Boruto fans hail chapter 79 superior than 1000 chapters of One Piece manga

Boruto and Luffy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Boruto and Luffy (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Boruto manga has taken the otaku world by storm with its chapter 79 leaks. Raw scans and spoilers from the chapter have revealed the biggest plot twist in the entire manga so far, altering the course of the entire story. The chapter has also focused on Eida and her godlike powers, making her akin to a deuteragonist who plays an impactful role in the story.

As such, fans are going rampant over the chapter 79 spoilers on Twitter, with most praising Kishimotoโ€™s writing and calling the manga peak fiction. However, some fans have even gone so far as to say that Boruto, with its 79 chapter, tells a better story than Eiichiro Oda's One Piece with its 1000+ chapters.

Boruto fans claim that their manga is superior to One Piece after reading chapter 79 leaks

Boruto fans are enjoying the peak of their series' popularity, with the anime currently adapting the Code arc and the manga setting up timeskip events. With the release of chapter 79 spoilers and raw scans, the hype around the series has increased even further, giving fans a jaw-dropping twist to obsess over.

A viral tweet by user @KingStormTop1 has even compared Boruto's recent plot twist to One Piece, stating that it is better than anything that Eiichiro Oda's magnum opus has managed to pull off in its 1000+ chapters. The tweet has garnered a mixed response from fans, with people from both fandoms joining the debate on which is the current superior manga.

Undoubtedly, Boruto's recent chapters have been top class in quality, being comparatively better than One Piece in terms of hype and plot twists. The story of the young ninja is currently more interesting and hype-inducing, and after the bizarre twist in chapter 79, the story is only going to get better. However, the new developments don't equate to the overall level of One Piece.

In the tweet above, Boruto manga is in third position on the list of current hottest mangas, with Chainsaw Man and One Piece occupying the top two rankings. With the release of chapter 79, this list could see a shift in numbering, with the One Piece manga coming down to the third spot and Boruto jumping to second.

One Piece fans, in general, have taken issue with the comparison made by Boruto fans as they are seen disrespecting One Piece and its legacy. Hence, it is logical for fans of One Piece fans to take issue with the slander based on a few good chapters of Boruto.

Currently, fans of both series are arguing on Twitter, defending their respective series. According to some fans, One Piece is still the better manga overall, while others believe Boruto's manga has raised its bar and could be a potential competitor to Eiichiro Oda's manga in the future.

The aforementioned tweets show a small portion of the outrage caused due to the statements made by Bortuo fans. However, readers of other series have not remained quiet, with many making fun of Naruto's son for his anime's upcoming hiatus.

One Piece fans have also debunked the plot twist slander, showcasing some examples of impactful plot twists being present in their series. Suffice to say, the attitude of Boruto fans has caught the ire of many who consider their arrogance to be too much for a series that has been underwhelming and filler ridden for the most part.

It is left to be seen if there will be a truce between fandoms anytime soon and if people would go back to enjoying the manga or anime they love without demeaning or slandering the other series.

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