Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 13 review - Kiyotaka reveals his grand plan to Ryuuen, Sato proposed Kiyotaka

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 13 Review (Image via Lerche)
Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 13 Review (Image via Lerche)

The fight between Kiyotaka and Ryuuen on the previous episode of Classroom of the Elite season 2 took the internet by storm. With the praiseworthy adaptation of the anime sequence in episode 12 from the source material, studio Lerche has redeemed its past errors this season.

After an enthralling showdown between Kiyotaka and Ryuuen, there was nothing much left to speculate about besides anticipating the former’s next move. Episode 13 of Classroom of the Elite season 2 was expected to give a proper conclusion to the season and by looking at the major revelations in the finale, it can be said that fans weren’t disappointed.

Classroom of the Elite season 2, episode 13 is titled The Worst Enemy You Can Meet Will Always Be Yourself. The titled quote is taken from Thus Spoke Zarusthra, a globally acclaimed philosophical fiction book by the renowned German philosopher and cultural critic Friedrich Nietzsche. This article will briefly break down the episode by dividing it into three narratives.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 13.

Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 13 highlights

Sato wants to go on a double date

L'épisode a très bien conclu la saison 2, c'est un gros bangerr !Ayanokoji tire a balle réelle et refuse Sato BOUMMKei.... juste c'est un outil miskineEt ils ont enfin mis la rencontre entre ayanogoat et Arisu !!Bref Classroom Of The Elite = MasterclassVivement la saison 3 !

Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 13 kicked off with Ibuki banging on Ryuuen’s door to check on him. She eventually found him strolling around the courtyard and tried to confront him. Ryuuen tossed his phone to Ibuki and asked her to take all his points, whilst saying he was responsible for everything that happened last night. The former’s docile demeanor caused Ibuki to vent her anger by kicking him.

Sato shared her dating plans for Christmas with Karuizawa at the cafe. However, what caught the latter completely off guard is the former’s idea of proposing to Kiyotaka. Sato also professed that she wants to go on a double date. Later that night, Karuizawa got a call from Kiyotaka who wanted her to get intel on Sato.

Kiyotaka and Ryuuen meet again

Classroom of the elite S2 - EP 13Last episode! And I've to say it's one of my favorite episode of Season 2! The conversation between Ryuuen and Ayanokouji, amazing. They also look great together, but Ayanokouji wants to use him as his pawn xD#よう実 #よう実2

Meeting Suzune, Ayanokouji revealed that her brothers wanted her to become the Student Council President. As proof, he handed over his phone to her after dialing Manabu. Kiyotaka wanted to have a little chat with Ryuuen regarding their altercation and the events that led up to that point, so he asked him to meet him.

The former explained to the latter how Class 1-D took part in the responsibility of last night’s event. Kiyotaka further explained to Ryuuen that he doesn’t want to rise in the class rankings. He professed that he would continue to observe Class 1-D’s ascension to 1-C, and predicted that the class would eventually get demoted because he wants to expel Kushida from ANHS once and for all.

Kiyotaka rejects Sato’s proposal

Just finished my 9th Summer 2022 anime! Classroom of the Elite Season 2! Another amazing overdue season! From the relay to the fight with Ryuuen, Ayanokoji proving once again his badass alpha MC skills! Can’t wait to see more next year season 3 2023!

The following Christmas, Sato met Kiyotaka a little earlier than the given time, and eventually, Hirata and Karuizawa also joined them to begin their double date. The four went to watch a movie and then had lunch where they all discussed their careers. After Karuizawa and Hirata left, Sato and Kiyotaka headed toward their rooms.

Sato was bothered with why Kiyotaka didn’t smile even once during their outing, to which he simply said he doesn’t smile much. But inside his head, he deemed her unworthy of smiling. After Sato proclaimed her feelings to Kiyotaka, he turned her down by saying that he can’t feel affection for her and even considers himself to be immature in engaging in a romantic relationship.

Kei observed everything from afar, which Kiyotaka had already noticed, and after Sato left, he eventually called her out. Karuizawa wanted to know if Kiyotaka views every person he crosses his path with as mere tools, to which he didn’t give any answer.


Karuizawa gave Kiyotaka a present, and subsequently, he gave her cold medicine, to reciprocate the gesture. After the latter left, Arisu Sakayanagi approached the former out of the blue and revealed that she knew everything about him and the White Room. Arisu professed that she would destroy Kiyotaka, to which he asked if she could do so.

Final thoughts on Classroom of the Elite season 2 episode 13

La saison 2 de Classroom of the Elite est terminée! Vous en avez pensé quoi? 🤔

Apart from imparting a fitting end to the season, episode 13 of Classroom of the Elite season 2 also acted as a bridge to the next installment of the series. Kiyotaka doesn’t back off from using people for his own benefit, and even someone like Ryuuen who he recently defeated would be a perfect addition to his list of pawns.

Kiyotaka explained to Ryuuen his next grand plan and eventually terrified him by revealing how true of a menace he really is to the ANHS as a whole. It was expected that with Sato, Kiyotaka’s character would explore romance. However, being completely apathetic he can’t really process emotions like affection.

By considering Sato to be unworthy of smiling, Kiyotaka eventually gave a hint that there is indeed something in the world that can alter his poker face. The unexpected appearance of Arisu Sakayanagi, who threatened Kiyotaka by declaring a potential war, made fans of Classroom of the Elite immensely excited for season 3.

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