Chainsaw Man: Why did Makima kill Power? Explained

Chainsaw Man - Makima
Makima as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man is a fascinating story, be it in the form of manga or anime. Recently in the anime, Power was gulped down by the Bat Devil, leaving fans worried that she had passed away. However, Denji fights the Bat Devil, saving both her and her cat, Meowy. While Power didn't die in the anime, manga fans know that Makima is set to kill her in front of Denji in chapter 81. But why did Makima kill Power in Chainsaw Man manga?

In Chainsaw Man chapter 80, Denji had requested Makima to treat him like one of her dogs as he believed that if someone else had made decisions for him, he could have saved Aki and lived a good happy life ahead. Makima accepted his request. Following this, when Power arrived at her door, Makima ordered Denji to open the door for her so that she could kill Power.

While Denji thought it was a joke, Makima really killed Power using her finger gun. He was left shocked seeing his best friend die in front of him at the hands of someone he loved.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga.

Why did Makima kill Power in Chainsaw Man manga?

Makima killing Power using her powers (Image via Shueisha)
Makima killing Power using her powers (Image via Shueisha)

Makima, being the Control Devil, killed Power to control the Chainsaw Devil. Given how Pochita had made a contract with Denji in exchange for him to live a normal life, she first had to nullify it. This meant that Makima had to deny Denji of any normalcy. However, considering how Denji was able to find happiness in a difficult life with Pochita, her first priority was to make the blond protagonist happy.

Makima gave Denji a job, money, and lots of good food to eat, all the while preparing a family for him that she thought would get along with him. Aki Hayakawa became a good older brother to Denji.

Aki used to have a younger brother, which is how he ended up caring for Denji like his own family. Meanwhile, Power became an unruly younger sister to Denji. Makima made sure he was happy with his new life, which would then become his normalcy so that she could destroy it all later.

Power as seen in Chainsaw Man anime (Image via MAPPA)
Power as seen in Chainsaw Man anime (Image via MAPPA)

When Denji finally mustered up the courage to ask Makima the reasons behind her actions, she revealed that she could look into Denji's unwanted memories. She explained how Denji had hidden away his bad memories behind a door. His father hadn't committed suicide, but he was the one who killed his alcoholic father, fearing that he would get killed instead.

Makima made sure to have Denji play a part in his new family's death as well. She had Aki make a contract with her and later had him become the Gun Fiend. Following this, Aki, as the Gun Fiend, fought Denji to protect the people because he couldn't think of any other choice but to kill the former. As for Power, Makima made sure that Denji had a part to play in her death as well.

Young Denji as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)
Young Denji as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

Makima manipulated Denji into denying himself to even wishing for a normal life, given how he had already killed his father, Aki, and also played a part in Power's death. Now that Denji's contract with Pochita was nearly nullified, she wanted to defeat the Chainsaw Devil to activate her Control Devil powers and take control over him.

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