Is Denji's absence hurting Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Has Denji
Has Denji's absence during Chainsaw Man Part 2 hurt Fujimoto's flagship series? (Image Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto/Shueisha, Viz Media, Chainsaw Man)

Fans are now three issues into Chainsaw Man Part 2, but there is no sign of central protagonist Denji returning anytime soon. While fans have been absolutely loving the Asa Mitaka storyline thus far, some are beginning to wonder when Denji will make his Part 2 debut.

This, understandably, has led to discussions on Twitter as to whether author and illustrator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s series is suffering due to Denji’s absence. While he’ll no doubt appear in Chainsaw Man Part 2 sooner or later, some fans feel that it might be getting too late now.

Follow along as this article evaluates if Denji’s absence is hurting Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Fans participate in social media debate on Denji’s absence possibly hurting Chainsaw Man Part 2

Chainsaw Man Part 2 recently released its third issue, much to the joy of fans everywhere. However, fans who had expected Denji to finally return in this latest issue were disappointed. Denji was yet again absent for another chapter of the series’ second part.

For many, this isn’t a major problem. The Asa Mitaka and War Devil storyline, which has consistently featured in Part 2 thus far, is highly engaging, so they are willing to overlook the lack of Denji. However, there are certainly those who feel that the absence of the series’ protagonist is definitively hurting the quality of Part 2.

Some fans have expressed their frustration with Denji’s absence in the same sentence where they acknowledge their enjoyment of the second part thus far. While Asa Mitaka has certainly been lovable, and her relationship with the War Devil is quite interesting, fans seem to be pining for the return of their main character.

Others, meanwhile, are taking this opportunity to point out that the series has been doing incredible of late, even without Denji. One fan even went as far as to say that the two are correlated, implying that Part 2 actually benefits from the absence of Denji (at least as far as the chapters thus far are concerned).

Providing yet another perspective are those who were never weekly with the manga until Part 2 began releasing. As a result, they feel the lack of Denji's influence as the central figure of the story more acutely.

Those fans are comparing him to a mythical entity because of current absence. This is quite a nuanced take which may resonate with fans who have been recently getting into or catching up with the series.

However, the general consensus seems to be that Denji’s absence is not having any significant impact on the series at the moment. Some fans are going as far as to argue that putting him in the backseat for now has allowed the series to broaden its horizons.

Suspense and anticipation are important for any narrative experience, even more so in anime and manga. Many story arcs in these media are structured in a way that they build to an identifiable, distinct conclusion.

With this in mind, one can argue that Denji’s absence from Chainsaw Man Part 2 only helps to create more anticipation among fans for the manga. While it may be frustrating for some to not have seen their protagonist thus far, his absence and the suspense around it will only serve to make his inevitable return even more satisfying.

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