Boruto episode 250 highlights the Funato's grief and Ikada's vengeance

Ikada transformed as of Boruto Chapter 250 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Ikada transformed as of Boruto Chapter 250 (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto episode 250, titled The Blood of the Funato, was released on May 22, 2022. It was a more drama-heavy episode after the past eight escalated the war between the Funato pirate clan and the Land of Water. Specifically, the story caught up to the whereabouts of the webbed hand apprentice shipwright Ikada since he willingly went with the Funato to take care of his sister Seiren.

The episode revealed many things about the Funato clan and Ikada himself and showed how trauma could cause even the nicest people to embrace their darker impulses.

Note: Spoilers for Boruto Episode 250 are included as well as from prior episodes for context.

Boruto episode 250 highlights

The Funato Clan's dire straits

Boruto episode 250 revealed just how problematic things are for the Funato clan. Not only have they now lost two of their generals in Tenma and Funamushi, with one of their best in Seiren on life support, but as the member losses continue to pile up, their ships continue to sink.

Even as the head of the clan, Araumi, continues to boast, bellow, and preach that they will rule the seas and make it run red with Hidden Mist Village blood, the fight is starting to drain from his people.

Boruto episode 250 revealed that the women of the clan that are charged with repairs are stricken with grief that their husbands, brothers, and sons have been slain, and the fear of facing complete annihilation weighs heavily on everyone. They cannot even repair most of the broken ships and don't have the workforce to steal the supplies, much to Araumi's fury.

Ikada's older brother Isari secretly made a case for a peace treaty after willingly defying his father's decrees in front of him. Considering how the episode ended, it doesn't seem like peace will be possible any time soon.

Grief and sorrow

Araumi and Isari's spat came down to grief. Boruto episode 250 revealed that Araumi lost his wife on the battlefield and froze to death taking an ice jutsu meant for the infant Ikada, so Araumi continues to pin all his hopes on his youngest son. Isari is no better, blaming Ikada for the fact that Seiren went off on a mission to recover him.

Isari and Araumi also argued that neither had any idea what suffering the other had gone through, especially with important people dying around them and egotism at play.

In Boruto episode 249, Boruto was ambused by Funamushi's son Kobuna. In that episode, Boruto himself expressed heavy doubt and regret over what was happening. It's easy after all, to kill someone who's trying to kill you and dehumanize them, especially after Funamushi killed Kagura and Hebiichigo. However, it's much harder to face their next of kin, more so if it's a kid no older than Boruto himself.

In Boruto episode 250, Kobuna is a cheerful, confident boy willing to do his part for the Funato. The sight of his father's dead body ultimately pushes him towards grief and vengeance, ultimately egged on by the vengeful rhetoric and environment around him.

Ikada, meanwhile, gets the news that Seiren's injuries were much too severe to treat. Seeing as she took Kagura's sword blow full on in episode 242, that wasn't a surprise. What upped the heaviness of the loss, however, was that Seiren awoke and tried to get back out to fight, only for her wounds to reopen and for her to pass away after Ikada lied to her to ease her passing.


With no options seemingly left and the hostile environment around him, Ikada chooses vengeance for his sister. He starts by tearing up the beloved sketch of the boat he was going to build that he'd showed Boruto back in episode 241, then he leapt into the sea. As the flashback in that same episode showed, he had manifested a massive wave that saved him from death.

Now, however, it's awakened his true powers. With his eyes now a darker silver-grey and gills manifesting around his neck with vegeance in his heart, he seems onboard with his father's bloody aspirations.

Considering it took the loss of two very talented ninjas to stop Funamushi, with Tenma getting killed due to his foolhardiness and Seiren sustaining injuries by refusing to pull out, it doesn't take a genius to realize Ikada may be headed down the same road. The fact that Boruto episode 250 ends on that note feels ominous, foreshadowing major problems down the road.

If the preview of Boruto episode 251 is any indication, the problem of resolving to stop the fight is flaring up inside Boruto himself. As for Ikada, it seems his determination to fight has just been set aflame. This spells trouble for everyone involved, though it remains to be seen if the Funato clan will die or if peace can still be achieved.