Chainsaw Man chapter 131: What to expect

Denji and Asa
Denji and Asa's next moves are somewhat unpredictable heading into Chainsaw Man chapter 131 (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Following a relatively uneventful chapter, fans are now hoping mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto to crank things up to 11 in Chainsaw Man chapter 131. Set to release this coming week, fans are excited to see the series return to a weekly serialization schedule, even if only temporarily doing so.

Unfortunately, there will probably not be any spoilers or raw scans for Chainsaw Man chapter 131 available prior to its official release to confirm or deny this. While typical for the digitally published Shonen Jump+ series, it’s disappointing for the series’ release and publication cycle.

In any case, Chainsaw Man chapter 131 does seem to be marginally more eventful based on the way the previous issue ended. However, there’s always the chance that Fujimoto implemented this cliffhanger as a red herring instead of setting fans up for disappointment with another insipid chapter.

Chainsaw Man chapter 131 may set up Denji and Asa in their own individual fights

While Chainsaw Man chapter 131 could be another ordinary chapter in terms of its occurrences, this seems largely unlikely as of now. Considering that the previous issue sets Denji and Asa up in immediate danger, at least a majority of the upcoming release should focus on the two of them fighting their way to safety.

With the Falling Devil having somehow dealt with the Fakesaw Man and returned to Tokyo, Denji and Asa now have two enemies to fight. This will certainly set them up for their own individual fights, with the most likely matchups being Denji versus the Devil, who has been chasing them, and Asa fighting the Falling Devil.

While Denji could also fight the Falling Devil in Chainsaw Man chapter 131 or later, Asa seems like the more narratively sound choice. After all, the Falling Devil embodies the fear of falling, which quite literally plays into one of Asa’s self-admitted biggest fears and flaws. As such, it makes much more sense to have her confront and defeat the Falling Devil rather than Denji.

Although this may be the main focus of the next chapter, there’s always the chance that Fujimoto could opt for another slow-burn setup. After all, Denji’s bike could slice through the Devil, who is waiting to swallow them as of chapter 130’s final panel. The two could then stay on it and continue riding, trying to escape and buy time as per Fakesaw Man’s instructions rather than stand and fight.

However, with Falling Devil having returned and attacked them, the two are unlikely to continue trusting Fakesaw Man’s words in Chainsaw Man chapter 131. This is probable considering that Fakesaw Man is either working with the Falling Devil, who was defeated by the Falling Devil, or got outsmarted by the Falling Devil.

Conversely, if Fakesaw Man returns to confront the Falling Devil in the streets of Tokyo rather than the bowels of Hell, this almost guarantees that Denji and Asa will continue running away. In any case, fans will know what occurs in the upcoming chapter once it officially releases on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 12 am JST.

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