My Hero Academia: Why Deku’s multiple Quirks hurt the story

Izuku Midoriya getting ready to use his powers (Image via Studio Bones)
Izuku Midoriya getting ready to use his powers (Image via Studio Bones)

Deku having multiple Quirks was a major turning point in My Hero Academia, and not in a good way, either.

At the start of the series, Izuku Midoriya had to learn the basics of One For All, given to him by the legendary All Might. The Quirk allowed him to stockpile tremendous power. However, it also took a heavy toll on his body, so it took him a while to train.

During the Joint Training arc, it was revealed that Deku could use Quirks from previous users of One For All. It was a controversial moment that cleaved the community in half. Some would argue that from this point forward, the story was never going to be the same.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

Deku's multiple Quirks marked a change for the worse in My Hero Academia


This article will take a look at what My Hero Academia used to be like before Deku had multiple Quirks. He was never going to be the underdog forever. Even then, some fans preferred it that way.

Back then, Deku's powers felt earned


Deku underwent a lot of training to master his Quirk in My Hero Academia. During events like the Sports Festival, he would easily break his fingers when channeling his powerful energy. This added stakes in My Hero Academia, since his body didn't allow him to abuse his Quirk.

He also needed to be creative with his strength enhancement. Under his training with Gran Torino, Deku learned the Full Cowl technique. This allowed him to spread his Quirk throughout his entire body, giving him greater mobility.

My Hero Academia fans were proud of Deku when he finally bypassed his earlier limitations. It took multiple arcs for him to achieve this goal.

Having multiple Quirks doesn't feel as rewarding


During the Joint Training session, Deku became the first One For All user to access multiple Quirks. This is a very sudden escalation in terms of power and potential. Back then, it took Deku months to become one of the top students in his class. Now he could easily become a Pro Hero.

He did have to train those individual Quirks, yet he completely broke the scale in My Hero Academia. These are very convenient Quirks that can be used for any situation. For example, he could easily Float or power himself up with Fa Jin.

It removes tension from his later fights because he can suddenly learn a new power-up. The worst part is that he still has one last secret Quirk he needs to use against Tomura Shigaraki. Most fans expect it to be a deus ex machina.

He went from 0-100 within a year


At the start of the first year, Deku was considered a very weak prospect in the U.A. He barely qualified the Entrance Exam and placed dead last in the Quirk Apprehension Test.

Of course, Deku trained hard to get to where he was. His performance at the Sports Festival speaks for itself. He didn't win against Shoto Todoroki, but his determination was a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, the addition of multiple Quirks led to a power-scaling issue. By the end of his first school year, Deku could now stand on equal footing with Japan's top heroes, despite being 16 years old. When put into perspective, My Hero Academia seems completely rushed.

Deku has now made his classmates irrelevant


The longer My Hero Academia went on, the more likely that power creep would find its way into the series. Of course, the issue isn't that Deku is physically stronger than his classmates, since that's to be expected. Rather, it's that he can do anything they can but far better.

For instance, Black Whip is far superior to Tsuyu Asui's tongue and Hanta Sero's tape. This ultimately takes away their niche in restraining objects and people. Deku can also simply Float without doing anything, whereas Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki have to actively use their Quirks to fly.

The only Quirk with a major drawback is Danger Sense, which causes Deku severe pain. Even then, he possesses far more range with his reconnaissance than Mezo Shoji's extra set of eyes and ears. Most students in Class 1-A feel very redundant in My Hero Academia.

What should've been done instead?


Rather than having multiple Quirks, Deku could have used hero equipment. The likes of Float and Smokescreen could easily be turned into support items. Mei Hatsume can easily pull this off in My Hero Academia. The series had already set her up back in the Sports Festival arc.

Hero equipment has limitations, so Deku would have to be careful in combat situations. That means he cannot always depend on them in battle. He also could've relied on his fellow students for help, such as Ochako Uraraka, for her floating abilities. That would give the Class 1-A students more to do.

In the end, Deku should've been a lighter and faster All Might, but with a more creative use of his Quirk.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.