My Hero Academia chapter 358 raw scans and spoilers: Bakugo unleashes a new attack against Shigaraki

Bakugo in focus in chapter 358 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia)
Bakugo in focus in chapter 358 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia)
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Ever since the leaks revealed Bakugo’s new costume upgrade, the fandom has been waiting for more information on My Hero Academia chapter 358. Today’s additional spoilers explained that the focus of the current arc has indeed shifted back to U.A. and the ongoing struggle against Shigaraki.

According to the spoilers, however, the key player in this chapter is Katsuki Bakugo, who goes head-to-head against Shigaraki. Bakugo sports new equipment and reveals a new attack, but it is unclear what, if any, effect that has on Shigaraki at all.

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My Hero Academia chapter 358 spoilers show Bakugo and others struggling against Shigaraki/AFO

Eatin Good..Enji Todoroki, All For One…Raging against myself…My Hero Academia[Ch-357]Colored.#mha #bnha #leagueofvillains #bokunoheroacademia

In the last chapter, Endeavor fought valiantly and overpowered AFO in the Gunga Mountains. Despite being charred to a crisp by Prominence Burn, AFO revealed that he has used his old body as a test subject for a new drug. True to his word, new eyes and ears started sprouting from his burnt body. Across the ocean, Yoichi sensed something amiss and warned Deku as they faced down a horde of unknown objects flying towards them.

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 358 is titled "The Man Who Improved Just a Little."

My Hero Academia chapter 358 raw scans

UA is messed up. Gotta call Mirio for cleanup#MHASpoilers #mha358

My Hero Academia chapter 358 starts at U.A. high, where the heroes are trying their best to evade Shigaraki’s growth, which Edgeshot still refuses to believe as something other than a quirk. Tamaki gets injured by the moving waves of flesh, while Nejire tries to shoot it down. Best Jeanist reminds everyone that they cannot stand still, even for a second, lest they be swallowed by the growth, and that they must get close to Shigaraki’s body as soon as possible.

#MHA358 #MHASPOILERSthe fact that shigaraki's body isn’t even his anymore 🥲

Shigaraki, or rather, AFO (as indicated by his use of “Boku” instead of Tomura’s usual “Ore”), discloses that as the All for One quirk settles into Tomura’s body, the various quirks contained within it begin to manifest in newer ways, giving AFO complete control. He goes on to say that the world is being torn apart due to the differences in people’s conditions, which are destroying the very foundation of society. When AFO has complete control over the world, everyone will be equally exploited and thus be brought to an even level, stabilizing society.

My Hero Academia chapter 358 then cuts to Bakugo, who sports new equipment made by the support course, “Heavy Mobile Compact Artillery: Strafing Panzer.” Several machine guns come out of Bakugo’s back and spread across his shoulder as he immediately starts to shoot. Bakugo remembers everyone who is working in harmony to keep this fight going and remarks that he understands his fear and differences very well.

#MHA358 #MHASpoilersHowlitzer Impact Cluster! Back in 335, Bakugo implied he wanted to work on new cluster moves to see its punch so this was it. Obviously, moving the same way he would for a regular HI, but this time, individual explosion shots are released from the wave.

He remembers when Deku tried to save him from the Sludge Villain and states that he is surrounded by people who keep moving forward no matter what life throws at them. Bakugo, in turn, had to let go of his ignorance and fear and embrace his differences to move forward as well. Deeming any further talk unnecessary, he appears closer to Shigaraki and unleashes his “Howitzer Impact: Cluster.”


Midoriya, Yoichi.Manga: My Hero Academia [Ch.357]

Undoubtedly, most readers expected My Hero Academia chapter 358 to focus on Deku, especially after the last chapter ended on such a cliff-hanger. Unfortunately, according to the spoilers, Deku does not appear in this chapter apart from in a flashback. After AFO’s declaration in the last chapter, his possession of Shigaraki’s body in this chapter seems far more sinister.

If the spoilers are correct, then this chapter serves mainly as character exposition for Bakugo and is a testament to the contrast between his and AFO’s approaches to how to overcome differences. Bakugo has had one of the most well-rounded character arcs throughout the series. His negative arc was leveled out during the “Deku Retrieval” segment of the Tartarus Escapees arc.

However, the series has not focused exclusively on him, and as such, a positive movement of his character arc has not been built yet. After a successful upward curve of Todoroki’s development in the Kamino battle, it stands to reason that as the deuteragonist, Bakugo will also get a few chapters to showcase the positive improvements he has made since apologizing to Deku.

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