Boruto Timeskip confirmed in the next chapter

Boruto Timeskip is likely to happen in the chapter (Image via Pierrot/Shueisha)
Boruto Timeskip is likely to happen in the chapter (Image via Pierrot/Shueisha)

Boruto series fans have been waiting for the Boruto Timeskip for a long time now. However, after a leak that supports the theory that the next chapter is likely to showcase Boruto Timeskip, it made the fans go in a frenzy on the internet. The Boruto manga went on a three-month hiatus after publishing Boruto chapter 80 on April 20, 2023.

Boruto chapter 81 has been scheduled to be released on August 20, 2023. Many speculations have been conducted by the fans since the manga went on hiatus. Among those, timeskip was also included. If Boruto Timeskip occurs in the next chapter, it will mark a significant turning point in the series.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for Boruto manga.

The cover of the next issue suggests that Boruto Timeskip may be seen in the upcoming chapter

Among the sources that suggest the Boruto Timeskip is likely to occur in the next chapter are the cover of the next issue that conveys the message regarding the completion of Boruto Part 1. Although fans have been getting this idea since the conclusion of Boruto chapter 80, all the events and particles indicated the timeskip. Thus, fans have been speculating many theories surrounding the next chapter, including Naruto and Hinata’s funeral, Kakashi taking over the Hokage duties again, and many more.

The latest chapters of the Boruto manga, especially chapter 79 and chapter 80, stunned fans with one of the greatest twists in Boruto series history. Those events have set the stage for the Boruto manga to lead toward the timeskip.

In Boruto chapter 79, fans witnessed the Omnipotence power of Eida, which reversed the life histories of Boruto and Kawaki. It influenced everyone to believe that Boruto was an outsider who killed Naruto and made Kawaki Naruto’s son, who was born and raised in Konoha.

Following that, everyone starts looking for Boruto in the following chapter as a result of Eida's influence. Eida’s power did not influence a few people, and Sarada Uchiha was one of them. She convinced her father, Sasuke, to believe Boruto was not the enemy. Sasuke trusted his daughter, helped Boruto, and took him far from the village. As the chapter came to a close, Boruto decided to train himself to defeat Kawaki and prove him wrong.

All of these events are evidence that Boruto Timeskip is not far away. Though it might take a chapter or two to set the stage perfectly, after the recent news, it is likely to occur in the next chapter. If Boruto Timeskip occurs in the next chapter, fans are likely to see some great character development and the story take on a new direction.

Final thoughts

The recent development of the Boruto manga has made it a hot topic among fans worldwide. The recent events suggest nothing but the Boruto Timeskip happening soon. Also, it indicates the story is about to take another direction. As such, fans have been anticipating this event for a long time, and they are now counting the days until the release of Boruto chapter 81.

The recent leak about the Boruto Timeskip fueled the anticipation of Boruto fans even more. The next chapter might also focus on the training Boruto will get to become a better version of himself and be capable of defeating Kawaki, who now fully possesses the power of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Both Naruto and Boruto characters are likely to get a boost in the upcoming chapters, which will leave a significant mark on the manga by captivating the fans with its great storyline.

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