Dr. Stone Season 3: Expected release date, what to expect and more

Everything we know about the third season of Dr. Stone (Image via Riichiro Inagaki/Shueisha, Dr. Stone)
Everything we know about the third season of Dr. Stone (Image via Riichiro Inagaki/Shueisha, Dr. Stone)

Dr. Stone is a shonen anime and manga series that was serialized in March 2017. Ever since the series received an anime adaptation, its popularity has skyrocketed and the series has garnered a lot of attention from fans in the form of active engagement and discussions on numerous forums like Reddit and likewise.

Following the release of the second season last year, fans are now eagerly awaiting word on the release date of the third season. Fans will be thrilled to learn that a special OVA will be released as well, most likely early this year.Here’s what we know about the series and what Dr. Stone fans can expect with regards to season 3.

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Everything we know about the third season of Dr. Stone

According to the announcements made during the Anime Japan event, the third season of Dr. Stone will be making its debut sometime in 2023. While no release date has been mentioned, fans can expect the series to be released in the summer of 2023.The announcement further stated that apart from the upcoming season, a special OVA will be released sometime this month. Fans can certainly look forward to it since it will be connecting the second and third seasons of Dr. Stone.


So far, the series has received high ratings from IMDb and Crunchyroll. If the series continues to maintain the same quality of animation, fans can certainly expect another season since there is enough material available for anime adaptation.

The first and second seasons combined have adapted about 83 chapters of the manga. Since the series has about 25 volumes and 232 chapters, the fanbase can certainly expect a fourth season as well. Those who wish to read the manga after the end of the second season can do so by starting with chapter 84. Fans can watch the latest episodes of the series on Crunchyroll.


Dr. Stone plot

Taiju Ooki had not confessed in a long time despite harboring feelings for many years. He liked Yuzuri Ogawa and was about to let go and tell her how he felt about her. However, when he was about to confess, a blinding green light appeared out of nowhere and turned every single human being into a stone. Thousands of years later, Taiju wakes up and he seems quite confused. He realized that the modern world no longer existed and he was surrounded by trees and lush green fields.

He found one human who too had woken up while the rest remained stones. Taiju’s friend Senku is someone who loves science, and has been awake for a few months. Senku told Taiju that he planned on utilizing science in order to revive civilization. Senku and Taiju made a great team since Senku was smart and Taiju was great at combat. The duo soon discovered a method of reverting humans from their frozen stone-like nature.

While everything sailed smoothly in the beginning, Senku’s ideologies and plans were challenged by those who awakened from their slumber. All of this unfolds while the origins and the workings of the blinding green light remain secret.

What fans can expect from Season 3

Fans can expect Dr. Stone to adapt the Age of Exploration arc of the series. Senku and his comrades will most likely go on an adventure by sea in an attempt to uncover the secrets behind the blinding light that turned humans into stones. It will be interesting to see what kind of inventions the team comes up with in the upcoming season.

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