Kagurabachi chapter 2 spoilers and raw scans: Chihiro's past is revealed

Chihiro Rokuhira as seen in Kagurabachi chapter 1 (Image via Takeru Hokazono)
Chihiro Rokuhira as seen in Kagurabachi chapter 1 (Image via Shueisha/Takeru Hokazono)

After a splendid first chapter, Kagurabachi chapter 2 was expected to provide more information about Chihiro Rokuhira's past. As such, the recently released spoilers for the chapter have revealed plenty of essential facts about both Chihiro and his father, Kunishige Rokuhira. The official chapter 2 of Kagurabachi is set to be released on Monday, September 25, 2023, at 12 am JST, in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump issue 43.

In the previous chapter, the readers were introduced to the main character and were teased about some of his extraordinary sorcery powers. It was revealed that he wielded the last Katana that his father, Kunishige Rokuhira, made. Moreover, it was clarified that the protagonist was looking for a certain group of sorcerers behind his father's death.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Kagurabachi manga.

Kagurabachi chapter 2 spoilers provide a glimpse of Chihiro Rokuhira's tragic backstory

The spoilers and raw scans of Kagurabachi chapter 2 have already been leaked on the internet before the chapter's official release date. According to the spoilers, the chapter opens with Shiba untying the person (from the Anti-Korogumi movement) who was captured by the Yakuza. On being asked who he is, Shiba tells him his name.

On the other hand, Chihiro points his Katana towards the Yakuza boss and declares that he will cut down the sorcerers even if they are monsters. Shiba then approaches the Yakuza boss and warns him to listen to Chihiro seriously. The protagonist asks the Korogumi group leader what he knows about the group the sorcerer group called Hishaku.

Before he could answer anything, something started happening to his body. Much to Chihiro and Shiba's bewilderment, the head of the Korogumi group turns into a monstrous tree-like creature. Chihiro shouts at Shiba and tells him to run with the rescued person.

Kagurabachi chapter 2 leaks and spoilers revealed that Shiba also has sorcerer powers as he teleported outside, taking the rescued person with him. Seeing him panicking, Shiba asked him if he hadn't seen sorcery that much. He also realized that most of the sorcerers were from the cities. As such, it wouldn't have been possible for the countrymen to know much about them.

In Kagurabachi chapter 2, Shiba then returns to Chihiro's location and finds him amid several Yakuza members who were turned into trees. The protagonist reveals that the moment they tried to speak about the Hishaku group, an in-built spell within them activated, and they were turned into such tree-like creatures.

The spoilers of Kagurabachi chapter 2 implied that the sorcerer from the first chapter was the one who planted the curse on the Yakuza members in case they ever betrayed. Shiba then tells Chihiro Rokuhira he was thinking about going to Tokyo, and the protagonist expressed his desire to join him.

A panel from Kagurabachi manga chapter 1 (Image via Shueisha/Takeru Hokazono)
A panel from Kagurabachi manga chapter 1 (Image via Shueisha/Takeru Hokazono)

While Shiba and Chihiro were about to exit from the hideout, the latter's body gave up, and he fainted. As such, Shiba advised him to take proper rest. He wondered how Chihiro, who didn't have a single experience in combat three years ago, had become so adept at wielding the blade.

According to the spoilers, Kagurabachi chapter 2 then takes the readers to a flashback showing what happened three years ago. It is revealed that Rokuhira's Blacksmith Forgery and the House were protected and hidden from a barrier placed by Shiba. If anything were to happen, he would have been able to detect it.

Kunishige Rokuhira (Image via Shueisha/Takeru Hokazono)
Kunishige Rokuhira (Image via Shueisha/Takeru Hokazono)

That day, Shiba rushed to Rokuhira's place only to find it destroyed. He was stunned to see the 15-year-old Chihiro holding his father's soulless body. Apparently, Kunishige Rokuhira invented Mystic Katanas and released six of them during the War. After the conclusion of the War, he gathered those six Katanas and hid them under his forgery.

Chihiro mentioned that three sorcerers infiltrated their house and stole those six Katanas. In a flashback, Kunishige mentioned to his child how each of the six Katanas was imbued with special powers. Thinking about the moments he shared with his father made Chihiro cry profusely, and he vowed to kill his father's murderers.

A leaked panel from Kagurabachi chapter 2 revealed that Chihiro holds the seventh Mystic Katana made by his father. Apparently, Kunishige spent years forging that blade, and he protected it with his life. Back to the present, Chihiro realizes he still doesn't have the exact information about the Hishaku group and the stolen Katanas.

He wanted to find the Katanas quickly, thinking about how they could still be used in a bad way. A fascinating panel reveals Chihiro looking at his blade while two goldfish are circling it. As per the leaks, Kagurabachi chapter 2 ends with Shiba informing Chihiro about someone seeing a mystic sword.

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