Fujimoto brings back Pochita in Chainsaw Man chapter 150 in a way no one expected

Fujimoto brings back Pochita in Chainsaw Man chapter 150 in a way no one expected (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Fujimoto brings back Pochita in Chainsaw Man chapter 150 in a way no one expected (Image via MAPPA Studios)

With the release of Chainsaw Man chapter 150 on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, fans saw series author and illustrator Tatsuki Fujimoto make some compelling narrative choices. While these choices are far from catastrophic or being discussed in a negative light by readers, they’re nevertheless incredibly impactful and telling of what to expect from the series in near future.

One of the most influential aspects of Chainsaw Man chapter 150 in this regard is none other than the reappearance of Pochita, which marks his part two debut in the process. In classic Fujimoto fashion, Pochita’s reappearance is a harrowing one given its context, and is the representation of the culmination of Denji’s character arc up to this point.

Likewise, fans are blown away by the manner in which Fujimoto decided to bring Pochita back into the fold in Chainsaw Man chapter 150, and are obsessing over it on social media. While this may seem excessive to some, it’s very arguably one of Fujimoto’s best narrative choices in the second part of his flagship series thus far.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 forces Denji to realize what he truly wants out of life via Pochita’s part 2 debut

How Pochita came back, explained

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 opened with a focus on Denji and Nayuta as they made their way back to their apartment in order to check up on their dogs and pet cat Meowy. However, they needed to do so by creeping through back alleys and staying out of sight, which forced them to delay their arrival to their home.

On the way, Denji internally tells Pochita that he doesn’t need to be Chainsaw Man anymore, and that he’s living the happy, ordinary life the two of them always dreamt of. After saying this, he steps on a crow, which becomes Pochita as he looks back at it. Denji then transforms into his childhood self, as Pochita celebrates their dream coming true before asking Denji what he’ll dream of next.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 sees Pochita suggest dreaming of many girlfriends or money to the confused Denji. However, he says he wants to be Chainsaw Man for his next dream. This sets up a return to reality, where Nayuta and Denji have arrived home to find Barem Bridge and several other Chainsaw Man Church members having burned down their home, killing the pets inside.

Fans are specifically highlighting the merciless way in which Fujimoto writes Pochita finally reappearing to Denji. Essentially, Pochita’s reappearance forces Denji to realize that he didn’t enjoy or want his ordinary life, and instead wanted to be the series’ titular hero.

As if Pochita granted him this wish immediately, the house in which Denji’s ordinary life was headquartered is shown burning to the ground on the very next page.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150’s choice of using Pochita to convey this message is clearly a deliberate one, with Pochita being the reason Denji achieved his first dream and can choose to have a second one. It serves as the culmination of Denji’s character arc up to this point, which has seen him talk about maintaining his ordinary life after embodying his alter ego in the series’ first part.

This is further supported by the fact that Denji reaches for his starter to fight Barem and the others, before Public Safety agents, led by Fumiko Mifune appear and shoot at him. With Denji now fully leaning into becoming Chainsaw Man now that he has no ordinary life to look back on, it seems Fujimoto fully intended on Pochita being the catalyst for this sudden and shocking narrative change.

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