My Hero Academia: 10 most beloved female characters

Uraraka, Jiro, and Asui are very capable heroines (Image via Sportskeeda)
Uraraka, Jiro, and Asui are very capable heroines (Image via Sportskeeda)

From students to professional heroes, My Hero Academia has a healthy dose of awesome female characters.

The series is largely geared towards a male demographic. This is reflected in the main cast, which mainly consists of men. Even so, Kohei Horikoshi does give his female characters a chance to shine.

Whether it's Ochako Uraraka or Himiko Toga, the women and girls in My Hero Academia stand out with their colorful designs and interesting personalities. It's no wonder that fans have taken a strong liking to these characters.

With that said, this article will take into account their standings in popularity polls.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

10 female characters in the My Hero Academia series that fans love

10) Eri


This poor child went through so much in My Hero Academia. Before she was rescued in the Shie Hassaikai arc, Eri was a test subject for Kai Chisaki and his Quirk-destroying bullets. Her special ability to rewind anything was simply too useful for his villainous operations.

Although she was taken to safety, Eri was still haunted by her dark past. Mirio Togata and Class 1-A sought to change that in the School Festival. After the band stole the show with their performance, Eri finally experienced happiness for the first time in her life.

My Hero Academia fans would do anything to protect this young girl.

9) Itsuka Kendo


The Class 1-B representative is a very popular character with Horikoshi's staff. However, she also has a dedicated following beyond that.

Itsuka Kendo placed 13th in the first poll for My Hero Academia. Keep in mind that she didn't do anything at that point. Her design simply attracted a lot of attention.

With that said, Kendo is a reliable team leader who shines during group contests. Her team ended up winning their round in the Joint Training arc, whereas the rest of Class 1-B failed. She is definitely a worthy rival to Momo Yaoyorozu.

Kendo also happens to keep Neito Monoma in check whenever he rants against Class 1-A, which is a plus.

8) Toru Hagakure


My Hero Academia finds comic relief in many forms. This invisible girl is only identifiable through her clothes, yet she is still a fairly expressive character.

Although she is shy, Toru Hagakure is a stealth expert who can take people by surprise. However, to do this, she needs to remove her clothes.

Hagakure's role as a fanservice character is rather ironic, given that nobody can actually see her.

7) Rumi Usagiyama - Mirko


It's refreshing to see physically strong women in My Hero Academia. Rumi Usagiyama, better known as Mirko, is ranked number five in the Pro Hero listings for Japan. Her Rabbit Quirk is quite versatile in combat situations, giving her an extra spring in her step.

Mirko is a loud and brash individual who always lets people know what's on her mind. With a muscular build and dark complexion, she definitely stands out in this series. It's easy to see why the fanbase immediately fell in love with her.

6) Mina Ashido


Mina Ashido seems like an alien queen with her acidic powers. She is a visually striking character at first glance.

Despite her destructive Quirk, however, this monster girl is a friendly and outgoing person. There is a reason why she is a popular student in the U.A. High School.

Ashido also gets along with just about everybody in her class. While she does like teasing Uraraka about her crush on Midoriya, she is fully supportive of the ship.

5) Himiko Toga


Himiko Toga isn't just one of the most liked villains in My Hero Academia. She's also among the most popular characters in general.

On the surface level, Toga seems to be a stereotypical yandere. She tends to fall in love with several targets, including Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. However, she also had platonic moments with fellow criminal Twice. That's when Toga's hidden depths are fully revealed.

During the Shie Hassaikai arc, Toga helped Twice overcome a mental breakdown. It was a very sweet moment for the villains in My Hero Academia. Toga does have the capacity to care about others.

4) Kyoka Jiro


Despite her relative lack of screentime, Kyoka Jiro is a wildly popular character. She's done remarkably well in most Japanese polls. Jiro placed seventh in the second one and 12th in the fifth.

My Hero Academia fans greatly appreciate her character design, which gives her the appearance of a punk rock chick. Unsurprisingly, Jiro is a talented musician who can also sing. With the help of Class 1-A, she puts these skills to great use at the School Festival.

Jiro often has funny interactions with fellow classmate Denki Kaminari. However, they also have their heartfelt moments. Kaminari managed to convince her to embrace her musical hobbies rather than shy away from them.

3) Momo Yaoyorozu


Momo Yaoyorozu is a recommended student at U.A. High School, given her genius-level intellect and powerful Quirk. She is able to create objects as long as she knows their molecular structure. My Hero Academia fans love her ability to come up with strategic plans on the spot.

However, Momo also suffers from self-esteem issues, which makes her somewhat relatable. During the Final Exams, Shoto Todoroki encouraged her to become the leader she was born to be. Momo eventually found the courage to move past her insecurities and take down Shota Aizawa.

Without a doubt, Momo has a lot of untapped potential in the series.

2) Tsuyu Asui


Frogs are rarely seen as cute in most creative mediums. Kohei Horikoshi changed that with Tsuyu Asui, who the fanbase adores. Her wide mouth and large eyes are very endearing.

Asui can do anything a frog can do in My Hero Academia. Whether it's swimming at incredible speed or using her tongue to capture targets, she is a versatile heroine.

More importantly, Asui is also the heart and soul of Class 1-A. After the events of the Hideout Raid, she cried about how she criticized their plans to rescue Bakugo. Her classmates ended up consoling her instead, letting her know that everything would go back to normal.

1) Ochako Uraraka


This young girl wasn't like most upcoming heroines in My Hero Academia. She only wanted to financially secure a future, both for herself and her family.

With that said, Ochako Uraraka still wants to bring smiles to everybody's faces. She is a cheerful personality that always lights up the room.

Her feelings for Midoriya showcase the cuter side of My Hero Academia. Regardless, Uraraka isn't always a relegated love interest.

With the use of her Zero Gravity Quirk, Uraraka can fight offensively and defensively. All it takes is a single touch to render a target immobile. She almost took out Bakugo at the Sports Festival, which is a very impressive showing. Uraraka's body may give up, but her mind never does.