Did Boruto chapter 76 confirm Sarada's feelings for Boruto?

Boruto Chapter 76 confirms Sarada
Eida, Boruto, and Sarada as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)

Boruto chapter 76 is finally out after fans were left on a cliffhanger the last time, with Boruto having a vision about a future with a destroyed Konoha. While the major focus of the manga right now has been Eida coming to Konoha, fans should not forget her reasons for the same. She has a huge crush on Kawaki and wants to get closer to him.

Similar to the situation with Eida and Kawaki, it seems like the Boruto manga may have finally given a hint about another popularly prospective couple, Sarada and Boruto. While Naruto fans have always rooted for Naruto and Sasuke's successors to become romantically involved, up until now, the manga hadn't given fans anything conclusive.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Boruto manga and reflects the author's opinion.

Boruto chapter 76 hints at Sarada having romantic feelings for Boruto

Boruto chapter 76 was majorly focused on love interests as it gave fans a huge hint that the female lead character Sarada Uchiha had romantic feelings for Boruto.

The chapter began with Boruto being curious as to why Eida was only interested in Kawaki when he too possessed Karma and had been Otsutsified. While the only reason stated by Eida was the age difference between herself and Boruto, it seems like she has already fallen in love with Kawaki, as her heart started racing the moment Kawaki said her name.

Eida as seen in the Boruto chapter 76 (Image via Shueisha)
Eida as seen in the Boruto chapter 76 (Image via Shueisha)

Following this, Eida could no longer express herself. So, she had Boruto summon both Sarada and Sumire so that she could have some girl talk. Shikadai, who too, had seemingly not gotten affected by Eida's charm, decided to join them, however, the moment he got a good look at her, Eida's ability worked, causing Shikadai to be captived by her.

Eida asked Shikadai to leave, after which she asked Sarada and Sumire to join her for a talk. The three headed to the bedroom and seemed nervous about the situation. Eida wanted to reveal her feelings for Kawaki while Sarada and Sumire were unbeknownst to what would happen if they were to trigger Eida in any way.

Eida speaking to Sarada and Sumire as seen in Boruto chapter 76 (Image via Shueisha)
Eida speaking to Sarada and Sumire as seen in Boruto chapter 76 (Image via Shueisha)

This is when the manga finally confirmed how both Sarada and Sumire were not affected by Eida's charm ability. They confirmed the same with each other while keeping it a secret from Eida. The only other person who was made aware of this was Shikamaru, to whom Sumire conveyed this vital information. If Eida were to find that out, she could try and take down both Sarada and Sumire, given how they could possibly be a threat to her.

This is when the hint about Sarada's feelings for Boruto was given. When Eida asked Sarada how she felt about Boruto, she was shown being thrown off by the question, and additionally, did not deny her feelings towards him as well.

Sarada and Eida as seen in Boruto chapter 76 (Image via Shueisha)
Sarada and Eida as seen in Boruto chapter 76 (Image via Shueisha)

Given how Sarada was to act captived by Eida's charm, the easiest way to do this could have been to deny any such feelings, but she chose to change the subject.

This could be a major hint that Sarada does have some romantic feelings for Boruto, but given the plot that the manga is currently following, there really isn't much time for the Mangaka to focus on that at the moment.

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