Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie leak debunked

The logo for the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie (Image via Shueisha)
The logo for the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie (Image via Shueisha)

Jump Festa ‘22 was this past weekend, and as part of the festivities, a new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer was revealed at the series’ panel. This trailer seemingly has done great public relations work for the movie, with many fans now praising Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s animation and not trashing it.

With the hype around Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero now swelling, many falsified spoilers and leaks have been making the rounds on the internet. While theorycrafting and guessing are fun for any fandom, they should be appropriately labeled as such and not passed off as legitimate spoiler information.

YouTuber Geekdom101 highlights and debunks a particularly egregious set of leaks, which this article will highlight.

YouTuber Geekdom101 showcases and debunks fake Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero spoilers in wake of second trailer hype swell

The “spoilers”


Geekdom101 starts off the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fake spoiler debunk by underlining the post’s opening line about attending a test screening in Japan. Geekdom101 claims this is false, saying he has verified sources in Japan who would have alerted him (as well as other YouTubers) to this reality.

Geekdom101 also claims the film is still being animated, a likely scenario considering the pace of trailer release and how much more content the second trailer has relative to the first.

Geekdom101 continues reading the post, which then claims Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 were created by Dr. Hero. The post continues saying they were formerly known as Android 1 and 2, and were designed to kill King Piccolo. Geekdom101 first refutes this by saying the Daizenshuu guide books for the Dragon Ball franchise claim Androids 1 and 2 were built by Dr. Gero.

Geekdom101 continues by refuting the claim that Gamma 1 and 2 were originally designed to kill King Piccolo. This is extremely false, as during King Piccolo’s initial rampage on the human race, Dr. Gero wouldn’t have been alive. Upon being freed from the rice cooker, King Piccolo was quickly defeated by Goku before he could resume a reign of terror making him globally known.

The alleged Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero spoiler post then claims the Red Ribbon Army is weak and hiding in the shadows. The new trailer very clearly disputes this, as the Red Ribbon Army (RRA) is shown to have a very indiscreet building with their logo on it as Geekdom101 points out. The post then claims the RRA’s goal is to gain Earth’s trust by revealing the existence of aliens.

As Geekdom101 accurately points out, the citizens of Earth have known aliens existed for quite sometime before Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. East City was destroyed by Nappa in the Vegeta saga, something which Geekdom101 accurately points out was never removed from those people’s memories. Already, the presented motivations and tactics of the movie’s antagonists don’t line up with the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer scenes so far.

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fake spoilers continue saying Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are malfunctioning and attack Piccolo as a result. As Geekdom101 points out, the two are very clearly seen working together and conscientious of what they’re doing.

In addition, why would attacking Piccolo be a malfunction if the RRA intends to reveal the existence of aliens? Surely their existence being known would be followed up with violence, which doesn’t align with the Piccolo attack being an accident.

The post continues saying Vegeta only has one scene in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and that Goten and Trunks aren’t in the movie and aren’t even on Earth. As Geekdom101 points out, it’s implausible Vegeta will be reduced to a cameo role in a mainline Dragon Ball film. In addition, Geekdom101 reminds viewers that Trunks’ voice actor Takeshi Kusao is already confirmed for the film.

The "leak" claims Android 13 is canonized and made the main villain of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a somewhat absurd claim. As Geekdom101 points out, it’s extremely lazy to have another Android 13 movie, but this time in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While some may claim the Broly movie did something similar, Broly was a universal fan-favorite whose presence adds a lot to the series. Android 13 doesn’t bring as much to the table in that regard.

The post further states that Android 13 uses Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 to upgrade himself, and that Goku doesn’t fight during the film and just watches. Geekdom101 points out how ridiculous this is, emphasizing that these spoilers claim Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes is just an Android 13 movie rehash.

It also makes no sense for Goku to sit back when a new strong opponent presents themselves, especially when considering the action shots Goku has in both trailers.

The fake leak continues saying that Gohan fights as the Great Saiyaman in a Bulma-made costume for the film's final minutes. Gohan is very clearly seen wearing his Piccolo-inspired garb in the most recent trailer, and it doesn’t make sense to tease that outfit if it won’t be used for the whole fight.

The post then says Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will see Pan going Super Saiyan and fighting alongside Gohan and Piccolo. As Geekdom101 claims, it is possible to see Pan go Super Saiyan but unlikely for her to do it at such a young age. The post also claims Super Saiyan Pan destroys Android 13, something highly unbelievable.

The post ends by claiming Imperfect Cell is teased in a mid-credit scene. But there have only been two credit scenes in all the Dragon Ball movies, and both were post-credits, not mid-credits. Geekdom101 highlights the ridiculousness of this, saying it isn’t a Marvel movie and it just doesn’t fit the Dragon Ball style.

In summation

While nearly every fan is excited for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it’s important to remember to analyze leaks with critical thinking. In this case, Geekdom101 uses critical thinking and years of experience to make it clear to fans that these Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero spoilers are incredibly inaccurate.

The entire premise of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as presented here is generally ridiculous and filled with contradictions to the series and the movie itself. It’s clear that the writer of these supposed leaks didn’t consider how Dragon Ball has approached its storylines throughout its entire history.

Although no official spoilers are out yet, be sure to keep an eye out for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero information as the April 22, 2022 release date approaches.