My Hero Academia: 8 times Bakugo helped out his friends

Bakugo and Kirishima share mutual respect (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)
Bakugo and Kirishima share mutual respect (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)

Despite his brash personality, Katsuki Bakugo always pulls through for his friends in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo doesn't always get along with the rest of Class 1-A. His aggressive nature and cocky disposition make him very easy to dislike, at least in the early stages of the series. He does change for the better once he undergoes some major character development.

Bakugo may not seem like it, but he is a good friend when he needs to be. Of course, he would never admit it in My Hero Academia.

Some of Bakugo's greatest moments are yet to happen in the anime, so it's only fair to also list what he did in the manga.

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Cavalry Battle, School Festival and 6 other times Bakugo lent his friends a hand in My Hero Academia

1) Bakugo made everyone laugh after Aizawa scolded them


For some context, this incident happened shortly after the Hideout Raid when Aizawa chewed out his entire classroom for the Bakugo rescue operation. Had it not been for the circumstances, he would've expelled most of them.

Bakugo may not always get along with Class 1-A, but he still didn't want to see his classmates in such a depressing state. He decided to cheer them up with sociopathic comedy via his unwilling participant Denki Kaminari. This is among the funnier moments in My Hero Academia.

What makes the scene even better is that Bakugo also repays Eijiro Kirishima for saving him back in the Hideout Raid.

2) Bakugo provided assistance to Kaminari


It wasn't looking good for Bakugo during the Provisional Hero License Exam. During the first phase, he went up against Seiji Shishikura, who can turn anybody into a meatball through physical touch.

For once in My Hero Academia, the main character wasn't going to do everything. Before he was turned into a mound of flesh, Bakugo threw a grenade towards Kaminari and left the rest up to him. In the end, Kaminari injured Shishikura and turned Bakugo back to normal.

While he may seem very selfish at times, Bakugo is willing to place his trust in others. He knew that Kaminari would pull through eventually.

3) Bakugo pulled through in the Cavalry Battle


During the second round of the Sports Festival, Bakugo and his team needed to collect enough headbands to qualify for the tournament. Eijiro Kirishima, Hanta Sero, and Mina Ashido were counting on his leadership skills.

However, it wasn't going to be easy. Neito Monoma knows how to get under a person's skin in My Hero Academia. He purposely targeted Bakugo due to his short temper and close-minded nature.

Of course, Bakugo wasn't going to let his teammates down, let alone himself. By combining their Quirks to make themselves go faster, Bakugo's team caught up with Monoma's team and stole back their headbands.

4) Bakugo led his team to victory against Setsuna


In the fourth round of the Joint Training arc, Katsuki Bakugo and his team went up against Setsuna Tokage and her team. The recommended student is known for her extremely high intelligence stats in My Hero Academia.

Setsuna based her entire strategy on Bakugo working alone. However, this incorrect assumption proved to be her downfall. Bakugo was very cooperative with his teammates, which never would've happened before.

At one point, Bakugo was trapped in a metal construction by Yosetsu Awase, only to get broken out by Rikido Sato. He placed a great deal of trust in his teammates, and it paid off in the end.

Bakugo's team ended up winning without losing a single person, making it a clean sweep.

5) He helped out with the School Festival


Class 1-A decided to do a musical performance during the School Festival arc. Bakugo doesn't normally help out with extracurricular activities in My Hero Academia. However, when he heard a few students making fun of his friends, Bakugo made it his mission for Class 1-A to succeed.

Bakugo caught everybody by surprise when he was really into the band rehearsals. Kyoka Jiro was deeply inspired by his newfound resolve and gave it her all during the school festival. Class 1-A's performance was so good that Eri was able to smile for the first time in a while.

Bakugo shut his critics up for the sake of his classmates. It was a moment that U.A. students wouldn't forget anytime soon.

6) Bakugo teamed up with Deku to defeat Nine


Bakugo rarely gets the chance to fight alongside his sworn rival. Nonetheless, there is a mutual respect between Deku and Bakugo. Despite their differences, they can work together to fight a common enemy.

Nine was a ridiculously strong villain in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. With the power of the copied AFO Quirk, he could inflict serious damage on even the most powerful heroes.

A single OFA Quirk wasn't enough to stop Nine, so Deku transferred his powers to Bakugo. Their combined strength was enough to overwhelm the mighty villain.

7) He helped Deku get out of his downward spiral


After several villains escaped from Tartarus, Deku went into hiding and left the U.A. High School. He wanted to go after the criminals without putting any risk on his friends and family.

However, this didn't sit well with any of his classmates. They were seriously concerned for his physical and mental health.

Deku was a very different person by this point in My Hero Academia. Of course, bringing him back through sheer force wasn't going to be easy.

Bakugo finally broke through to Deku by apologizing for everything he did. He even called him by his real name. Thanks to Bakugo's words, Deku no longer had to carry a heavy burden over his shoulders.

8) Bakugo risked his life to save Deku


With multiple Quirks at their disposal, Tomura Shigaraki/AFO were on their way to becoming global threats in My Hero Academia. The heroes did everything they could to stop them in the Paranormal Liberation War.

Deku is often seen as the last hope against Shigaraki/AFO. His OFA Quirk is the only power that can withstand the AFO Quirk.

Bakugo knew this fully well in My Hero Academia. For that reason, he wasn't going to let Deku get taken out so easily.

Right before Shigaraki/AFO could use Rivet Stab, Bakugo used his Cluster technique to push Deku out of the way and took the blow instead.

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