Hirofumi Yoshida Death Devil theories shot down by Chainsaw Man chapter 146 (& fans couldn't be happier)

Hirofumi Yoshida Death Devil theories shot down by Chainsaw Man chapter 146 (& fans couldn
Hirofumi Yoshida as seen in Chainsaw Man PV (Image via YouTube/Shueisha)

With the release of Chainsaw Man chapter 146, fans saw the setup of the next potential arc, as Chainsaw Man Church members Barem Bridge and the Famine Devil prepared for the upcoming battle against the Death Devil. While Denji found it difficult to comprehend, Nayuta confirmed that the King of Terror was actually set to descend on Earth.

While fans knew that the Death Devil was going to appear in the manga series, they did not expect her to appear so soon. Hence, many fans even made theories stating that Hirofumi Yoshida must be the Death Devil. However, with the latest Chainsaw Man chapter 146 release, the same has been debunked.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga.

Chainsaw Man chapter 146: Fans split over Yoshida's Death Devil theory being debunked

Considering how mysterious Hirofumi Yoshida was, many fans arrived at the conclusion that he was the Death Devil. This primarily accounted to the fact that, similar to Makima approaching Denji in the manga's first part, Yoshida was the first person from Public Safety to approach the second part's protagonist, Asa Mitaka.

However, Chainsaw Man chapter 146 debunked this theory as Nayuta confirmed that the Death Devil was set to descend on Earth. Additionally, she stated that the Death Devil was their sister, confirming that Yoshida, being a man, could not be the Death Devil.

Upon getting the confirmation in Chainsaw Man chapter 146, a good number of fans started mocking those in the fandom who believed the theory. With that, they shared parts of their theories. One theory stated that Yoshida's name could be an anagram for "Shidayo." Given that "death" is pronounced as "shi," fans believed that Yoshida's name hinted at him being the Death Devil.

While the theory itself was quite cool, as many CSM enthusiasts noted, after looking back at it, fans could not stop themselves from laughing and going after Yoshida Death Devil theorists.

As expected, these fans were happy that the theories about Yoshida being the Death Devil could finally stop. However, there were some fans who were still hoping for the theory to come true. While Nayuta did refer to the Death Devil as her sister, she also called her the King of Terror. The phrase "king" was enough for the "Yoshida is the Death Devil" theorists to not stop and keep circulating their theories.

One fan even hoped for Yoshida to be later revealed as a woman. While the chances of this theory coming true are low, considering how Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto likes to keep his fans on edge, it is not outside the realm of possibilities.

Thus, despite the "Yoshida Death Devil truthers" having lost after the confirmation in Chainsaw Man chapter 146, they are keeping their hope for hints in the future that would further help their theories.

Lastly, there were some fans who felt tormented by the "Yoshida Death Devil Truthers." They liked Yoshida as a good character, but the theorists painted a poor picture of the character that left fans on the edge when he appeared. Thus, they were especially happy that Chainsaw Man chapter 146 confirmed the Death Devil to be a woman. With that, Yoshida fans felt that they had been finally freed from the torment.

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