Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 12 review - Kiyotaka and Ryuuen’s ultimate showdown

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 12 Review (Image via Lerche)
Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 12 Review (Image via Lerche)

With episode 12, fans of Classroom of the Elite breathed a sigh of relief as this was the moment they had been waiting for since the premiere of season 2. The previous episode's massive cliffhanger of whether Kiyotaka stood by his promise of protection or would he leave her on her ill fate was eating fans up.

It can be said that episode 12 is by far the most awaited episode of the season, as the protagonist was presumed to finally face the antagonist head-on. Classroom of the Elite season 2, episode 12 is titled "Force Without Wisdom Falls of Its Own Weight," a quote taken from Odes, a collection of four books of Latin lyric poems by Horace, a famous Roman lyric poet.

This article will briefly break down Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 12 by dividing it into three narratives.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 12.

Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 12 highlights

Kiyotaka makes a deal with Manabu

Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 12 kicked off from where it was left in the previous episode. Ryuuen was persistent in breaking Karuizawa's spirit with torture. He made her realize that the mastermind she was protecting was the person who plotted the scheme where she got bullied by Manabe and her gang.

Karuizawa was hurt deep inside, but she still didn't want to sell out Kiyotaka. Recalling her past moments with the latter, the former bade farewell to her fake self. Leaving his study group, Kiyotaka headed towards where Chibashira was and explained how Ryuuen captured Karuizawa to put on his little show.

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He eventually revealed he didn't need her assistance and told her he just wanted her to see how things would end. Together with Chibashira, Kiyotaka headed near the construction site to meet Manabu. There, he revealed that he made a pact with the former student council president to take care of things in the aftermath in return for ascending Suzune to the student council president position.

Kiyotaka reveals himself as the mastermind

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After he got to the construction site, Kiyotaka asked Albert Yamada to let him through, explaining to him in English that he was the person Ryuuen was looking for. Except for Ryuuen, everyone was surprised. Mio Ibuki didn't believe in Kiyotaka and thought somebody was using him as a scapegoat. However, the latter frightened the former by explaining how her camera got destroyed in the island test.

As Ryuuen was intimidating Kiyotaka by surrounding him with his disciples, Karuizawa tried to stop him and got kicked in the stomach. Kiyotaka was quite confident with his abilities, so he mocked Ryuuen that four people weren't enough to pin him down. The former defeated Ishizaki and Albert with his martial arts skills, and amidst the fight, he also advised his opponent that he shouldn't shout before charging at his target.

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Ryuuen was tricked into believing he was the one in control, where, in fact, it was Kiyotaka who engineered everything from the beginning. Making the former think he was a genius was a part of the latter's master plan. Ibuki charged at Kiyotaka and got defeated in a flash by his karate chop to the neck.

Ryuuen gets defeated

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Ryuuen eventually charged towards Kiyotaka but got slammed in seconds. The former got all fired up as he wanted to seek as much thrill as possible from the fight. Ryuuen started playing dirty by throwing a steel ladder towards Kiyotaka, but he dodged in a flash. Ryuuen wanted to know why Kiyotaka wished to stay in the shadows instead of showing his true potential.

To which the latter said he has his reasons. Ryuuen successfully managed to lock Kiyotaka's left arm and explained to him why the concept of fear is alien to him. The former neared his philosophy by putting forward his conclusion that death is the very force that upends fear. Ryuuen wanted to make Kiyotaka feel pain as it would eventually trigger fear in him.

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Kiyotaka escaped from Ryuuen's clutch and pinned him down in the blink of an eye. The former bombarded the latter's face with consecutive punches. At that moment, Ryuuen wanted to know what Kiyotaka was feeling, but he was terrified after figuring out that the latter was apathetic.

After defeating Ryuuen, Kiyotaka put his blazer around Karuizawa, and while consoling her, he told her that he would always come for her if she got in trouble.

Final thoughts on Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 12


Episode 12 of Classroom of the Elite season 2 exceeded every fan's expectations. This time it was more about the action rather than the usual mind games. Watching Kiyotaka, with an average build taking on a person twice his size like Albert, someone as brawny as Ryuuen, and knocking out Ibuki in an instant, was truly a spectacular moment that will go into the history of Classroom of the Elite.

Earlier, Lerche faced several backlashes for animated errors in previous episodes. However, with the intriguing action sequence in episode 12, the studio regained its respect and garnered a lot of praise.

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Edited by Shreya Das