My Hero Academia: 8 smartest Class 1-A students, ranked

Denki Kaminari should've studied harder (Image via Studio Bones)
Denki Kaminari should've studied harder (Image via Studio Bones)

In a series with a name like My Hero Academia, Class 1-A students definitely have to hone their skills in studying.

Battle experience is a crucial aspect of the series. Nonetheless, U.A. High School expects its students to be smart. These heroes in training need to be prepared against Japan's most dangerous villains. Class 1-A just so happens to have the most intelligent students in the U.A.

This list is based on the official databooks for My Hero Academia, particularly the Ultra Analysis guide. Each Class 1-A student is ranked by their relative intelligence. Their academic studies and battle tactics will also be considered.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

The smartest Class 1-A students in My Hero Academia

8) Toru Hagakure (Wits - 4/6)


My Hero Academia fans might be surprised to learn that Toru Hagakure is a bright student. While she does have her dumbfounded moments, she can prove useful in certain situations.

During round two of the Joint Training session, Hagakure used Warp Reflection to weaken Fumikage's Dark Shadow. The creature was being controlled by Shihai Kuroiro, so Hagakure used light to counteract his darkness.

Hagakure is a stealth master, which means she needs to rely on sneaky tactics to win her matches. She may not be a master tactician, but she does have the cunning ability to surprise her opponents.

7) Tsuyu Asui (Wits - 4/6)


Tsuyu Asui is a very analytical person in My Hero Academia. Right before the U.S.J. incident, she noted the similarities between Izuku Midoriya and All Might since they had the same Quirk.

Academically speaking, Tsuyu has always placed well on standardized tests. With a versatile Quirk, she regularly applies that knowledge on the battlefield.

In the first round of the Joint Training session, her team went up against Jurota Shishida. Despite his keen sense of smell, Tsuyu managed to throw him off his game. She covered her entire team with a frog mucus. By doing so, he couldn't tell her teammates apart when they were far away.

6) Tenya Ida (Wits - 4/6)


Tenya Ida is the class representative, which means he holds himself to a very high standard. This is someone who placed second in the midterms, after all. He expects his classmates to be just as studious as he is.

During the U.A. Entrance Exam, Tenya figured out that everybody was being tested on different parameters. When Midoriya and Uraraka saved each other, Tenya realized that everybody was tested on heroic acts, not just securing points.

With his systematic approach, Tenya has proven himself to be a capable leader in My Hero Academia.

5) Shoto Todoroki (Wits - 4/6)


With very few exceptions, the strongest fighters in My Hero Academia have to be smart. Shoto Todoroki matches that description perfectly.

Shoto worked incredibly hard to become a recommended student for the U.A. Despite the harsh training from his father, he never let it get in the way of his studies. He is just as smart as he is skilled in My Hero Academia.

During the Final Exams, he teamed up with Momo to face their homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. In the midst of battle, Shoto told her to start creating small objects with her Quirk. The moment she couldn't do it anymore, they would know that Aizawa was nearby with his Erasure powers.

4) Katsuki Bakugo (Wits - 5/6)


Despite a very short fuse, Katsuki Bakugo is not a fool by any means. This is readily apparent during his fight with Ochako Uraraka at the Sports Festival. In a matter of moments, he saw through her secret plan.

Bakugo quickly figured out that her main strategy was to distract him with debris. Before she could activate her Zero Gravity Quirk on him, he caused a massive explosion that sent her flying back.

This Class 1-A student thinks very quickly on his feet, which gives him a combative edge. However, he is also a highly perceptive individual in My Hero Academia. By piecing a few clues together, he realized that Midoriya possessed the One For All Quirk.

3) Izuku Midoriya (Wits - 5/6)


Izuku Midoriya didn't always have a Quirk in My Hero Academia. Prior to his fateful meeting with All Might, he trained his observational skills to compensate for his lack of powers. When he was given the OFA Quirk, Midoriya proved that brawns and brains are very effective together.

The main character of My Hero Academia is a very quick learner. It only took him a few months to fully the OFA Quirk. More importantly, it also didn't get in the way of his studies. He would regularly get the best scores in his school exams.

Midoriya's analytical mindset is second to none in My Hero Academia. He often keeps detailed notes in his journals, such as the strengths and weaknesses of his classmates. He puts it to good use with a very adaptable fighting style, such as taking inspiration from Bakugo's explosions.

2) Minoru Mineta (Wits - 5/6)


Whenever a character lacks physical skill in My Hero Academia, they make up for it with their brilliant minds.

Minoru Mineta is a very shrewd fighter despite his puny stature. He can trap his opponents via the Pop Off Quirk.

Mineta can even lure them into traps by predicting their personality traits. During the Final Exams, he knew that a sadistic Midnight would toy with him.

Mineta is also a master tactician on the battlefield. This is perfectly demonstrated in the Sports Festival arc. Whether it was the Calvary Battle or the Obstacle Course, he always had a good strategy in mind.

1) Momo Yaoyorozu (Wits - 6/6)


Unsurprisingly, Momo Yaoyorozu tops this list with her S-ranked intelligence stats. Many of her classmates prefer to study with her. She even made sure that everybody would pass the First Term Final Exam, including students with failing grades.

Momo has a good analytical mind for battle in My Hero Academia. Despite her team losing the second round of the Joint Training session, Momo was a great support unit. She held back Itsuka Kendo of Class 1-B and gave her teammates the items they needed.

Momo's Creation Quirk is entirely dependent on her intelligence. She can only create objects if she understands their molecular structure. Impressively, her genius allowed her to place first in the Quirk Apprehension Test.