Boruto chapter 79: Momoshiki's prophecy comes to reality as Eida and Kawaki join forces

Boruto and Kawaki
Boruto and Kawaki's lives got reversed (Image via Shueisha/Pierrot)

Boruto chapter 79, titled Omnipotence, is now available to read on Viz and Shueisha’s affiliated website and app.

The latest chapter shocked fans with the greatest plot twist in the Boruto franchise, continuing the scene from the previous chapter and providing a lead towards a new path for the story.

Previously, in chapter 78, Kawaki tried to execute his ultimate plan to kill Boruto, but due to the interference of Shikamaru, Sasuke, and others, he failed. Kawaki seemed caught by everyone around him, but eventually, he escaped, with the help of Momoshiki.

Disclaimer: This chapter contains spoilers for Boruto chapter 79.

Boruto chapter 79: Eida rewrites the history of Boruto and Kawaki, the former loses everything

Search party for Kawaki begins

Boruto chapter 79 started from the scene of the previous chapter, where Momoshiki was informing the titular protagonist that the ending had just begun. In the meantime, Shikamaru had already initiated a search party to find Kawaki, who was erasing his chakra to hide from being captured. Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho also joined the search to find Kawaki after discussing that his deed was beyond reasonable.

Meanwhile, Konohamaru and Sasuke also left Boruto to join the search party and within a moment, Mitsuki left too. Boruto asked Sarada to accompany Mistuki because he seemed to have lost his cool.

Shikamaru’s denial of Amado’s proposition

Shikamaru also joined the search party to find Kawaki in Boruto's newest chapter. Meanwhile, Amado contacted Shikamaru through Yamanaka’s mind connection jutsu. Shikamaru initially told Amado to stay out after the latter wanted to inform him about how to deal with Kawaki. He insisted that Shikamaru listen to him and added that he knew of an emergency shutdown code, which is a unique command code that is keyed to Amado’s voice.

The latter also mentioned that he would only shut down Kawaki only if his conditions were met, which was not to kill Kawaki after the search party captured him and to bring the latter to him.

Shikamaru responded to Amado by saying that he sympathized with his situation and also understood that he needed Kawaki’s Karma to revive his daughter. Shikamaru then turned down Amado's offer by saying that Kawaki had crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed and that if he didn't cooperate with the authorities after being captured, he would be killed.

Eida’s true 'Omnipotent' power

Boruto chapter 79 showed that Kawaki was tired after using Sukonahikona over and over to get rid of his chakra. Meanwhile, Eida found him using her Senrigan. She approached Kawaki and assured him that she was on his side while mentioning that as long as she was beside him, no one could harm Kawaki.

The latter then stated that he didn’t care about himself, adding that all he cared about was Naruto and the village that the Hokage cherished and protected. Kawaki also mentioned that he couldn’t leave Boruto as there is a high chance of Momoshiki getting free and causing mayhem.

He then approached Eida and stated his wish that it would be easy for him to kill Boruto if he wasn’t a son of Naruto and his brother; if Boruto was just an outsider, no one would stop Kawaki from killing him.

This was the point in Boruto chapter 79 where things took a big turn. Eida began to emit an aura by embracing Kawaki's face, and then she released a godlike power that appeared to be flashing all over the world. With that power, Eida rewrote history and swapped Boruto and Kawaki’s lives.

As a result, everyone’s mind seemed manipulated. Instead of looking for Kawaki, everyone started to look for Boruto to capture. Mitsuki, who considered Boruto his Sun, started to attack him, considering him a threat. As history was rewritten by Eida’s power, Kawaki became the son of Naruto, who was born and raised in Konoha. On the other hand, Boruto became an outsider who killed Naruto.

Meanwhile, Boruto seemed confused regarding what was going on. Later, Momoshiki mentioned that it was Eida’s doing and that this was Eida’s true charm power, which was a Shinjutsu named "Omnipotence,” that only the Otsutsuki god could use.

Momoshiki further added in Boruto chapter 79 that it was a power that Eida can't control and that she used it subconsciously after coming through Kawaki’s desire, which meant all that happened was Kawaki’s wish.

However, the latter seemed to understand the situation and went along with the plan. He requested Eida to inform Shikamaru that Naruto was no longer alive and that Boruto was the one who killed him.

Sarada’s immunity to Eida’s power

In Boruto chapter 79, after Eida used her almighty power, everyone seemed manipulated except for Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, and Sarada. When everyone was looking for Boruto all of a sudden, Sarada got surprised and thought something had happened to Boruto. That’s why she got back to Boruto with Mitsuki.

However, when Mitsuki went into Sage mode and started to attack Boruto, Sarada was shocked and tried to calm him down, asking him why he was attacking Boruto. Later, Momoshiki also confirmed that Sarada Uchiha was immune to the Omnipotence power, adding that those who were immune suffered the most from Omnipotence.

Final thoughts

Boruto chapter 79 might be the biggest plot twist that Boruto fans have ever gotten; several have already stirred up the internet with their reactions as the plot twists changed the story's direction. As Kawaki joined forces with Eida to kill Boruto, it’s yet to be seen what mystery lies ahead in the upcoming chapter.

The quality work from Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto in Boruto chapter 79 is commendable. With the introduction of Eida's true power and the unexpected turn of events, fans were left eager for the next chapter. The story's progression and the artwork continue to captivate audiences, leaving them excited to see how Boruto, Kawaki, and others will face the challenges that lie ahead.

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