Boruto Episode 252: Boruto is reaching Ikada and Twitter is feeling the tension

Ikada commanding the Funato (Image credits: Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha, Viz Media, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)
Ikada commanding the Funato (Image credits: Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha, Viz Media, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Boruto's episode 252 was released just a few hours ago, and with it, the final preparations for the resolution of this arc.

The episode was mostly just set up for next week’s by presenting to all the characters that will play a role in the climax. Tensions are rising, and the stakes are higher than ever for Kirigakure and the Funato.

Disclaimer: This article will contain spoilers.

Twitter watches as tensions rise after Boruto Episode 252

#BORUTO Araumi. This dude doesn't make any sense to me.He is literally a guy who wants war more than anything else in this world. Isari rescued him from the hidden mist and killed many Mist's troops and was like the best leader and at last he was killed by his father.

Last week’s episode was a shock for many viewers, and with good reason. Isari was finally able to get an audience with Chojuro to talk about peace. Unfortunately, his father was aware of this, and controlled Isari’s weapon to kill him.

We also learned that Ikada started commanding the Funato, and Boruto wanted to speak to him to stop the war.

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With this episode, we continue were we left off, with Team 7 reaching the sea and realizing they need a boat to get to the Shinonome, but everyone refuses to help them with war raging outside. When they have lost all hope, Kajiki appears to take them to their destination.

It's crazy Boruto's anime canon arc more complex and touch adult issue more than Black Clover.I hope this happen when we get Kara in anime, they need touch the issue about this and make Kara more high-class villain beside strong villain with high technology

Kajiki talks to Boruto, telling him how he sees Funato and Mist Ninja as equals, and hopes they can see it too. He tells the Konoha Ninja that Ikada will listen to him, and Boruto replies that he is expecting the same.

Je trouve #BORUTO naïf.Il se présente face au Mizukage lui expliquant que lui peut stopper la guerre. Une guerre qui déchire le pays de l’eau.Son idéalisme ressemble à de la candeur, le conflit a fait des morts des 2 cotés.Ramener Ikada à la raison ne suffira pas. #BORUTO252

Ikada is then shown taking control of the ship he is onboard of, when the helm tries to avoid a gigantic wave. Ikada shows his strong resolve by facing the tides and jumping the wave as if it were nothing, with his people following him.

I need him three continents away from Ikada RN

Araumi, meanwhile, is thinking back to Ikada’s childhood when he had no intention of fighting. He then has a flashback that reveals to us that Jibiki was the one to betray Isari and alert his father of the betrayal. Araumi spoke a simple command to Isari’s weapon since it apparently still listened to him: kill Isari.

Jibiki Funato é oficialmente o maior dedo duro na história de Boruto.

Chojuro is still mourning the loss of Kagura, as Team 7 arrives to Shinonome. By showing them Hiramekarei, the Konoha Shinobi are allowed to speak to the Mizukage, and Boruto immediately hands the weapon back. They honor Kagura by revealing he died trying to protect them, and they were sorry they could not save him.

Episode 252 of Boruto was good. Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki meet up with the Sixth Mizukage, Chojuro, who allows Boruto to try reasoning with Ikada in order to stop this war. Overall, 9/10! #Boruto #Boruto252

Chojuro is sure there is no other way to stop the imminent war, and Boruto tries to make him listen, only for Tankan to yell at them. Chojuro is reluctant to abandon position but allows Boruto and his friends one opportunity to talk to Ikada.

Also wow Ikadas power is able to to this 😂 why is his power so large scale He split and bended the Ocean . What he’s doing he’s here is actually pretty impressive. And the fact that boruto cant rely on karma absorption in order to fight Ikada is cool to

The tides are still raging, and Ikada leads his men through a massive water pillar using his Power of the Sea Dragon to split the sea. All the men praised him after, only cementing the image of the strong-and-decided leader Ikada is for them even more.


Buntan and Kyoho are still trying to get away from Team 5, but Denki and Iwabee are still fighting to retain them. Metal Lee finally makes up his mind and gives a speech that convinces both sides to work together again in memory of Kagura and Hebiichigo. They decide to follow Boruto, but Buntan is still set on destroying the Funato.

Team 7 sets sail in Kanjiki’s boat, with Sarada at the helm. Tankan asks the Mizukage why he let them go. Chojuro is sure Boruto can change Ikada’s mind, just like changed Kagura’s life.

Team 7 always always together! 🔥♥️ #BORUTO

Mitsuki and Sarada question Boruto about how he will make Ikada listen. Boruto promises he will do all he can to stop the war and make Ikada the friend he used to smile with again, making sure his feelings reach his heart.

Mizukage Chojuro-san gave Boruto-kun the chance to talk to Ikada-kun. Hope it goes well. #ボルト#BORUTO

Araumi and Chojuro have both been talking to their armies, claiming the other side has been tormenting them for so long. Both are ready to reach their goals by any means necessary. Both sides are ready for the fight and Funato gets even more eager when Ikada is the one to motivate them.

Boruto Episode 253 Preview [English Sub] (HQ) Title: “Conflicting Feelings” (6/12)

Next week’s promo showed us Team 7 will have the possibility to talk with Ikada and they will try to convince him to stop everything. He claims that it's just nonsense, so he will kill them if it is necessary for his goals.

Fans take to Twitter to discuss the intense episode

#Boruto 252 Good set up episode.However, I'm tired of the "Let's do the right thing and let's talk it out" theme the Naruto/Boruto verse has. It's repetitive to the point of getting so predictable that it becomes boring.Wouldn't hurt to go away from that more tbh.

Overall, the episode was really good, and the fans have been talking about it on Twitter. The animation was great, and the CGI for the water was done expertly by the animation team.

The episode is fast considering it is mostly talk, but it never feels like it is lingering too much in any scene. The characters say what they need to say and the scene changes.

As Boruto and Chojuro spoke, it was also revealed the Mizukage thought Isari was trying to kill him but lost control of his weapon. This shocked fans, as no one had any clue last week how Chojuro felt, meaning Isari sacrificed himself in vain.

Eles ainda acham que o Isari foi pra lá pra matar o Chojuro 🤡#BORUTO #Boruto252 (+)
Metal Lee é sem dúvidas o personagem mais decepcionante da nova geração! Eu achei que depois da morte da Hebiichigo ele iria mudar, ficar mais madura e vingar ela com os portões internos, mas eu estava completamente errado...#BORUTO #Boruto252 (+)

Metal Lee’s speech didn’t work for some fans, as they thought he would side with Buntan to avenge Hebiichigo, and his sudden decision to speak about peace did not work with his character from last week’s episode.

They really robbed us of Boruto using the Hiramekarei with the karma 😭💔
rip all Boruto and Hiramekarei moments

Other fans were disappointed with the fact that Boruto will not be able to use a sword in the upcoming fight, as he has already handed it back to Chojuro. They theorized that he would be using it against Araumi, but it seems that will not be the case.

Boruto and Sarada on next episode 252 🔥 #boruto #borusara
the clear confidence in the look... 🥺❤️

As always, the Boru-Sara shippers made themselves known by commenting about Sarada’s desire to help her teammate with this seemingly impossible mission. Boruto and the Uchiha heir appear to be connecting in a deeper manner during this arc.

Boruto and Sarada connected goals ♥️ #borusara

The episode was nothing spectacular, but it did a good job by presenting us with all the important pieces for next week’s episode, which will probably be the fight between Funato and the Kirigakure ninja.

They fr just left kawaki somewhere 😭😭#BORUTO

We will have to wait until the episode is released to learn how the tensions built by today’s episode will affect the outcome of this war. Let's hope Kawaki can make an appearance next week.

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