Boruto episode 251: Fans on Twitter show their respect for Isari and prepare for the Funato fight

Boruto's decision to save his friend (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Boruto's decision to save his friend (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Boruto’s episode 251 came out on May 29, 2022, and with it came a lot of shocking moments and difficult decisions for the show's characters. The chapter was not action-packed like some previous ones, but it had some scenes that will be pivotal to the story moving forward.

So finally FINALLY caught up on Boruto anime wise with episode 251 and man the cycle of hatred theme is definitely making its comeback after a long time in this,it was such a big theme in Shippuden and im kinda glad they are retreading this in Boruto. #BORUTO251

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Twitter says goodbye to Isari after Boruto’s episode 251

Everyone died with a smile.. expect Isari. He was not ready to die, not like this. 😓#BORUTO

After the last episode, the threat of the Funato invasion is closer than ever, and this episode made it seem like peace is no longer an option. The Funato do not want a peaceful resolution to the conflict like Isari.

The episode begins with the Mizukage mourning Kagura’s death and talking about his desire for him to become the next Mizukage. Kagura's death is still a significant factor in this arc, and fans are still hurting.

You would've been a great MizukageRest in peace, Kagura 😭

The Mizukage decided to listen to what Isari had to say about a peaceful resolution, knowing they didn't have a lot of options available. They acknowledge that both sides have suffered heavy losses and can't forgive what their enemies have done, but they wondered if there was still hope for peace.

@cinco_jayy No matter what the right thing will always be to minimize Casualties, not getting revenge, thats exactly what a Hokage or a Shadow Hokage should be like, we see it ourselves today, Chojuro despite his feuds with Funato still agrees to talk with Isari to minimize casualties

The conversation is interrupted when Araumi takes control of the airwaves of Kirigakure and claims everyone who opposes him will die, even his son. Before he can react, Isari is stabbed in the back with his harpoon.

#BORUTO Araumi. This dude doesn't make any sense to me.He is literally a guy who wants war more than anything else in this world. Isari rescued him from the hidden mist and killed many Mist's troops and was like the best leader and at last he was killed by his father.

Fans have taken to social media to discuss the cruel behavior Araumi has had this season, and they are saying his goals are driving him crazy. Some fans have described his behavior as strange and unnatural.

Isari saved his father from the hidden mist and now the psycho Araumi killed his own son. What an insane character…

Ikada is revealed to be the one leading the attack, and Boruto’s shock with the news is evident. Ikeda's pain with the loss of Seiren is visible in his expressionless eyes and words of anger.

Ikada is not some murderer. He was dragged into this. If he changes his mind, given his power, it should be enough to put an end the Funato clan’s offensive. The solution is simple. He is not a lost cause.

Back with team seven, Boruto’s resolve to help his friend comes about stronger, and he claims he will be the one to end this war.

Again, it doesn’t make Boruto naive or soft for feeling guilty and trying to end this war.

Kagura’s teammates are not happy with this decision, claiming they will destroy all Funato in revenge, making Team 5, minus Metal Lee stops them as team 7, and Kawaki goes to the battlefield.

"Team 5 is the weakest team in Boruto series" ⛰️⚡️ #BORUTO Team 5 in EP 251:

Metal Lee’s indecision will become crucial during the next episodes since whoever he decides to help will likely be the fight's winner.

Ikada is shown commanding the ships and trying to get his men to follow him through the Sea of Death, showing his desire for the destruction of Kirikagure, and their primary source of energy, the Shinonome I.

Honestly this arc is turning into one of the best Boruto arcs in terms of writing and development. Not all eps need flashy fights to be good. I'm hyped too see how this arc will end. It really took a turn for the better for me anyways #Boruto

Chojuro is shown waiting for the Funato to arrive to begin their showdown, while Boruto and his team approach the sea faster and faster.

It's looking like the final battle will be the New Team 7 vs Ikada. With Sarada Mitsuki and Kawaki there i can see the team fighting against Ikada's sea dragon form. #boruto #sarada #kawaki #mitsuki

The last thing we learn comes from the preview of the upcoming episode, showing us that not only the forces of the Funato and Kirigakure but Ikada’s teacher is also going to arrive.

Imagens da prévia ep 252 de Boruto #BORUTO #BORUTO251

Boruto and his teammates are shown in the rain and Kagura’s friends, who have won their fight.

Episode a hit among fans; fans share reactions on Twitter

The latest episode has been a hit on Twitter since its release. The shocking moments and excitement for what is next have made fans speculate and draw comparisons with other show elements.

Some people have used the scenes with Boruto carrying Kagura’s sword to draw comparisons to his first appearance, with a Katana facing Kawaki.

Boruto and sword really match Ngl
#BORUTO sword fight. Calling it.

There was a lot of character interaction during this episode, and fans had to talk about team 7’s care for each other. Mitsuki’s words are the catalyst Boruto needs to get back his resolve to save his friend.

Mitsuki really knows Boruto. I mean he's always observing him and I love that he always let Boruto decide according to his feelings 😌

And fans notice how Sarada is one of the people able to understand Boruto's emotions, even confronting Kawaki on the topic.

Sarada actually understand boruto's feelings. #BORUTO
not Sarada acting on Boruto's defense talking about his feelings and Kawaki trying to intimidate her, can he STFU??

Some fans even claim her emotions are linked to her blonde teammates, showing the deep affection and care she feels for him, fueling the flames for those BoruSara shippers.

He is sad, she is sad (and worried).. he is happy, she is happy too. This girl truly loves him. This is BoruSara for you. MY SHIP 🔩🥗 ❤🖤#BoruSara #BorutoEpisode251
Boruto and Sarada new scenes together for the Boruto anime ♥️🔥 #borusara

The big fight is coming soon, and fans have a lot of speculation about how it will end. Some want a big confrontation between Chojuro and Araumi, expecting the Mizukage to avenge his fallen people.

Chojuro definitely gonna kill Araumi btw…

Others expect the series' iconic Talk-No-Jutsu to come into play and help Boruto convince his friend to search for a peaceful resolution.

#Boruto 251I was really enjoying the episode, till they went all corny with Boruto.I know, it could make sense for Boruto as a character to want to stop things and talk it over. But for this arc, it doesn't feel right, cuz Ikada is not that long time of a friend for Boruto.

A big part of the community is also talking about Boruto’s lack of maturity during these events. Some fans claim that his emotions are taking hold of him during this arc, and he is still in need of learning that some fights are inevitable.

Boruto is still way too much in his feelings. Kawaki saw it too. He needs to learn that not everything can be solved through Talk no jutsu. Especially big wars.#BORUTO #BORUTO251…
time for the legendary talk-no-jutsu!but I want talk no jutsu to not work this time and make Boruto realize that people won't always listen. It doesn't always work.…

Preview de l'épisode 252 de #Boruto #Boruto252

Episode 251 sets the stage for the end of this divisive arc amongst the community, and it delivers what it promised. The reveal of Ikada’s resolution to fight the incoming battle against Kirigakure and Funato.

What will happen? How will this arc end? We will have to wait until the next episode to be closer to the truth.

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