Chainsaw Man chapter 128: Asa's negativity sends her and Denji straight to Hell, where Fakesawman seemingly reappears

Denji's doppelganger seemingly reappears at the end of the latest Chainsaw Man issue (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 was released on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, bringing with it an interesting update to the series’ current events. While the latest issue is full of classic Denji gags and a hilarious string of scenes between him and Asa, the true excitement comes in the form of some unexpected help for the pair.

Unfortunately, Chainsaw Man chapter 128 announced a one-week break for the series shortly after the Denji-Asa-related exciting revelation. In other words, fans won’t get to see the next issue of the series until Tuesday, May 9, 2023. However, when the series finally does return, fans will undoubtedly be treated to an immensely informative issue with some intriguing updates.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down Chainsaw Man chapter 128 in its entirety.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 reintroduces Fakesawman, suggests them to be who gave Denji blood

Chainsaw Man chapter 128: Party pooper

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 begins immediately where the previous issue ended, showing Asa Mitaka calling Denji a creep and saying she changed her mind about being saved. She tells Denji to go to hell while he tries to argue for the beauty of s*x, pointing out how it caused humanity to grow to its current size because it “feels so damn good.”

He points out that they’re also both alive because of “the power of s*x” as well. Asa responds that people only engage in acts of intimacy because they have nothing better to do, pointing out how gross the mixing of saliva and sweat between two parties is to her. Denji questions her seriousness, calling it nothing better than that mixing of secretions.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 sees Asa briefly pause before asking Denji, as Chainsaw Man, what makes him think he could ever get any. Denji begins to argue that when he gets older, he’ll eventually get a girlfriend even if he can’t get any right now. Clearly not realizing that Chainsaw Man has a human form, Asa points out that no woman would want to have s*x with someone who has a chainsaw sticking out of their head.

Denji briefly pauses before hilariously letting out an anguished scream of “no,” which subsequently causes the two to rocket into the sky, likely due to Denji’s now negative feelings. The two eventually cross into a door to Hell, finding themselves sitting in the center of a plate shortly thereafter. The Devil Hunter’s head, apples, a pile of intestines, and a decorative smear of sauce can be seen surrounding the two.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 sees Denji pick up and carry the unconscious Asa towards a door in the distance, still in his Chainsaw Man form. However, as he runs to the door, he’s attacked by what appears to be some sort of tentacle with stinger-like arms. The beast is shown to have no face after ripping off Denji’s head, but he’s able to catch his head by its chainsaw handle, stick it back on, and pull his starter cord once more to heal.

It seems as though Denji ignores the creature rather than distract himself by fighting it, with him and Asa arriving at the door shortly thereafter. However, it starts to open on its own, revealing the Falling Devil on the other side. She explains how her dish doesn’t need Chainsaw Man, asking him to leave Asa behind in exchange for being sent back to Earth safely.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128: Unexpected assistance

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 sees Denji look at Asa briefly, before apparently seriously asking if he can at least “bring her a*s back” with him. The Falling Devil calls him a pervert but is immediately sliced up by a chainsaw from behind. Denji, who is standing in front of the Falling Devil with one arm by his side that hasn't been transformed and the other holding Asa, makes it abundantly evident that it isn't him.

The Falling Devil comments on how this keeps happening to her today as her head falls to the ground, being sliced in two shortly thereafter. Asa Mitaka slowly begins waking up while a shocked Denji watches as the mysterious person behind the door begins speaking to Denji. He warns him that the Falling Devil has no tolerance for those who leave their food unfinished.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 then shows the tip of a chainsaw seemingly emanating from wherever the voice is. The voice, meanwhile, adds that “they’ll” desperately try to devour Asa in order to not be killed by the Falling Devil. The voice is most likely referencing the Devils Denji was attacked by earlier, who are seemingly the Falling Devil’s patrons.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128 ends by revealing the voice to be coming from what is seemingly a Chainsaw Man impostor (called "Fakesawman" by fans), possibly the same one who killed Yuko. Their final words implore Denji to evade the Devils until sunrise, which will seemingly be when this all ends one way or another. The chapter does unfortunately end by announcing a one-week break for the series, meaning the next issue is set to be released on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128: In summation

While the chapter is somewhat difficult to follow in its second half due to rapid developments and unclear art, Chainsaw Man chapter 128 is nevertheless an excellent issue for the series. The first half shows that even Denji is susceptible to negativity in the most hilarious way possible, which does have some legitimate depth to it despite being portrayed as comic relief.

The issue also emphasizes how Denji has matured when it comes to his carnal desires, not necessarily chasing s*x for its own sake but also for what it symbolizes. There is unmistakably a subtle acknowledgment of love in his predilection to s*x, despite the fact that one could argue that his preference for intimate acts of s*x over acts of love is still relatively immature.

Chainsaw Man chapter 128’s ending half is also its most exciting, seemingly heralding the return of Fakesawman. While it’s unknown if this is the same Fakesawman who killed Yuko, it’s clear that it is a Fakesawman nonetheless. Furthermore, it’s more likely that future issues will reveal this Fakesawman as the one who saved Denji in the previous issue.

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