How Boruto got the Jougan, explained

Understanding the jougan and looking at how the protagonist got its powers (Image via Pierrot)
Understanding the jougan and looking at how the protagonist got its powers (Image via Pierrot)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to the Naruto series and the story revolves around the life of Naruto’s son. This series succeeded in creating a unique world without altering the elements that connect this series to its prequel. This series has featured new foes, techniques and powers that were unknown to characters in the past.

One of the most popular dojutsus in the series is the jougan which the protagonist happens to have. One of the main topics of discussion is understanding how Boruto received this unique ocular power in the first place. But before we get into how he got the jougan in the first place, let’s take a look at what the jougan is, and its powers which could give us further insight about its origin as well.

Note: It is important to understand that the series hasn’t specifically mentioned much about the powers and any attempt to trace the origins of the jougan is speculative in nature.

What is the jougan and how did Boruto get it in the first place?

Jougan is one of those things in the series that hasn’t been explained all that well in the series. But one thing that everyone knows is that the jougan is something that is well-known to the Otsutsuki clan and they believe that it is a very troublesome ocular power that anyone can have. When Boruto first started utilizing its powers, he did so involuntarily, allowing him to view the tenketsu and the chakra pathways. In addition to that, he can view the barriers that act as a connecting point between dimensions and it can also predict the location of the Yomotsu Hirasaka as well.

The reason this is an often discussed topic is because it hasn’t been explained well in the series. So any take on this topic is mostly, if not entirely, speculative in nature. One thing that fans are aware of is the fact that Toneri is involved in this discussion and he has something to do with Boruto having the jougan. Toneri is aware of his jougan and also sought out its power.

Aside from that, fans also believe that Boruto’s jougan is tied to his bloodline as well. This is when things get interesting because there is a possible explanation from a scientific perspective as well. It is important to understand that both Naruto and Hinata received pure chakra from Hagoromo and Hamura respectively. Naruto and Hinata then had a child. Since Boruto had pure Otsutsuki genes passed down to him through Naruto and Hinata, it is possible that the jougan could be the result of a genetic mutation.

A mutation can be defined as the permanent change or alteration of the nucleotide sequence in the genome. Considering that he had pure Otsutsuki genes that were passed down, it could have been a genetic mutation of the Tenseigan which led to the appearance of the jougan. This is one of the few theories that could serve as an explanation for Boruto having the jougan or the pure eye. Once the anime decides to explain the origin of this dojutsu, fans will understand the powers and its uses in a better manner.

However, at the moment, the true power of the dojutsu remains a mystery and fans would certainly have to wait for the upcoming chapters since the explanation would be given before we reach post-time-skip. One thing is for sure, and that is Boruto's powers are closely linked to the Otsutsuki and his eye will play a huge role in the overall plot of the series.

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