mentor. They both conclude that they have to get stronger and strengthen their resolve if they want to be dependable enough against villains of the Otsutsuki-level.

Im happy they finally acknowledged that mitsuki and sarada need to power up Good chapter , shikamaru still the goat of this arc great mind and will power In negative side I think more chracters should appear as the arc is in the village and the pace was slow#BORUTO #boruto69

Kawaki wakes up

Kawaki clearly trusts Sumire. He easily could have waited for her to leave the room to discuss the matter but he blurted the business out. Sumire knows EVERYTHING that we don’t now #boruto69

Chapter 69 once more shifts to Kawaki, who wakes up with a start to see Naruto sitting before him. The Seventh Hokage greets him. Remarking that it reminds him of the first time they had met.

But Kawaki doesn’t beat around the bush, asking Naruto if he will not condemn him for killing his son. Naruto reassures Kawaki that Boruto’s karma saved him and that he is fine, which leaves Kawaki stunned.

Naruto further tells Kawaki that without him, they would all have been killed by either Code or Momoshiki and that he is grateful. He keeps trying to get Kawaki to relax by saying that Boruto feels the same way and has convinced them that what Kawaki had to do was painful.

Naruto adds that Kawaki belongs in Konoha and is his family, but before he can say more, Ino contacts him telepathically, alerting him of the intruders in Amado’s lab.

Le flow du duo maître/disciple 🥵Profitons bien du combat à venir, ça pourrait bien être le dernier de Sasuke… Mourir sous les yeux de son disciple.. ou de sa main ? J’ai ma préférence. #Boruto69

Sasuke, who also gets alerted by Ino, rushes off towards the lab with Boruto in tow. Naruto pretends to have remembered some work before rushing off, knowing that Kawaki will follow him at the possibility of Hokage being in danger. But his abrupt exit doesn’t help since Kawaki activates his dojutsu while sitting on the bed.

Shikamaru learns about Eida’s powers

This is the Shikamaru I remember. let's goo #BORUTO #BORUTO69

The narrative in Boruto chapter 69 comes back full circle as Eida realizes that Shikamaru can use his Shadow Possession jutsu on her even while under her influence since the jutsu does not directly harm her. Shikamaru asked Ino to connect him to Amado telepathically, so they might communicate without Eida realizing.

2. The effect of Eida’s ability it’s not always the same. With Delta was stronger than ever, but maybe there’s someone that doesn’t fall for it that easily. Maybe the resistance would be stronger than Shikamaru’s. *lookingatMitsuki*#Borutochapter69

Amado explains the nature of her ability, confessing that not even he is immune to her charms. He explained that the symptoms of enchantment present as an infatuation for Delta, but the symptoms vary from person to person.

Gente, oque foi isso aqui?#BORUTO #boruto69

Shikamaru tries and fails to attack Eida with his kunai and, in the process, loses control of his jutsu, inadvertently freeing both Eida and Code. He realizes that not even Naruto or Sasuke will be able to deal with Code as long as Eida is around, immediately trying to find a way out.

Eida’s motives and Shikamaru’s proposition

Code takes the opportunity to corner Amado and force him to remove the limiters on him. When Amado refuses, Code begins to torture him, prompting Eida to nonchalantly remark how barbaric his methods are.

Knowing that Amado’s willpower isn't strong enough to deal with Code’s torture, Shikamaru tries to distract them by asking Eida why she is helping Code and if she has a grudge against Konoha.

#boruto69 Eida said it OMG she so cute

Eida states that Code’s motives are his own and she is simply helping him regain his power in exchange for his assistance since she likes Kawaki romantically. Shikamaru uses that piece of knowledge to his advantage and immediately improvises a plan, telling Ino to change the password to the locks of the lab.

This is the Shikamaru I remember. let's goo #BORUTO #BORUTO69

Eida asks if Shikamaru thinks her motives are foolish, but the latter says he is surprised and that having such feelings is wonderful. He offers her an alternative route and asks if she wants to switch alliances and defect to Konoha instead of siding with Code.

He tries to win her over by remarking that it would be beneficial for both of them and she can then tell Kawaki about her feelings and get anything else she wants. The chapter ends with Code being in disbelief over this turn of events, the conversation finally distracting him away from Amado.

#BorutoChapter69 In conclusion this chapter is wild😂

Boruto chapter 69 has several implications and clues strewn about, the first of them being Sasuke’s headband. We see Boruto put on a headband post-time skip as he faces off against Kawaki and this might be the moment that starts it all.

Its a small one but its a sign of hope that maybe they will soon be relevant again talking about mitsuki and sarada of course#Borutochapter69#BORUTO #BorutoSpoilers #Boruto69

The second implication comes from Sasuke’s belief that many people would wish Kawaki harm if they find out that he killed Boruto. Mitsuki’s musings suggest that he would kill the assailant if his friend had been killed by their attack, proving Sasuke correct.

This man keeps playing 4D Chess. #Shikamaru is in his bag. Makes me think he is about to die. He is finally playing with the big boys again. #boruto69 #BORUTO

The final observation in this chapter is Eida’s apparent obliviousness to the telepathic communication between Shikamaru and Ino and later with Amado. It is unclear if she is not privy to these conversations or if she is feigning innocence, letting Shikamaru think he has successfully baited her.

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