Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 raw scans and spoilers: Panda’s backstory, the most anticipated battle in Tokyo No.2 Colony commences

Hakari, Kashimo, and Panda (Image via Shueisha, Colored by prma @PrmaColors)
Hakari, Kashimo, and Panda (Image via Shueisha, Colored by prma @PrmaColors)

After ending the last chapter with Panda being squarely defeated by Hajime Kashimo, Akutami delves into Panda’s backstory in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185. While Panda’s relationship with Yaga and how he was created were sparsely explained before, the details about his three cores have never been clarified.

Every character introducing Panda as “This is Panda,” with no elaboration whatsoever, has been a running gag in the series. Having a part of the story, even though it seems like a mid-piece in a puzzle, is more than fans had expected to read in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 spoilers show Panda’s past, Hakari finds Kashimo

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In the last chapter, the focus shifted from Hakari to Panda, who came across Hajime Kashimo. Kashimo immediately attacked Panda and ruthlessly defeated both his Gorilla core and his third core, his sister, who was revealed to be a Triceratops.

Kashimo’s Curse Energy has the properties of electricity and their Cursed Technique can divide it into negative and positive charges. This allows Kashimo to have a sure-hit technique that does not require a Domain.

According to the spoilers, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 is titled “Bye Bye.”

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 raw scans and spoilers

#JJKSpoilers #jjk185 #JJKleaksi didn't know i was gonna get so attached to these siblings :"D

According to the spoilers, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 starts with a young Panda playing in a park with a young Gorilla and a young Triceratops. Panda continuously tries to win the favor of his brother, but he always ignores or bullies him, going so far as to hit him once.

#JJKSpoilers so they tell panda to throw his prized possession, a ball he got from Santa.panda then throws the ball away into the river, and the two animals end up not even accepting him, then he asks him why he did that, "because i wanted to play with you bro!!!"

Comparatively, the sister is very gentle and loving towards Panda and often chastises Gorilla for saying he ought to be kinder to their younger brother. Gorilla replies that Panda is both childish and weak, and pairing with him during playtime always means that the brothers will lose.

However, the sister insists that Panda always returns to his joyful and pleasant attitude despite being bullied and ignored, thus indicating that he is stronger than both of them. Indeed, Panda loves his siblings very much, throwing away one of his prized possessions just for a chance to play with them.

#JJKSpoilers and they have a conversation that goes like this: bro: why are we here? where's panda?dad: .... we're separating with panda,bro: why?????! dad: just because!bro: until when?!dad: forever

One day, a weird balloon-shaped entity, whom the children refer to as Father, is seen dragging the brother and the sister away. Gorilla asks if they are leaving Panda behind and then begins to protest that they cannot leave him behind because their younger brother is unable to fend for himself. The father tells Gorilla that Panda is leaving, and they are the ones being left behind.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 returns to the present, where Kashimo pokes at Panda’s severed head with his staff. He spears the head on his staff and asks him Sukuna’s whereabouts once again.

#JJKSpoilerspanda's head on a pole, panda: sorry, I can't say, I won't say. then Kashima says: really? so let me make sure you can't even open it ever again. Hakari jumps down with a big explosion of CE. "panda!! have you finally thinned out!!", kashimo "don't get me excited!!"

Panda is both alive and conscious and staunchly refuses to answer. Suddenly, Hakari appears in a burst of Curse Energy, asking Panda if he has lost some weight. Kashimo seems to be excited by the prospect of fighting Hakari.


Panda is only 7yo and he had lost a father, a brother, and a sister..I hope he can somehow find a comfort of family with his comrades but it seems like he gives this sense of withdrawal by referring them only by last names nowadays.. :(#jjk185 #jjkleaks #jjkspoilers

The three children shown in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 are Panda’s three cores. They had grown up together in an alternate space, likely a Domain created by Yaga.

The playtime might have been a test of sorts, at which Panda somehow excelled. After he proved to be superior to both of his siblings, he was chosen as the primary core, with the other two being relegated to supporting roles.

The fight we've been all waiting for🔥#JJK185 #JJKSpoilers

From Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 185 raw scans, it is unclear whether Kashimo managed to destroy Panda’s other two cores. If he has, that would imply that Panda has truly lost his entire family, having lost Masamichi to Gakuganji before the Culling Game.

#JJKSpoilers #jjk185 #JJKleaks i want to say thank god but very scared hakarih's going to die since he already got to show off

Hakari seems to have navigated the colony with far too much expertise. It must be noted that Neither Hakari’s nor Panda’s total points have been disclosed. It is unclear whether Hakari killed Charles or defeated him. It also remains unknown if Hakari has come across other sorcerers before Charles and if he has accumulated any points from them.

Gege Sensei Comment from WSJ#24"I wrote ×1 in Pseudo-spin section by mistake. Maybe the dumbest typo ever in the world."It seems that in Pochinko, pseudo-spin can never be a single spin(×1) #JJKSpoilers #JJK185

Hakari’s fight with Kashimo should highlight the Tokyo No. 2 Colony arc. Gojo and Yuta have praised Hakari as someone whose potential is equal to or better than them. While he is not a special grade sorcerer yet, Hakari is one of the strongest in the game at the moment, and having him fight Kashimo will surely make for a spectacular battle.

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