Will there be Chainsaw Man season 2? Tentative release date and everything we know so far

Will there be Chainsaw Man season 2? Tentative release date and everything we know so far (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Will there be Chainsaw Man season 2? Tentative release date and everything we know so far (Image via MAPPA Studios)

While the Fall 2023 anime season has kicked off to an exciting start with several notable series, fans have noticed the absence of Chainsaw Man season 2. The series was something many fans expected to be included. Following the smash-hit success the series found on its debut during the Fall 2022 season, fans shared the sentiment of a continuation for the series being all but guaranteed sometime soon.

Sadly, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The 2023 calendar year seems set to end without any news of, let alone a premiere of, Chainsaw Man season 2 from MAPPA Studios. While this is certainly perplexing, there are a few key aspects of the first season’s reception and the slate MAPPA Studios has had since the first season’s premiere that can explain this.

Thankfully, however, there is leaked information that suggests that both Chainsaw Man season 2 and a film for the franchise are on the way, first reported earlier this year. While this is far from official confirmation that a second season is being produced, it seems that fans can still hold out hope for the time being.

Chainsaw Man season 2 status questionable, but likely to come given series’ massive popularity


Unfortunately, at the time of this article’s writing, there is no confirmed information regarding Chainsaw Man season 2’s production and release date. Essentially the only piece of information fans have that can be considered somewhat official is the teaser from the final moments of the first season’s finale. This had seemingly set up the next arc.

However, there has been no official news on the status of the second season since then from the two major sources of news for the anime series. These are of course the creator, author, and illustrator of the original manga Tatsuki Fujimoto, or animation production studio MAPPA Studios.

That being said, Shueisha’s in-house Jump Festa ‘24 anime and manga news event is coming at the end of this year in December. Generally speaking, this is typically where most Shonen Jump properties share major news on their anime and manga adaptations. If Chainsaw Man season 2 is coming sometime in 2024, fans will most likely get the first news on the continuation at this event.

Why there’s a lack of official info, explored

As mentioned above, the television anime adaptation of Fujimoto’s original manga series proved largely popular internationally, specifically finding great success in the West. However, there was a sentiment from Japanese fans that the anime wasn’t quite as good or faithful of an adaptation as it should have been.

Most Japanese fans disliked how the series seemingly lost its chaotic nature and feel when being adapted into a television anime series. According to some, this was even replaced with a more cinematic and Hollywood-like approach to the series’ production. These complaints were so plentiful, and allegedly taken so seriously, that leaked information claims that Chainsaw Man season 2 will feature a new director.

It’s unclear exactly why there was such a stark difference in opinion on the series between Western and Eastern fans, but this division was nevertheless apparent. With MAPPA Studios seemingly wanting to change up aspects of the series’ production as a result, the lack of official info is somewhat explained by this reshuffling of production teams.

Speculation and leaked info

Beyond the aforementioned alleged change in director, there exists further leaked information regarding Chainsaw Man season 2 which is extremely intriguing. Initially reported in late June 2022, it seems that both the second season and a franchise film are in production from MAPPA Studios.

The news first came from Twitter user and reputable general anime and manga leaker @MangaEarlyBird (Early Bird), and was later confirmed by several other reputable sources. In the months that followed, some leakers have gone as far as to claim that both the film and the second season are set to air in 2024. If this is true, it would also explain why no info has been officially released so far with Jump Festa ‘24 on the horizon.

With that being said, fans would most likely see the second season premiere in Summer 2024 if the first official information for it is released at Jump Festa ‘24. This would follow a similar pattern to Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, another MAPPA series that premiered in Summer 2023 and was first announced around the time of Jump Festa ‘23. However, this is all still speculative at the time of this article’s writing, and should not be taken as an official confirmation.

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